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    01-20 07:00 AM
    A reader sent me a link to a post at the The Future of Capitalism blog reminding folks that being pro-immigration fits right in to a conservative agenda: David Cameron, the British "Conservative" Party leader who favors a top income tax rate of 50%, also wants immigration restrictions that would limit Great Britain's population over the next 20 years to 70 million. The Financial Times has an editorial with some reasons this is a bad idea. Here in America, the restrictionist Federation for American Immigration Reform is a bronze sponsor of next month's National Tea Party Convention. Here at,...

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-03 03:29 PM
    If we are on H1 and able to file I-485(AOS) and continue to be on H1 until it expires. Then are we automatically on AOS after the expiry of H1? Or do we have to inform USCIS our intent to switch to AOS?

    The reason I am asking this question is: I saw a case, although not similar, where the individual was on H1 and applied I-485 (inJuly 2007), he continued on H1 until it expired and decided to stay on h1 and so his employer applied for extension of H1 in 2009. At that time he received an RFE, the employer did not respond to the RFE. So, eventually the H1 Extension was denied.
    After that USCIS denied his I-485 also. Reason give was: "Since the H1B EOS (Extension of Status) request was denied, it did not grant, or have the effect of granting, a lawful status during its pendency."

    Please have your thoughts on this. Cause I am sure many of us have started using EAD, but did we transition the right way from H1 to EAD?

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  • rayan
    02-20 05:35 PM
    I applied for H -1 extension regular processing in the month of sept 2009 in california service centre before expiration date of my H1-B(2010 Jan 22).I got RFE on DEC 18th asking for client and contractual agreements between client and vendors and i got time til Jan 29th 2010 to reply back to RFE.As i was preparing to collect all the documents to respond to my RFE ,I also applied new H 1 from same existing employer before Jan22nd 2010 in Vermont service centre.I replied back to RFE on jan 27th 2010 with client letters and letters from 2 vendors.
    I got my H 1-b extension approved from California service centre on Feb 18th 2010

    My question is what if my new H1 filed in vermont service centre gets rejected.Will it cause any problems to the extension that was approved.I already got my h1-b extension approval notice from uscis on FEB 18th 2010.I have'nt heard anything about my new h1 b filed on jan 21 2010 in vermont service centre.Can i continue to work on my approved extension.
    Please advice me

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  • updown
    10-16 11:09 PM
    I would really appreciate it, if someone could give me some advice.

    Here is my situation, in January 2005, I married my girlfriend, who I had dated for little over a year. She is a US born citizen, so we decided to file for my permanent residency upon marriage. Upon receipt of my Green Card in Jan 2008, I filed for naturalization. Our relationship started heading south last year. We tried counseling and it didn't work out. We finally decided to part our ways amicably in Sep, 2009.

    I am 34 years old and for reasons unknown to me, I am showing signs of age. I have been also getting some pressure from my family in India to remarry. Though I do not have any plans to marry immediately, I wasn't sure if my getting naturalized in February 2009 would have any impact on marrying someone from India sometime next year?

    Please let me know, if there are any cooling off period required?

    Thank you.


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  • senk1s
    06-19 12:25 PM
    concurrent filing just means concurrent filing

    Iff your priority date IS current as per the latest visa bulletin you can take a infopass and ask about the status of your 485

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  • jai_immigration
    04-28 10:53 AM
    I am planning to switch job, looking for a good attorney in New Jersey near Edison to help me with AC21, if any of you can refer a good economical lawyer, appreciate it.

    Also let me know how much does AC21 filing cost on a average (for both myself and spouse)



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  • perm2gc
    08-31 01:17 PM
    My I-140 is approved. And we are planning to change my wife's status from H4 to F1 student. Is it ok to do that ? I heard that it will be problematic for my wife to go back on Green path. Please advise.I also heard same thing but talking to a attorney is good than posting here..

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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    12-28 11:36 PM
    Enrique's Journey ( is a very powerful book written by an LA Times journalist about illegal migrants who take the Tren de los muertos, or the Train of the Dead to get to the US.

    Will it be the kind of book, like 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' ('s_Cabin) to shake the conscience of a country to generate true Immigration reform? Will it move the likes of even politicians, who have no conscience, and get Immigration Reform accomplished?

    I hope so. I had tears all through while reading the excerpts from the book, and hearing Sonia Nazario on NPR today.

    As a disclaimer, this is my personal opinion - IV has no position on the issue of illegal immigration.


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  • singhv_1980
    01-18 04:04 PM
    Hi Guys-

    I am on H1B, working in US. I got my status changed from F1 to H1B last yr and never got it stamped ever since. I am going to get married next month in India and would require a visa stamp on my passport. I believe it is a straight forward process but would appreciate your experiences and suggestions for this.

    1. I am planning to take visa appointments both for myself and my future wife togther at the Delhi consulate (ofcourse by paying separate fee). Can I do that here in US for both of us?

    2. Once I get an appointment, we both should appear togther for the interview (for my H1B and her H4) . Right?

    3. The forms 156 and 157 are required to be filled during the interview but not while taking appointments. Is it right?

    3. I will take all my docs. along with our marriage certificate, and pictures from wedding. Do I need something extra to that?

    Please suggest me any other important thing which I should be aware of in this process.

    Thanks much!:)

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  • lux_mani82
    09-28 11:55 AM
    Hi All ,

    I am currently on L1B visa valid till Dec 25 2008 and current I-94 valid still July 2009.

    I can't apply for I-94 extension until Jan 09.
    I am travelling to india on Nov and will return on Nov 30 2008.

    Is it advisable to go for Visa Stamping during Nov 08 or can i file my extension once i returned back to US on NOv 30 2008.My visa will be valid only for 25 days and want to know if that will create any issues.

    Any views would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Macaca
    06-19 07:30 AM
    House Delays Thorny Energy Issues ( By John J. Fialka, The Wall Street Journal, 19 June 2007

    WASHINGTON -- Facing a tight deadline imposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leaders of the Energy and Commerce Committee postponed until the fall House debates on several controversial energy issues, including tougher standards for automobile fuel efficiency.

    It wasn't immediately clear what impact the House move toward a simplified, less-controversial energy measure will have on the Senate version of the bill. The Senate is scheduled to debate auto-efficiency standards and a mandate for coal-based liquid fuels on the floor this week.

    Rep. John D. Dingell (D., Mich.), chairman of the House committee, and Rick Boucher (D., Va.) chairman of the subcommittee that is preparing its energy legislation, jointly announced they will focus on less-divisive issues, including energy-efficiency standards for appliances, improvements to the nation's electricity grid and incentives for use of wind power.

    "This procedure . . . was discussed with the speaker, and she understands the rationale for proceeding this way," the two Democrat leaders said, "so we can rapidly work on a bipartisan bill that can be signed into law."

    The turnaround by Rep. Dingell, who has defended Detroit automakers against fuel-saving standards for years, comes as automakers have launched a nationwide lobbying campaign to water down proposed tougher auto-efficiency standards. Rep. Dingell promised to return to the issue in the fall, when the committee is also planning legislation that would regulate carbon dioxide and other emissions that scientists say are accelerating global warming.

    While the Senate appears to be pressing ahead, it could face filibuster threats on the auto-efficiency standards and several other items, requiring 60 votes to overcome, a margin that may not be attainable. "One of the questions being discussed is which body goes first with some of these things," a House aide said.

    "We have decided to proceed with provisions that represent consensus," Messrs. Dingell and Boucher wrote. The energy subcommittee is scheduled to assemble its new version of the energy bill this week, and the House could debate the completed bill after the July 4 recess. Earlier, Speaker Pelosi (D., Calif.) had asked for an "Energy Independence" bill by July 4.

    The House committee also deferred discussion of a low-carbon-fuel standard, similar to California's, which would mandate increasing use of ethanol and other fuels that result in lower CO2 emissions. Another postponed issue is a change in federal law that would block California from establishing its own CO2 emissions standards for vehicles.

    The two committee leaders said they were postponing debate because the issues "are complex and difficult."

    Democrats are deeply split, with representatives from auto-producing states fighting tougher emissions standards, and the California delegation and liberal factions pushing for them. Coal-state Democrats and environmentally inclined Democrats are on opposite sides over coal-to-liquid fuels, which would emphasize diesel and jet fuels made from coal, a fuel the U.S. has in abundance.

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  • aniltatikonda
    05-09 02:00 PM
    As far as i know, what ever you said is right. if your priority date is current and also your processing date then you can actually contact your local senator stating the same which will/may resolve the problem


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  • beautifulMind
    06-28 12:06 AM
    Correction "Nowhere else the new job title is mentioned"

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  • Munna Bhai
    06-20 09:06 AM
    Can I use instead of flcdatacenter to determine the prevailing wage? Will immigration officer accept this source? Thanks

    No, is not the right source, infact it may be higher too. Flcdatacenter is the correct one for prevailing wage.


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  • manand24
    08-03 02:57 PM
    Did you guys talk about this already ? I apologize if this has been analyzed already... issues a Oct visa bulletin prediction based on information from DOS

    Old information!

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  • fire_hs_1
    07-14 04:16 PM
    I got my labor and 140 cleared few months back under EB3, Can I apply for 765 to get my EAD ?

    I have not applied for 485.

    Please let me know.



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  • 08-22 09:54 AM
    I tried to create a stamp.. pretty pleased with it! Tho its quite scary:-/
    Its my brohter btw:P lol
    Not actually a stamp I'd put on a letter to my grandmother:beam:

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  • nmdial
    07-02 02:29 PM
    Will Indians face a backlash in the U.S.? (

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  • stlus
    06-15 02:43 PM

    I have applied for I-140 thro Substitute in March 2006(15 months ago) and I got a query on my education and company financial status in August 06 and attorney replied back to query in the month of October 2006.
    When I check my status online shows as "we received your application on October 20th 2006 and in process".

    Last month there was an updated date on 05/25/07 on my case and when i checked with employer, he says we have not yet received any information from USCIS to attorney.

    Now the attorney says, we will be Re-filing my case, as one case got denial from my company (Not mine itseems). So that we will get new Receipt Number as I have only 8 Months left on my H1 and we can apply for 1 year extension meanwhile before 6 months of H1 expiry.

    Is it a good idea to re-file I-140 from the same Service Center(NSC)?

    or Can I apply in PERM now as I have only 8 months on my H1.

    Pl. suggest.

    10-24 12:50 PM
    Hi to all.its required from me to develop a user interface (software) for PLC ( Programmable Logical Control ),so i need a a language or software which can convert the diagram into machine number. the another question is can i use microsoft expression for developing a user interface. i wish that u got my point

    Thanks a lot

    its Urgent

    10-14 12:27 AM
    I am an EB3 INDIA PD:August 2001 expecting long wait for greencard.

    I am Canadian PR and have been offered job by my current company's Toronto office. Company will continue US GC process but till I get GC I will be in Canada on Canadian payroll so legally cant visit US on H1B visa.

    My spouse is doing a professional degree in US which will last another 2 ys. She has expired H4 visa stamp on passport. She will be applying for H4 --->F1 conversion.

    My question is can she return back to USA after visiting me in Canada using AVR ? She would be on F1 but with expired H1 on passport ? She will not apply for new visa in Canada and leave within 30 days.


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