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Before And After Keratin

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  • blao
    07-15 07:06 PM

    wallpaper Keratin Before amp; After Before And After Keratin. CoCo#39;s Brazilian Keratin
  • CoCo#39;s Brazilian Keratin

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    12-22 07:20 AM
    Montana Democrat Jon Tester voted against the DREAM Act last Saturday. While he was not alone, he did manage to upset one person who actually mattered a lot to Tester's being elected - Markos Moulitsas at the Daily Kos, one of the web's most popular blogs. Moulitsas is extremely influential with young liberals and he was able to raise a significant amount of dollars for the Tester campaign in 2006. Perhaps Tester thought there would be no consequences to voting no on DREAM, but Kos is furious and I wouldn't be surprised if he uses the site to promote a...

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  • Asian
    01-16 01:28 PM
    Considering many limitations to move a job from non-profit to for-profit, I am considering moving my job to another non profit. With my current employer, my 6 year H-1 B will expire by the end of next year April. So if my change my employer, I will have a very short time to start the process again till I reach I -140 approval again with the new employer.

    I heard that from non-profit to for-profit, you are subject to the quota and you have to apply for H-1B quota. But in this case, your previous 6 year with non profit doesn't count.

    But if I move from non-profit to non-profit, do I have to reach I-140 approval before my current H-1 B with my current employer expires? Or do I just get another 3 year with new non-profit employer?

    If I have to get I-140 approval with new non-profit employer before my current 6 year H-1 B expires, is it doable?

    Thank you for your advice!

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  • Keratin. Before amp; after shot

  • nirmal301
    03-23 12:12 AM
    G'day Mates & Buddies,

    Thanks for maintaining excellent site and answering all sorts of different complex questions.
    Now my story.

    I am going to apply in next H1B quota and was having below queries:
    1. I am confuse about what kind of h1b interview questions will be ask by consulate officer
    2. Will they ask my previous work experience letter.. because currently I am in Australia and my work experience was in India and there's no way I can have letter now.
    3. How's the job market for Enterprise Oracle DBA
    4. And Do I need to keep any extra precautions from start in order to be safe from all future legal problems being a consultant.

    Thanks in advance for viewing and replying.


    Go Desi's Go ;)


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    05-01 04:30 PM
    Very shortly, Congress will consider legislation that could allow 60,000 foreign nurses to come to the US. We face a shortage that will approach a million by the end of the next decade. On a daily basis, the lack of nurses is a serious problem, but not so noticeable to the typical American. But what happens if we have a pandemic and all of a sudden hospitals around the country are called on to deal with hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions - of sick patients at the same time? We're getting a little preview of that right now with...

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-03 03:29 PM
    If we are on H1 and able to file I-485(AOS) and continue to be on H1 until it expires. Then are we automatically on AOS after the expiry of H1? Or do we have to inform USCIS our intent to switch to AOS?

    The reason I am asking this question is: I saw a case, although not similar, where the individual was on H1 and applied I-485 (inJuly 2007), he continued on H1 until it expired and decided to stay on h1 and so his employer applied for extension of H1 in 2009. At that time he received an RFE, the employer did not respond to the RFE. So, eventually the H1 Extension was denied.
    After that USCIS denied his I-485 also. Reason give was: "Since the H1B EOS (Extension of Status) request was denied, it did not grant, or have the effect of granting, a lawful status during its pendency."

    Please have your thoughts on this. Cause I am sure many of us have started using EAD, but did we transition the right way from H1 to EAD?


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  • srarao
    09-29 01:18 PM
    Guru's please

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    06-22 12:50 PM
    Well, he didn't exactly use that phrase, but pretty close. Here's how the Washington Post is describing the war of words: The White House and Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz), the No. 2 man in the Senate GOP leadership, feuded Monday over immigration policy, as the Arizona senator said that President Obama personally told him the administration will not support stricter border enforcement until Republicans back broad immigration reform. The White House strongly denied the claim. At a town hall in Arizona on Friday, Kyl responded to a voter's question about immigration by detailing a one-on-one meeting he had with Obama....

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  • logix
    08-22 04:04 PM
    What is the deal with swift? I can render a scene with 6400 polygons, and
    when I try to render one with only 390 I run out of memory!
    No the shape is not more complex, in fact it is almost the same scene as the
    6400 only minus many of the squares. Thats all that is in the scene squares, cant render squares with out what 200+ megs of ram. Im on a G4 any advice!

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  • austingc
    08-24 12:41 PM
    I have an I-485 that will be current soon, but I am not employed. If they approve it, will that be considered a mistake and make it invalid? Should I withdraw it? Will a letter explaining the situation be sufficient? I have another application as a dependent, just takes longer.
    Are you serious? Wait until your date become current and until then do not do anything. Instead of looking for ways to withdraw your I-485, why dont you look for ways to find a job that matches your I-140 skills, so that you can use AC21 portability.
    You will never know when will you get your chance to file 485 again if you withdrew it.


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  • davedjhone
    04-04 11:24 PM
    you need to apply asap to change your status, they will give you a new number on the application and you go from there.

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  • ilyaslamasse
    03-11 05:09 PM
    In Kirupa's tutorial about that rotating square, we eventually export our animation as a swf. Isn't there a way to export it as a fla that we can manipulate afterwards ??

    pom 0] , totally new to Swift.


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  • The rumpled, disheveled efore

  • easygoer
    08-06 07:05 AM
    Can Anyone please help?

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  • bidhanc
    03-12 08:14 PM
    I was reading somwhere that yer supposed to rescind the ITIN number once the spouse starts working on an EAD.
    Does anyone know how that is done?



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  • roseball
    09-12 08:20 PM

    I got my I-140 Approved (EB3 - Jan 2004) with Company A. Can i use the approval notice and get my H1B extended for 3 years from a different company ? Please advice as this will help me a lot.

    Thanks in advance:confused::rolleyes:
    - Head2GC

    Yes, I did it a few months ago.

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  • upuaut8
    09-05 12:13 AM
    <<<Edited to comply with Ezboard policy>>>

    I'm sorry buy your post smacks of illegality. If for some reason, you actually have the legal right to redistrubute swift3D software please repost with a detailed explination.

    Any further attempts to use this board as a staging ground for hacked and or illegal software distribution will be met with more deletions of your post as well as a report to


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  • quot;Before and After a Brazilian

  • Usherm
    02-18 07:59 PM
    Hi all,
    I am an American and my wife is going though the green card application process. We recently received our interview date. Unfortunately, it was scheduled one day prior to our wedding ceremony which is out of the country. Our wedding is being presided over by the mayor of a fairly large city, with like 300 or so guests and at this point would be impossible to change. At the same time I hear that mixing international travel and rescheduling green card interviews is a risky thing.

    We have an infopass scheduled in two weeks, and beyond the supporting documents of our flight and wedding information, is there anything else we should bring to prove that we can't possibly be at this interview? Is this something a lawyer might be able to handle better (like have more credibility)?

    Anyone willing to give odds on us successfully changing our interview date?

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  • rickyishere
    02-27 01:52 PM
    Hi All,

    I am in the fourth year of mu H1b, and I need to start my GC process. My current employer is a consulting firm which provides services to a third party main client. My questions are :

    a) is this a good time to file for GC given the fact that my company falls under employer-employee relationship memo?

    b) I plan to go to India in summer and need to get my stamping. Will the new memo from USCIS affect my stamping? My current h1b expires in sept 2011.

    c) If I apply for my GC before going to India in summer, does it affect point b ?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions.


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  • vasudhapulakam
    04-16 08:12 PM
    I recently got an RFE for my I 485 Application.

    Need to prove my non-immigration status from Nov 29 2007 to Nov 24 2008 .

    I have I-797 ( H1-B approval ) for the above mentioned period. But My Last Name in the approval has a typo error ( in place of letter A they misstyped U). My Enployer has opened a Service request to correct the Name in H1 B approval. But he is saying that he never got the corrected approval. Time went by and i applied for H1 ext..i got the H1 extension from Nov 25 2008 to Nov 2011.

    So My question is

    Is it okay to submit all the documention that was sent to USCIS to correct the name along with the I 797,I-94 for the above mentioned period and explain them that we did not recieved the corrected I-797 ? or not

    Please suggest me ..


    07-29 03:53 AM
    Me too I'm looking forward to it.

    11-21 07:14 AM
    I wonder how will the June\July bulletin change the job market - for technocrats...

    Starting from Dec 1st many people will be eligible to switch jobs...people who were unable to do so till now.
    And in Jan- many more will get into the "green" zone...

    So here is the poll question:

    Are you planning to change jobs ?:)

    A: As soon as possible- Cant wait !!!
    B:Yes- but not immediately - as soon as I find something good
    C:Not Really- I am content where I am.

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