Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • nmed
    10-19 07:36 AM
    My six-year H1B expires Feb 2 2010.
    My employer (company A) filed PERM with DOL on July 30 2009.
    I have spent a total of 2 months outside the U.S while on H1B status.
    I have been on bench since July without paystub.
    I am leaving the U.S on October 30 2009 and am interested in returning back
    through another company

    Can I return to the U.S through another employer (company B) on a new H1B visa after Feb 2 2010... How long would that visa be valid for.

    If I cannot get a new visa; can I add the total of 5 months spent outside
    the US on the current h1b visa for recapture through another employer (company B) after Feb 2 2010 -- return to the U.S; and then
    subsequently apply for a 1-year extension after July 31 2010
    based on company A's PERM filing.


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  • solaris27
    01-31 10:04 AM
    i got in 2-3 days

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-15 11:40 AM
    I've been blogging about this for years, but the GOP still can't see that its tilt to being the anti-immigrant party is incredibly dangerous for its long-term prospects. The LA Times reports on this today. Some in the party suffer from the delusion that Latino voters don't care about immigration or, incredibly, actually agree with their positions. Polls show they overwhelmingly are concerned about the subject and they have been moving to the Democratic Party in droves over the last five years. When the recession is over (and its looking like 2011 will be a much improved year for the...

    More... (

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  • jkamel5
    06-06 02:28 PM
    I just got H1B. My wife is currently on her F-1/OPT. Can anyone guide me where I can find required documents to apply for H4 for my wife? Do you think I can do it myself or it needs a lawyer?
    Thank you,


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  • cableching
    11-02 09:05 PM
    Today I rceived someone else's EAD. We received three EADs, one each for me and my wife and another adressed to me with EAD inside being some one else's.
    Weired ways of USCIS!!!!

    I shall call USCIS and notify them of this.

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    03-27 01:58 PM
    I am going to try posting a large size image with a link later. Hand drawing with colors included in Fireworks. I am the guy following Kirupa's bills.


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  • sertasheep
    10-20 10:44 AM
    Date/Time: Friday October 20, 2006 12:00 - 1:00 PM East Coast Time
    Attorney: Sonal Mehta Verma from Nankin and Verma

    Phone Number: 1-712-432-3000
    Bridge Number: 153151

    Range of Question IDs Covered: 71 through 100.
    Conference Call Etiquette:
    -We request you to put yourself on mute by pressing the following keys in succession ( 4 and *) to avoid ambient noise(breathing, background conversations, wind-noise, cellular phone static, traffic and other disturbance from your line).
    - If you have a follow-up question to pose after the attorney provides a response, you can press 4* again to unmute your line. One follow-up question is permitted in real-time.
    - If you have problems connecting into the call, please try after a few minutes.

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  • IN2US
    07-10 06:25 PM
    We are posting media coverage on this thread. Just posted an article from Reuters there!

    -- I got that, I'm talking about TV Broadcast since this morning???
    lets hope we get some PrimeTime in major channels.


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  • Ajaykumar
    11-12 11:57 PM
    Hi All,

    Priority Date: Sep 2004
    Status: Labor & I-140 approved

    EB2: Labor got approved November 2009.

    I'm trying to file 1-140 amendment with EB3 priority date. Currently i'm thinking of going with Sheela Murthy/Rajiv Khanna,
    could you please suggest some good attorney who can handle my case very well in a limited time? Thanks a lot and really
    appreciate your help.


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  • ineedhelp1986
    03-26 01:04 AM
    I applied for fresh EAD I-765 in Jan is still in initial review stage.
    M on L2 visa (dependant of L1)......and bcoz of some urgent reason ,here onwards i cant stay in US any more.

    1. Is there any provision for taking back application of I-765?(means i spent $380 for I-765,so can i get it return?)

    Plz ....i need suggestion as early as possible!!

    Thank You! :)


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  • go_guy123
    10-19 10:36 AM
    Someone thought this was okay?

    More... (

    This also points to the fact that illegal immigrant amnesty is such a charged issue, CIR is extremely difficult to be passed into law (passed by Congress and Senate)

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  • kirupa
    07-25 01:34 AM
    Added :)


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  • sa_murali
    02-25 01:18 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I have completed my 6yrs H1-B and currently have 1yr h1-B extension until Jan, 2010. However, my PERM application for Green card was filed on Jan 2008 and is still on hold.

    Given the above case can I still transfer my H1-B to a new employer with 3yr extension? I have heard that after the 6yr period H1-B is over sometimes there are cases where 3-yr or new 6yr period H1-B are issued. Can someone advice me whats the best scenario for me?


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  • madelinew20
    01-05 05:44 PM
    Hi, I am a U.S. Citizen, and my husband is not. I would like to apply for unemployment benefits, but I am worried that it may affect his immigration process. We will soon apply for his green card with the help of a cosponsor. I wanted to make sure that he would not be affected at all by me claiming unemployment benefits. I figure that it wouldn't affect him because of the fact that we will be using a cosponsor, but I didn't want to risk it.


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  • NRI 107
    07-12 11:08 PM
    My married daughter from India currently on visitor visa has been here to visit us. Would like to seek extension of her visa by 4-5 months so that she can spend little more time with us. All her immediate family members are in USA and with extended approved stay she can visit all family members and spend more time with old parents. She has 10-year visa given to her in December 2008 when she came for the first time after this visa. Her husband and children are in India.


    NRI 107

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  • kirupa
    08-31 03:14 PM
    I kinda like this explanation better:

    The java2s site only describes delegates but doesn't explain why they are useful...unless I didn't ready it carefully.


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  • johnv
    08-26 04:49 PM
    I got my H1 approved in Oct 2004 and it was from Oct 2004 - Oct 2007. I used only 6 months of H1 and later went on TN (work visa for Canadian citizens) and remained in US working on TN for 4 years. I was in US all these years. Now even the earlier H1 approval duration is over, Can I apply for H1 with another employer using the old 2004 H1 quota cap or it has to be under new 2009 cap? Thanks in advance.

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-15 11:20 AM
    In the early 1960s, President Eisenhower worked with the Catholic Church to airlift 14,000+ unaccompanied minors from Cuba to America in an effort called Operation Pedro Pan. In a similar effort, President Obama is working with the Catholic Church to possibly airlift thousands of orphans from Haiti and allow them to remain in the US in a humanitarian parole status. Obviously, this will be a huge challenge and it is always a difficult decision to remove children from their homeland, but the future for orphans in Haiti seems very grim.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-18 02:10 AM
    Immigration Lawyers Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    The new visa bulletin is out at this link: Employment-based categories are as follows: EB-1 remains current for all countries; EB-2 remains current, except for India and China which are at May 2006; EB-3 is at Dec. 2004 for all countries, except for India (Jan. 2002), China (Oct. 2003), and Mexico (currently unavailable); EB-3 other workers is at March 2003 for all countries, except India (Jan. 2002)and Mexico (currently unavailable); EB-4, religious workers, EB-5, and targeted employment areas and regional centers are all current. Family based petitions are backlogged, with the most recent date at Jan. 2010.

    More... (

    07-13 09:54 PM
    I am currently on H1B visa which will expire next year ie Nov2011. My employer just stated that due to economic conditions, they will not be able to file my GC.
    My husbands company has already started his GC process ( his labor n I140 is done)but my name isnt on his application yet. We are waiting for the date to become current n then my name can be added on is 485 application as his dependent. His PD is Aug 08.
    Basically I was interested in knowing abt future based employment GC. Has anyone done that before?
    Is anyone aware of companies who would be interested in doing it. I just need to buy like max 2-3 years ....just to keep my H1B extensions going. I like my current job so really want to avoid changing it unless there r no other options left basically.
    Pls suggest me options that I have to get H1B extension after Nov 2011 and continue working.
    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

    05-15 11:59 PM
    There is no biometric fee for AP. It is only if you are applying for a Re-entry permit or a Refugee travel document.

    Here is the link fo the instructions:

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