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  • hcard
    06-05 02:32 PM
    What should be filled for question 16 in I765 form.
    My lawyer asked me to fill C C 9, but the instruction says C 9. Which is correct.

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  • Macaca
    03-25 07:23 AM
    Some paras from An Opening for Democrats (, By David S. Broder (, Sunday, March 25, 2007

    Six years of Republican control in Washington have taken a toll on the country -- and the GOP is paying the price politically. Instead of the Bush administration ushering in a new era of GOP dominance, as Karl Rove hoped, it has set the stage for a Democratic resurgence.

    That turnabout was implicit in the results of the 2006 midterm election, when Democrats took back narrow majorities in the House and Senate and captured the majority of governorships. And it is reinforced by a massive poll released last week by Andrew Kohut and the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

    The survey of 2,007 people, conducted in December and January, depicts a dramatic shift in Americans' attitudes, opinions and values between 1994, when Republicans took control of Congress, and now. Most of the change has occurred since George Bush took office in 2001.

    The poll, which can be found at, is a treasure trove of information about Americans' views of the parties, government, the world scene, religion, the economy, business, labor and a dozen other topics.

    But a word of caution is in order. There is little here that suggests voters' opinion of Democrats is much higher than it was when they lost Congress in 1994. It seems doubtful that Democrats can help themselves a great deal just by tearing down an already discredited Republican administration with more investigations such as the current attack on the Justice Department and White House over the firings of eight U.S. attorneys.

    At some point, Democrats have to give people something to vote for. People already know what they're against -- the Republicans.

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  • wc_user
    11-15 10:53 PM
    My Title is different in H1-B and GC, though it is in the same field.. I am going for stamping to Chennai in January.. Will this be a problem ? Will they ask questions about I-485 filing in H1-B stamping ?

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  • chinta_ramesh
    09-29 03:20 PM


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  • ramidiskr
    01-09 08:10 PM
    Immi Gurus,

    My wife is planning to go to India this month.. Her H-4 expires on Jan 31st...
    My H-1 also expires on Jan31st and I am applying for my H-1 extension..
    But we don't have the AP approved yet, we have the receipts of AP and 485.
    Can she go to India and come back with the AP after her AP is approved (I will mail it to India.)?????

    Please Advice, If this would abandon her AOS.


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  • nomadlhr
    05-27 02:02 AM
    I was selected in H1b lottery last year however my petition was sent back to DSH for revocation.
    I emailed US embassy in Pakistan a couple of time however did not receive any response from them as yet on my case status. So my petition has been returned to DSH but H1b visa has not been rejected yet.
    Now another company is offering me a job. My question is that can I use my previous petition and my new employer can apply for H1b without applying for the H1B lottery again. This will be switching employer before H1b Visa approval OR is it that I will have to wait until some decision is taken on my returned petition to DSH?

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated!!


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  • nish2006
    01-28 01:21 PM

    My employers are considering transfering me to another group company (different name) during the next 1-2 months. My job profile will remain unchanged, but the employer name/address (on paychecks, etc) will be different after the transfer. My I-140 is still pending (filed in Aug 2007 together with I-485 at NSC under EB-3).

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone's advice on the following:

    a) If I transfer before my I-140 is approved, do I need to notify USCIS in writing? If so, does any specific paperwork need to be filled out? My employers have assured me they will continue to support my I-140/485 under the original company name, for as long as required.

    b) If I transfer after approval of I-140 (fingers crossed!), do I need to notify USCIS? Again, is any specific paperwork necessary?

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • anilsal
    08-06 01:00 AM
    and the core. 25K is quite close?


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  • thatwillbeit
    05-24 08:48 PM
    Hi Gurus...

    I am one of the July 2007 EAD filers and did not file for AP at that time.

    So I am in the process of the renewing EAD & Applying for AP for the first time.

    I have couple of questions..

    do you get Finger Printing for EAD Renewal ?

    do you get Finger Printing / Biometrics for first time applying of AP [Advance Parole]

    Your help is much appreciated

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  • HalfDog
    07-20 11:55 PM
    Is that a Black Panther shirt? :D


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  • solaris27
    08-10 08:42 AM
    Does any one knows why EB2 India is not approving in comparison to 2006.

    As my understanding that USCIS should process application in FIFO and PD.

    My PD is Feb 2005 and when I talked to CS he told me that everything is cleared and my case should be approved .

    He told me to call after 68 days ( don't know why) if my case is not approved till then.I am seeing peoples with 2006 PD are getting there GC .

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  • MXN
    04-21 11:34 AM
    I just listened to you sig...I love that


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  • GetGC08
    07-30 02:11 PM

    In my LCA(H1B) Prevailing wage is $ 55K & in my Labor(PERM) application Prevailing wage is $ 65K.

    My labor(PERM) has been approved & I-140 is in process at TSC.

    My question is
    This diffrence between LCA mentioned prevailing wage(i.e. $55K) & Labor(PERM) prevailing wage(i.e. $65K) going to create any problem at stage of I-140 or later in I-485??

    I am getting paid as mentioned in LCA i.e. $55K.

    I will greatly appreciate response.


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  • martinvisalaw
    08-07 12:20 PM
    I have H 1B VISA but never went to USA....
    1) now if i want to go there... will there be any problem
    2) if I want to apply for another VISA work or Tourist... will i get?

    You should not have a problem getting a different visa to come to the US to work or visit, assuming you qualify for the new status. It's not unusual for someone to get a visa that they never use.


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  • rima1805
    12-22 03:01 PM
    I need some clarity on this issue. I know AC21 helps switching jobs within the same field/duties, but here is my line of thought... I'm past 2yrs on my H1 and I plan to do a part-time MBA (~3yrs) after which I'd like to be open on the kind of job I do.

    Now, my questions are: (1) Does switching to EAD really pause the H1 clock?
    (2) Is that triggered by filling a new I-9 form alone, or by entering the US on AP, or both?
    (3) I guess, I should be able to apply for a fresh H1 with a new company and switch back from the EAD to new H1, right?

    I know I'll lose the GC priority, especially wife's EAD, but I'm debating if it's worth losing my career aspirations? My info: Nov '06 EB2 PD, approved I-140, July 3 I-485 receipt and my present company will file our EAD/APs as long as it is necessary.

    Looking for your input..... Thanks!

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  • ajp5
    05-19 11:55 AM
    thats correct. On a lighter note....the species called "drug dealers" are particularly vulnerable.


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  • xxxander007
    09-06 11:36 PM
    I posted this in the Non-immigrant visa section, but I'd also like to get a professional opinion. Sorry for the double post.

    I have a rather simple question to ask. I came to the US on a J2 visa with my wife who entered a Ph.D. program. Last year I was accepted into the same program, starting this fall. I didn't change my J2 to J1 because I was waiting for a TAship job offer that would grant me a fee waiver.

    Now we're back in the States and there is an on-campus job opportunity that would grant me a fee waiver. I am considering either a) staying on J2 but getting a work permit or b) changing my status to J1.

    What I'd like to know is, can I sign a contract with an on-campus employer and start working while my J1 change is being processed? It doesn't really matter much if this means that my paychecks will be delayed; like I said, I would welcome the opportunity to get the fee waiver.


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  • augustus
    07-20 12:21 PM

    Please send greeting cards with the same motivation we all sent flowers.

    We should not look ungrateful. People will appreciate this community even more if we show gratitude too. The press we got for our non violence movement along the lines of Mahatma Gandhi, speaks of our integrity and our culture.

    We have a strong cultural background, with Mahatma Gandhi as our visionary and ideal. We follow his principles and I am sure if he had been here today, he would have had the same drive to thank the government for revoking their decision and restoring faith in the immigrant community?


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  • pointlesswait
    07-21 08:38 PM
    In form 157, box 17..
    They ask list all colleges youhave attended or attend..

    I have my MS (5 yrs back)
    am currently enrolled in part time program..shoudl i give my current school info.

    similarly in box 32 and 33..form 156
    if i enter current employer is it ok to enter school name in 33...

    > will it matter if my current enrollment is not in the same field as my previous???

    anyone in the same boat???

    06-05 07:40 PM
    Discontent Over Iraq Increasing, Poll Finds ( Americans Also Unhappy With Congress, By Dan Balz and Jon Cohen (, Washington Post Staff Writers, Tuesday, June 5, 2007

    Growing frustration with the performance of the Democratic Congress, combined with widespread public pessimism over President Bush's temporary troop buildup in Iraq, has left satisfaction with the overall direction of the country at its lowest point in more than a decade, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    Almost six in 10 Americans said they do not think the additional troops sent to Iraq since the beginning of the year will help restore civil order there, and 53 percent -- a new high in Post-ABC News polls -- said they do not believe that the war has contributed to the long-term security of the United States.

    Disapproval of Bush's performance in office remains high, but the poll highlighted growing disapproval of the new Democratic majority in Congress. Just 39 percent said they approve of the job Congress is doing, down from 44 percent in April, when the new Congress was about 100 days into its term. More significant, approval of congressional Democrats dropped 10 percentage points over that same period, from 54 percent to 44 percent.

    Much of that drop was fueled by lower approval ratings of the Democrats in Congress among strong opponents of the war, independents and liberal Democrats. While independents were evenly split on the Democrats in Congress in April (49 percent approved, 48 percent disapproved), now 37 percent said they approved and 54 percent disapproved. Among liberal Democrats, approval of congressional Democrats dropped 18 points.

    Bush's overall job-approval rating stands at 35 percent, unchanged from April.

    Many Democratic activists have complained that the 2006 midterm election results represented a call for a course change in Iraq and that so far the Democratic-controlled Congress has failed to deliver.

    Deep public skepticism about Iraq, concerns about the Democrats and Bush, and near-record-high gasoline prices appear to have combined to sour the overall mood in the country. In the new poll, 73 percent of Americans said the country is pretty seriously on the wrong track, while 25 percent said things are going in the right direction.

    That gap is marginally wider than it was at the beginning of the year and represents the most gloomy expression of public sentiment since January 1996, when a face-off between President Bill Clinton and a Republican-controlled Congress over the budget led to an extended shutdown of the federal government.

    Among the nearly three-quarters of Americans expressing a pessimistic viewpoint, about one in five blamed the war for their negative outlook, and about the same ratio mentioned the economy, gas prices, jobs or debt as the main reason for their dissatisfaction with the country's direction. Eleven percent cited "problems with Bush," and another 11 percent said "everything" led them to their negative opinion.

    The new poll showed that Americans have recalibrated their view of who is taking the lead in Washington. Earlier this year, majorities of Americans said they believed that the Democrats were taking the initiative in the capital, but now there is an even split, with 43 percent saying Bush is taking the stronger leadership role and 45 percent saying the Democrats are.

    That shift occurred across the political spectrum. In April, 59 percent of independents said Democrats were taking a stronger role, but that figure has dropped 15 points, to 44 percent.

    The political machinations over the Iraq war funding bill have been the dominant news event in Congress for much of the spring, and the Democrats' removal of the provision linking funding to a withdrawal deadline came shortly before the poll was taken.

    In April, the public, by a 25-point margin, trusted the Democrats over Bush to handle the situation in Iraq. In this poll, Democrats maintained an advantage, but by 16 points. There has been an erosion of support for Democrats on this issue, but not a corresponding movement to Bush. Among independents, trust for the Democrats is down eight points, mostly because of a six-point bump in the percentage who said they trust "neither."

    Congressional Democrats also are preferred over Bush -- whose own approval ratings remain near career lows -- on immigration (by 17 percentage points), the economy (by 18 points) and even, albeit narrowly, on handling the U.S. campaign against terrorism (by six points).

    But it is the war in Iraq -- the most important issue in the 2006 campaign -- that has the most potential to reshape the political landscape.

    Overall, 61 percent in this poll said the war was not worth fighting, and nearly two-thirds said the United States is not making significant progress restoring civil order in Iraq. However, there is no such general agreement about what to do.

    In this poll, 55 percent -- a new high -- said the number of U.S. military forces in Iraq should be decreased, but only 15 percent advocated an immediate withdrawal of American troops. An additional 12 percent said U.S. forces should be out of Iraq sometime this year.

    Since the Iraqi parliamentary elections in November 2005, consistent majorities of Americans have said U.S. troops should be drawn down; support for an immediate, complete withdrawal has also remained relatively stable, never exceeding two in 10. And there similarly has been little change across party lines: 25 percent of the Democrats surveyed wanted all American military forces out of Iraq now, compared with 13 percent of independents and 6 percent of Republicans, with all percentages about the same as in late 2005. Support for the immediate removal of U.S. forces peaked at 32 percent among African Americans.

    Public attitudes about the size of U.S. military forces in Iraq and about the war more generally are closely related to views about the centrality of the situation in Iraq to the broader battle against terrorism, another flashpoint between Bush and congressional Democrats. (In this poll, nearly six in 10 agreed with the Democratic position that the two are separate issues.) Overall, more than seven in 10 of those who said Iraq is an essential component of the terrorism fight wanted U.S. troop levels in Iraq to be increased or kept the same, while more than seven in 10 of those seeing the issues as separate thought that some or all troops should be withdrawn. Among independents who said the United States can succeed against terrorism without winning in Iraq, 70 percent supported decreasing troop levels, compared with 23 percent of those who saw victory in Iraq as pivotal.

    This Post-ABC News poll was conducted by telephone May 29 to June 1 among a random sample of 1,205 adults. Results from the full poll have a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. Sampling error margins are higher for subgroups.

    Washington Post-ABC News Poll (
    The Washington Post - ABC News Poll: Iraq War Apprehension (

    04-18 03:24 PM
    take a infopass and visit your local USCIS office. they might have an answer.

    was this applied in premium?

    good luck.

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