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Golden Globes Images 2011

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  • raysaikat
    08-03 04:54 PM

    We filed a dependent I-485 for my wife while she is on a F1 status. She has a EAD card (but my I-140 is pending). My understanding is that once she finishes school, she will not be able to get an OPT. Does it mean that she can accept employment using the EAD even though the I-140 is not approved?

    In case my I-140 is denied, will she lose her status and would have to leave the country?

    Thanks. Yes.

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  • Jaime
    06-01 03:27 AM
    Good morning and thank you for reading my message and considering my question

    My attorney has filed an appeal with DOL regarding my prevailing wage, which my state workforce commission rejected (deeming it too low). We were told that we should expect a response from DOL in about 3 weeks, but it has now been close to 10 weeks and we have received no response yet. The attorney is checking with DOL weekly but there has been no response thus far. Is this normal? How long can I expect to wait for a response? Thank you very much in advance for any guidance!

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  • Sumedha_inCal
    05-04 02:38 PM
    Dear All,
    I have a question regarding the H1b visa quotas.
    The USCIS website stated on April 20th that they are still accepting applications as the H1 quota of 65000+ 20000(Masters) was not full.
    Does anyone have any information about the latest news in this regard?
    Has the cap been met or are they still accepting applications?

    Thank you all.

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-11 10:00 PM
    Here's the link. Bad news in the family categories as much of the advancement of the last two years has been reversed with major retrogressions. The only good news was a ten month jump for Mexico EB-3 cases. Family 1st- 13 month retrogression for most countries to January 2005; six month advance for Dominican Republic to January 2005; one week advance for Mexico. Family 2A - world numbers retrogress 20 months to January 2008; Mexico retrogresses five years to April 2005. Family 2B - world numbers retrogress more than two years to April 2003; Dominican Republic advances two months to...

    More... (


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  • gregspirited
    02-22 03:45 PM
    Below is my current GC & H1-B status

    1. Have an approved I-140 with my current employer. Waiting to file I-485.
    2. Pending H1-B extension petition based on approved I-140

    I'm looking to move from engineering to marketing with the same employer. I know I have to refile labor and I-140 and claim the PD based on the already approved I-140. Can I move to marketing from engineering? The job responsibilities are totally different and my current H1-B extension petition is for engineering position only. I need to file for a H1-B amendment based on the new marketing position.

    Will i be able to move smoothly within my current company. If not what will be some roadblocks? Any advice or insights is highly appreciated

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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:22 PM
    nice job, i like it.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-11 10:50 AM
    The New York Times carried on its front page this morning a Nina Bernstein article that will no doubt cause a shake up at Immigration and Customs Enforcement over what can only be described as a major scandal in the way the agency has dealt with sick detainees at the agency's detention facilities around the country. The details described by Bernstein will no doubt enrage you. The obvious monumental effort Ms. Bernstein put in to bringing this story will also likely move her on to the short list for a Pulitzer Prize for this hard-hitting piece of journalism.

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  • newbie2020
    03-16 05:58 PM
    We have seen so much of visa retrogression all along.....I was thinking of the July fiasco...after effects....Just when i was thinking of How DOS advances the dates. It is really erratic...since they have no clue on the number of pending applications. While they want to advance the dates faster when they know USCIS will not be consuming all the 140K quota so they can have their overseas consulates process some of them in July it turned completely different More people opted for AOS v/s CP.... Wouldn't it make sense for them to have 2 different cutoff dates ?? 1 for USCIS and 2 for Overseas consulates . How will this help ? They can advance the dates more accurately. How does that affect the people already in USCIS queue...They can either choose to change AOS to CP. and since the dates are different on CP (better than that of AOS) this will make new people file more CP than AOS while a number of folks in uscis queue to move the CP route and hence relieve the pressure on USCIS. There will certainly be some disadvantages No EAD/AP etc when one goes the CP route v/s AOS but the wait will be minimal....

    Again just a thought....


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  • kiarash929
    10-28 12:01 PM
    I came to US last December to visit my family by a tourist visa. during the time that I was here I got a letter that showed I won DV lottery. so I hired a lawyer and he told me he will be able to apply for me from here. so he prepared our file before our visa expiration date and sent our file. but we got rejection notice and he said this is because of sending it early. he did the same 3 times but each time we got the same rejection notice. now he says that we are out of status and our case is dismissed!! As i checked USCIS office, we were not able to send it before November according to our case number. now I want to know what should I do? is it really over?
    please help me.:(:confused:

    I need an urgent reply

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  • ragz4u
    05-01 10:26 AM
    Please treat this as urgent. Send an email to



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  • kittu1991
    07-17 07:02 PM
    To - Congress (Capitol Hill, DC)
    Purpose - To address EB3 visa issue.

    Why is it all of a sudden EB3 visa issue and not EB visa issue?

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  • theshiningsun
    11-05 04:53 PM
    thx for the reply s416504.

    attorneys, anything from you on this please?


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  • sonylaw
    07-31 04:51 PM
    A quick question..

    Can I use a personal check for I 485 application? Is it the preferred way?


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  • okuzmin
    11-15 07:06 PM
    IV admins, Alaska's state code is AK, not AL. :)

    I'm in Anchorage, AK. Skiing, fishing, boating, hiking, etc. -- you name it, let's do it. :)


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-08 03:30 PM
    Is a person who was deported almost 30 years ago, and returned to the U.S. without inspection a year later subject to the permanent bar under the 1996 immigration law? The 1996 law created the permanent bar to the immigrating to the U.S. Section 212(a)(9)(C)(i)(II)provides as follows: "(C) Aliens unlawfully present after previous immigration violations.- (i) In general.-Any alien who- ...(II) has been ordered removed under section 235(b)(1) , section 240 , or any other provision of law, and who enters or attempts to reenter the United States without being admitted is inadmissible." The question is whether or not this...

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  • keerthisagar
    07-16 02:29 PM
    why does this thread not come on the homepage?


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  • calboy78
    07-25 07:42 PM
    Pl take this poll - this will shed some light on how fast is USCIS
    (1) 485 filed during June and receipted
    (2) 485 filed on/after July 1 and receipted


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  • Blog Feeds
    02-05 06:40 PM
    The week's news dealt a body-blow to the prospects for comprehensive immigration reform, as if the movement to fix our broken immigration laws were blind-sided in a collision with a former pinup driving a pickup -- which it was. With the election of new Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown, to take the seat of the late Ted Kennedy, the godfather of more humane and just immigration laws, supporters of CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) are swallowing their sadness and putting on their game faces, saying there's still no stopping the CIR train from arriving at its destination. It's hard to maintain optimism,...

    More... (

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  • hari-patti
    08-01 09:15 AM
    I just got off infopass appt. after talking to someone in USCIS serv center.
    was told that the case is in the examination section. He did not give me any details as he said thats all what he sees on the screen.

    any one tell me what that means and how long could it before they will adjudicate?

    05-01 10:12 PM
    oooo cool, i like the effect on the dog image too.

    06-28 10:08 AM
    One of my friend needs to get her Educational evaluation done for her H1-transfer. Do you know any one local to Boston ?
    any other place is also fine.


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