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  • mheggade
    07-15 09:52 AM
    Everything else looks correct, except for the above...i would have guessed that there would be a lot more in between Apr 04 and Mar 05 than just 905..?

    The numbers are very low in this time period, That's the reason why DOS probably in co ordination with USCIS moved the dates as far as 2006.

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  • santb1975
    04-26 01:03 AM

    Receipt ID: 1RP45337S8600112J

    This is in addition to the 100$ recurring contribution, the seed money I put in for Team IV and the money I spend for So.Cal state chapter activities.

    Thanks to all of IV's efforts. I could not have been able to use AC21 to change jobs if the July Visa bulletin reversal did not happen. I will contribute a 100$ more when we reach 37000$.

    Together we can do this

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  • kopguy
    04-24 05:50 PM
    Hi Sreedhar,

    Taking courage from the responses of this forum I e-filed for AP today and got an exact reponse as you mention below.

    Did you get your AP? how long did it take? Did you send 'Confirmation Receipt' as mentioned in the pdf file after submission? Did you call USCIS for any issues?

    Would highly appriciate a feedback on the process.


    I e-file my AP and I got receipt notice immediately after completion of e-file. And I got the direction on the PDF listed bellow. USCIS clearly mentioned DO NOT send Copy of ID, Photos unless they requested. That�s why I didn't send any documents to USCIS.

    Will you please let me know why you send these documents...? Did you get a request from USCIS or you just send like that...? Please see the red marked directions from USCIS bellow. Thank you.

    Next Steps:
    Send supporting documentation to the address below, if required.
    1) For information on required supporting documentation for this application, see the USCIS Form Instructions links listed at the following Internet address:
    2) DO attach one copy of this Confirmation Receipt as a cover page for the supporting documentation that you are submitting.
    3) DO keep the extra copy of the Confirmation Receipt and the copy of the application for your records.
    4) DO NOT send a copy of your e-filed application with your supporting documentation.
    5) DO NOT include any applications or fees with your supporting documentation for this e-filed application.
    6) DO NOT mail photos or copies of identification unless requested to do so by USCIS.

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  • needhelp!
    03-06 04:15 PM

    Number of Backlogged Requests as of End of Fiscal Year: 67,545

    FOIA has its own backlog!


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  • amitga
    10-04 12:29 PM
    10/20 is fine with me. Another IV member vs116 has agreed to attend it along with me.

    I would prefer - Troy, Rochester, Royal Oak , Sterling Heights, Madison Heights, Utica etc. as long as it's agreeable to the majority. I think we should go by majority of participants.

    I am in for MI chapter. I live in Troy.

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  • needhelp!
    03-05 02:53 PM
    Yes, country of birth should get us close.

    needhelp...maybe instead of country of chargeability we should ask for grouping by country of birth; this is an actual field required in the I-485 form.

    You are right about priority date. It is not a field available in the 485 form. in the 485 form we reference the approved I-140, which is the only place where your see the "Priority Date" field.


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  • spicy_guy
    05-29 05:42 PM
    Posted it to mmilist.
    Please post it in other forums too.

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  • gccovet
    07-03 06:38 AM
    The document mailed is your APPROVED AP.


    Thanks , I appreciate your reply.

    I am more concern about the text, In one message says: Approval notice sent, in the other application, which is as follows, says Document mailed to applicant, (Status does not say, "APPROVED")

    Receipt Number: SRCXXXXXXXXXXXX


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.
    On July 1, 2008 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.


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  • Leo07
    11-14 09:52 PM
    I did sometime back.

    Given thanksgiving is barely a week away, we can be certain of the usual platitudes directed at immigrants - this is a good time to remind the average American how far they have strayed from their roots and forgotten the true .

    I agree with you 100%...but before we do that we should clean up our forums so that there are no 'un mindful' comments...from our members that can embarass our citizen friends. I have seen those unthoughtful comments before and they will not do good for our cause...

    I remember pointing this site to a colleague of mine and he came back with a 'stupid' comments posted by some one and I had to do a lot of explaining...

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  • edaltsis
    05-31 04:39 PM
    Why fly other airlines in the first place? Travel by Air-India and get rid of these issues besides helping the ticket money go to India.


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  • psk79
    06-26 01:31 PM
    Hi Mirage;

    What is the new expdate on your new card (if you already have it in your hand)? dose the 1 year ext is from the last date of your current/old card? or 1 year from the date the new card was approved.

    My AP was from last expiry date.. Not from the day it was approved. Its the same case with EAD also...

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  • NolaIndian32
    10-27 02:04 PM
    Just a hypothetical scenario.

    Say an applicant is having PD of March 2005.
    His/Her 485 gets approved with PD of Jan 2005. (may be a typo by CIS data entry person)
    However at the time of approval, PD is current till June 2005. (he or she should have been approved anyway).

    What would be the scenario? Thoughts? Any one????

    In the scenario presented above, or where USCIS erroneously issued a GC when PD is not current, the obligation on the GC applicant's part is to report the error for appropriate resolution by USCIS. Even if the GC applicant (like my best friend who got his GC in 2008) is not aware of the detailed process, and is not tracking RD, PD, ND, the applicant still has an attorney who is representing the applicant. Also, filing the I-485, doesn't automatically guarantee the issuance of a GC (eg of withdrawing $100, expecting to get $100 but getting more than that amount - comparison is not apples to apples when talking about expecting GC after you file I-485).

    In the end, when these situations occur it boils down to doing what is ethically and legally appropriate, within an appropriate response time frame.



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  • WeShallOvercome
    09-27 12:49 PM
    See this example to find how dates can move back after going forward in the last few months.

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  • hopefulgc
    03-05 01:30 PM

    If the EB system is categorized by country quota, what is what would be the apparent use of capturing data without the unlerlying country of origin of the applicant?
    If the data is truly not available, what system are they using to anticipate demand and inform the DOS?

    Based on the reply to this FOIA from Needhelp!, it seems that we have a bigger problem than transparency.

    They have said that country of chargeability is not assigned until case is ready for approval. However, whether or not a case is ready for approval is determined by country of chargeability. If you have 500,000 pending cases and dont know how many cases for each country of chargeability, then the only way to respond to a visa bulletin is to go thru all 500,000 cases every month, take a peek in it, look at the PD, look at the country and see if it is up for approval. I dont think they are doing that.

    Also, if priority date is something that is different for different countries, then cases for those countries have to be sorted by priority date in different silos, so that when the next bulletin comes, you know how many cases are eligible that month and which ones are the earliest cases (from PD perspective) for each country.


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  • mheggade
    07-15 05:26 PM
    Thanks for the post. However I read testimony that said more than 80% of EB visas have been used up. That leaves only 28k (20% of 140k) at most as spill over for Fiscal 2008. Thoughts?

    My understanding is they wait until last quarter to give the spill over. But this time they started giving the numbers in 3rd quarter itself. Keep in mind EB1 is current and Eb2 except I and C is still current.

    I expect to see at least 20k visa's issued to EB2 I and C.

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  • redgreen
    05-13 03:45 PM
    USCIS is clearly requesting for two passport size photos with AP application.
    It is surprising that most people don't even read basic instructions with the USCIS forms, and go on asking questions and sometimes giving (wrong) suggestions in IV. Yeah, it takes a few minutes to look through the instructions but searching/writing/replying/ doubting/making mistakes/giving red dots/ etc in IV takes more time, I think. :)

    I e-file my AP and I got receipt notice immediately after completion of e-file. And I got the direction on the PDF listed bellow. USCIS clearly mentioned DO NOT send Copy of ID, Photos unless they requested. That�s why I didn't send any documents to USCIS.

    6) DO NOT mail photos or copies of identification unless requested to do so by USCIS.[/COLOR]


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  • indio0617
    05-10 12:14 PM
    Having an approved 140 and a 485 pending for more than six months is the safe method of switching. For AC21, the key is to have your 485 pending for more than six months. You can use AC21 to switch employers after six months of filing of 485 even if your 140 is not approved. Its not a simple process but folks have done it.


    That's interesting. I did not know that you could invoke AC21 'even if the I-140 is not approved'.


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  • angelfire76
    02-14 09:05 PM
    For any effort towards making this happen. This will be a huge benefit for those of us who missed the July 2007 lottery. The only AC21 rejection that I've personally known is of a guy who quit after getting his EAD and started a business: consulting business to be PC. Made himself the "Chief Architect" and CIS said that his job description does not in anyway match his PERM application.

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  • nrakkati
    03-24 10:43 PM
    I-797 validity dates determine employment authorization.

    Belle is incorrect, IMHO.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin


    I am going with attorney. Attorney has just asked me to send all H1Bs, EADs, W2s and Tax Returns. Attorney is working on it.

    Thank you

    06-26 02:09 PM
    Bush has done his arm twisting....this time the bill will pass....we r in for a long haul...get ready for another wild ride..
    Please follow IV action items thru out.,29489,1633869,00.html

    06-14 06:14 PM
    This is really great news!!

    I have a labor approved. Not yet filed I-140.

    Can I file I-140 and 485 together now?

    Does it matter if I-140 is filed as premium or regular if 485 can be applied for along with the I-140?

    Also, I called in the USCIS number (202) 663-1541 that has the recorded message with the priority dates. The ones that are employment based are not all current for India. They are not the older dates too...something like 2005 for EB3 India (unless I was too excited that I didn't hear it right!)

    Are all employment based categories for India really current?


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