Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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    11-12 04:10 PM
    Immigration Lawyers Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    On October 30, 2009, the USCIS announced that 53,800 of 65,000 regular cap petitions have been received. In addition, approximately 20,000 U.S. Master's or higher petitions (i.e. advanced degree petitions) have been received. Any advanced degree petitions received from here...

    On October 30, 2009, the USCIS announced that 53,800 of 65,000 regular cap petitions have been received. In addition, approximately 20,000 U.S. Master's or higher petitions (i.e. advanced degree petitions) have been received. Any advanced degree petitions received from here on out will count toward the regular cap of 65,000. The USCIS is still accepting petitions at this time, but it is advised that any H-1B petitions be filed as soon as possible as the USCIS could announce that the cap is closed at any time.

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  • pappu
    11-20 09:58 PM
    There will be a conference call to kick off the Northern California chapter of IV tonight (Monday) at 8pm PST. Please email me at for the details.

    Thank you for this effort. Best wishes. Northern California members are requested to attend the call/get in touch with oguinan to help establish this chapter.

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  • another one
    11-27 10:48 AM
    A. Global Talent Magnet
    B. Magnet or Stagnate??

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  • gsc999
    05-25 04:09 PM

    In future, please try to post in existing NEWS THREADS, don't open a new thread.


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    09-11 12:00 PM
    The Migration Policy Institute has released a report outlining the impact of the global downturn on the movement of immigrants. Key findings include the following: � The recession has dampened the movement of economic migrants to the major immigrant-receiving regions of the world. And, counter to some widely held public perceptions, immigrants overwhelmingly are choosing to stay put in their adopted countries rather than return home despite higher unemployment and lack of jobs. � While the overall picture is one of sharp remittance decline, some regions are experiencing remittance increases or are holding steady. Though remittances have dropped globally amid...

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  • ultrasparc
    10-05 05:22 PM
    I am in same boat. My wife figuer printing fees got rejected.. Not sure checked cashed for finger print or not. Will know about it on monday.


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    06-01 01:00 PM
    The National Foundation for American Policy has put out a number of excellent reports on the state of American immigration and now they have two more. Family Immigration: The Long Wait to Immigrate Family immigration quotas are inadequate and result in separation and long waits for Americans, lawful permanent residents and close family members. Approximately 4 million people are waiting in family immigration backlogs, according to data obtained from the U.S. Department of State and Department of Homeland Security. The wait time for a U.S. citizen petitioning for a brother or sister from the Philippines exceeds 20 years. A U.S....

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  • franklin
    04-14 01:53 AM
    16th congressional district - volunteers needed
    Calling for Nor Cal volunteers in the 16th congressional district.

    We were given advice to meet with Hon. Zoe Lofgren the congresswoman for this district. As we as being an immigration attorney, she is Chairperson of the Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law.

    We need to visit her!


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  • tor78
    04-25 11:33 AM
    You can show/do non-payed or volunteer work on your OPT to avoid the 90 day unemployed restriction.

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  • omahaguy
    06-24 08:27 PM
    My I485 case recently transfered from Nebraska Service Center(NSC) to National Benefits Center(NBC).

    And I have to renew my AP, where should I send my AP renewal docs, NSC or NBC?


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    06-16 03:11 AM
    As PERM processing becomes faster in recent months, icert problems continue though. DOL has reported that the incorrect error message that pops up upon entering a date for the prevailing wage source is the result of recent system edit. The glitch will not affect useability, i.e., users can bypass the error message and submit LCAs for processing. In addition, a fix is in development and will likely be in place today or tomorrow. Common recent problem is receiving an inappropriate system warning when entering the Prevailing Wage source. We hope these problem will be fixed soon as the PERM process becoming rather annoying. We will keep our readers posted.

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    07-09 08:40 PM
    Every once in a while a government agency in the immigration space does the right thing. If I'm to maintain credibility and objectivity in the eyes of readers, I need to call out functional behavior when I see it -- notwithstanding that this blog is dedicated to dysfunctions in the immigration ecosystem. The agency worthy of plaudits is a unit within the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice known as the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Employment Practices (OSC). Under Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) � 274B(c) [8 U.S. Code � 1324b(c)], the OSC is charged, among...

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  • prince_waiting
    09-12 09:46 AM
    I guess the illegal rally (no pun intended) is in San Jose. So there is no relation with our legal protest.

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  • pmat
    01-24 12:15 PM
    The category (EB2/EB3) doesn't get transferred. Only the PD can be transferred. So, you will get the old PD for EB3.


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  • hsadan
    10-11 10:31 AM
    well ya..i guess u could say that i want to twist an object

    say like make a spiral-staircase-like object? (well not the stairs but u should know what i mean)

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  • va_dude
    01-04 08:33 AM
    Your passport has nothing to do with you invoking AC21. AC21 is just a way of informing Uscis that you are switching to another job with similar duties, that's all. There's no official form or application to submit.

    Just apply for the renewal of your passport as you would usually do. That's all.


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  • rayoflight
    08-03 02:43 PM
    USCIS released their survey report on their website today.

    USCIS - Policy Review Survey Report ( D&vgnextchannel=dd7c4c94d71d9210VgnVCM100000082ca60a RCRD)

    The PDF can be accessed via

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  • Macaca
    07-29 06:14 PM
    Partisans Gone Wild ( By Anne-Marie Slaughter ( Washington Post, July 29, 2007

    Anne-Marie Slaughter is dean of Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

    A funny thing is happening in American politics: The fiercest battle is no longer between the left and the right but between partisanship and bipartisanship. The Bush administration, which has been notorious for playing to its hard-right base, has started reaching across the aisle, with its admirable immigration bill (even though it failed), with its new push for a diplomatic strategy toward North Korea and Iran, and above all with its choice of three seasoned moderates for important positions: Robert M. Gates as defense secretary, John D. Negroponte as deputy secretary of state and Robert B. Zoellick as World Bank president.

    On the Democratic side, the opening last month of a new foreign policy think tank, the Center for a New American Security, struck a number of bipartisan notes. The Princeton Project on National Security, which I co-directed with fellow Princeton professor John Ikenberry, drew Republicans and Democrats together for more than 2 1/2 years to discuss new ideas, some of which have been endorsed by such presidential candidates as John McCain, a Republican, and John Edwards, a Democrat. Barack Obama is running on a return to a far more bipartisan approach to policy and a far less partisan approach to politics. (Full disclosure: I have contributed to Obama's and Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaigns.)

    In short, some sanity may actually be returning to American politics. Perhaps the most interesting development is the belated realization by the Bush administration that its insistence on an ABC ("anything but Clinton") policy has proved deeply damaging.

    But the predominant political reaction to this modest outbreak of common sense has been virulent opposition, from both right and left. The true believers in the Bush revolution are furious. John R. Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, sounded the alarm in February with a broadside against the agreement that the State Department and its Asian negotiating partners had reached with North Korea, warning President Bush that it contradicted "fundamental premises" of his foreign policy. Next came yet another intra-administration battle over Iran policy, with David Wurmser, a top vice presidential aide, telling a conservative audience in May that Vice President Cheney believed that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's strategy of at least talking with Iranian officials about Iraq was failing.

    From the left, many progressives have responded to the foreign policy failures of the Bush administration by trying to purge their fellow liberals. Tufts professor Tony Smith published a blistering essay on Iraq in The Washington Post several months ago, attacking not neoconservative policymakers but liberal thinkers who had, he argued, become enablers for the neocons and thus were the real villains. More recently, the author Michael Lind wrote in the Nation that the "greatest threat to liberal internationalism comes not from without -- from neoconservatives, realists and isolationists who reject the liberal internationalist tradition as a whole -- but from within." He singled out Ikenberry, Ivo Daalder of the Brookings Institution, James Lindsay of the University of Texas at Austin and me. These "heretics," he said, "are as dangerous as the infidels." Heretics? Infidels? Sounds like the Spanish Inquisition.

    In the blogosphere, pillorying Hillary Clinton is a full-time sport. Her slightest remark, such as a recent assertion that the country needs a female president because there is so much cleaning up to do, elicited this sort of wisdom: "Hillary isn't actually a woman, she's a cyborg, programmed by Bill, to be a ruthless political machine." Obama has come in for his share of abuse as well. His recent speech to Call to Renewal's Pentecost conference, in which he urged Democrats to recognize the role of faith in politics, earned him the following comment from the liberal blogger Atrios: "If . . . you think it's important to confirm and embrace the false idea that Democrats are hostile to religion in order to set yourself apart, then continue doing what you're doing." Left-liberal blog attacks on moderate liberals have reached the point where "mainstream media" bloggers such as Joe Klein at Time magazine are wading in to call for a truce, only to get lambasted themselves.

    Students of American politics argue that partisan attacks have their own cycles. George W. Bush ran in 2000 on a platform of placing results over party. But after Sept. 11, 2001, the political advantages of take-no-prisoners, call-every-critic-a-traitor patriotism proved irresistible. And the political and media attack industry that has grown up as a result has too much at stake to give in to the calmer, blander beat of bipartisanship.

    It's time, then, for a bipartisan backlash. Politicians who think we need bargaining to fix the crises we face should appear side by side with a friend from the other party -- the consistent policy of the admirably bipartisan co-chairmen of the 9/11 commission, Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton. Candidates who accept that the winner of the 2008 election is going to need a lot of friends across the aisle -- not least to get out of Iraq -- should make a point of finding something to praise in the other party's platform. And as for the rest of us, the consumers of a steady diet of political vitriol, every time we read a partisan attack, we should shoot -- or at least spam -- the messenger.
    Partisans Gone Wild, Part II: Web Rage ( By Anne-Marie Slaughter, August 3, 2007

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  • from_va
    12-21 10:00 PM
    Hello All,

    I received a "Notice of intent to Revoke " on my approved I-140 recently. By gods grace, my company was able to get my I-140 reaffirmed.

    The status on the USCIS website states as follows.

    ".....we mailed a notice to you reaffirming the approval of this case and returned the case to the Department of State for visa processing. For more information, please contact them directly."

    We did NOT request for consular processing. Does any one know why USCIS send my case to Department of State?

    Thank you !!

    06-09 05:34 PM

    I just want to know where is my "H1B Visa Extension Application" needs to apply by my employer.
    Following are the details,
    1. My Employer located in Virginia.
    2. My current work location is Minnesota (and applying the H1extension with this Client's letter).
    3. This is my second extension; i.e First H1b is for 2 years; and second H1b(i.e extension) for 3 years . all(5years) with the same employer.
    4. I have approved I-140 also.

    So 1) which will be the Service Center of mine to apply my H1B Extension
    2) I heard Approved I-140 will be an advantage for a 3 year H1 extension application, but do this really matter if I have 3 months Purchase order or Contract with the client.

    Please let me know.

    02-03 04:45 PM
    I had a 221g in 2000 and submitted all the docs. I got response in 2002 (After 2 years :eek:) . I had just 10 months left on my H1 that time. So we will never know. But situation in 2000 was different. I am not discouraging you but telling how hard these 221gs will be. I hope its not that bad these days and you may get response soon.

    Anyway, Good Luck.

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