Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • atul779
    04-10 10:55 AM
    Hi folks,

    I've applied for I 140 at TSC and my reciept date is Dec. 15, 2007 Under EB1,

    Can i apply for I 485 while my I 140 is pending or should i wait for the approval first.


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  • anindya1234
    07-02 06:52 AM
    For item 16 what should be the CFR code: is it (c)(9) or (c)(0)(9), since there are 3 parentheses...please help!!!!

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  • subba
    05-07 07:32 AM
    I have heard in the past from core team and other senior members that
    we have to bank on CIR for now, and if it is dead SKIL etc become an option.

    The one problem with this might be "how and when would we know CIR is dead, and would it be too late to push for SKIL at that point?".

    I understand this is a highly speculative question, but am hoping someone from core can articulate what our game plan regarding contingencies are.

    (If this is something you can't answer on the webpage, I can understand the reasons for keeping the gameplan under wraps from our adversaries).

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  • sroyc
    06-15 06:30 AM
    Hi Richard,

    You should check the EB3 ROW (Rest of the world) date in the visa bulletin which is published every month - Visa Bulletin (

    The July bulletin shows the date as 15th Aug 2003. It's difficult to estimate when it'll get to July 2007 because the movement is not linear.

    Hi Everyone
    I am fron the UK and my PD is July 2007. I140 approved Feb 2009. Does anyone have any Idea of the length of the backlog for E3 visas for the UK.


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  • ajaysri
    09-13 12:30 PM
    Does the published cumulative demand data represent

    a) all pending 485 cases that include primary applicants and their dependents
    b) all pending 485 cases that include primary applicants only?

    If say, the demand data for EB3, till 2004 says 35,000 - does this mean there are a total of 35,000 pending cases in total OR does this represent primary applicants only?

    If it represents primary applicants only, what is the multiplication factor we need to use to get an approximate number for total pending 485 cases?


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  • Macaca
    06-12 07:33 AM
    The System at Work ( By E. J. Dionne Jr. ( (, Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    We have become political hypochondriacs. We seem eager to declare that "the system" has come down with some dread disease, to proclaim that an ideological "center" blessed by the heavens no longer exists, and woe unto us. An imperfect immigration bill is pulled from the Senate floor, and you'd think the Capitol dome had caved in.

    It's all nonsense, but it is not harmless nonsense. The tendency to blame the system is a convenient way of leaving no one accountable. Those who offer this argument can sound sage without having to grapple with the specifics of any piece of legislation. There is the unspoken assumption that wisdom always lies in the political middle, no matter how unsavory the recipe served up by a given group of self-proclaimed centrists might be.

    And when Republicans and Democrats are battling each other with particular ferocity, there is always a call for the appearance of an above-the-battle savior who will seize the presidency as an independent. This messiah, it is said, will transcend such "petty" concerns as philosophy or ideology.

    Finally, those who attack the system don't actually want to change it much. For example, there's a very good case for abolishing the U.S. Senate. It often distorts the popular will since senators representing 18 percent of the population can cast a majority of the Senate's votes. And as Sen. John McCain said over the weekend, "The Senate works in a way that relatively small numbers can block legislation."

    But many of the system-blamers in fact love Senate rules that, in principle, push senators toward the middle in seeking solutions. So they actually like the system more than they let on.

    As it happens, I wish the immigration bill's supporters had gotten it through -- not because I think this is great legislation but because some bill has to get out of the Senate so real discussions on a final proposal can begin.

    Notice how tepid that paragraph is. The truth is that most supporters of this bill find a lot of things in it they don't like. The guest-worker program, in particular, strikes me as terribly flawed. The bill's opponents, on the other hand, absolutely hate it because they see it as an effective amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants. And, boy, did those opponents mobilize. In well-functioning democracies, mobilized minorities often defeat unenthusiastic majorities.

    And some "centrist" compromises are more coherent and politically salable than others. Neither side on the immigration issue has the popular support to get exactly what it wants. So a bill aimed at creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is full of grudging concessions to the anti-immigration side. These have the effect of demobilizing the very groups that support the underlying principles of this bill. That's not a system problem. It just happens that immigration is a hard issue that arouses real passion.

    Typically, advocates of the system-breakdown theory move quickly from immigration to the failure of President Bush's Social Security proposals. Why, they ask, can't the system "fix" entitlements?

    The simple truth is that a majority of Americans (I'm one of them) came to oppose Bush's privatization ideas. That reflected both a principled stand and a practical judgment. From our perspective, a proposal to cut benefits and create private accounts was radical, not centrist.

    An authentically "centrist" solution to this problem would involve some modest benefit cuts and some modest tax increases. It will happen someday. But for now, conservatives don't want to support any tax increases. I think the conservatives are wrong, and they'd argue that they're principled. What we have here is a political disagreement, not a system problem. We have these things called elections to settle political disagreements.

    Is Washington a mess? In many ways it is. The simplest explanation has to do with some bad choices made by President Bush. He started a misguided war that is now sapping his influence; he has treated Democrats as if they were infected with tuberculosis and Republicans in Congress as if they were his valets. No wonder he's having trouble pushing through a bill whose main opponents are his own ideological allies.

    Maybe you would place blame elsewhere. But please identify some real people or real political forces and not just some faceless entity that you call the system. Please be specific, bearing in mind that when hypochondriacs misdiagnose vague ailments they don't have, they often miss the real ones.


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  • dontcareaboutGC
    03-24 08:14 AM
    yes that is correct-

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  • saimrathi
    07-03 10:10 AM
    Now that USCIS has dropped bomb by announcing the revised bulletin, do you think now they will be able to bring back the premium processing for I-140? or still they dont have time to "ensure" processing in 15 days.
    Guys, what is your take on this.

    I agree. They should bring back PP on I-140.


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  • kittu1991
    03-30 03:34 PM
    One of my friend who is an accountant's H1 visa was sponsopred by a non-accounting firm who needed an accountant who is familiar with accounting pratices here is USA and India. Now that the firm who initially hired him and sponsored his visa doesn't have a full time accountant requirement and he is finding it difficult to find an accounting firm to sponsor his visa. But the firm who originally hired him is willing and has an opening to place him in an accounting firm as accountant. But since the firm who originally hired him is not an accounting firm is there any legal issue in doing so. If it is legal, what should the either of the firms and/or he should do as far as paperworks are concerned.

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  • flipizam
    06-02 09:08 AM
    Greetings! :sonic:

    Microsoft XNA is a popular framework applied with C# that is being used to create quality games. My thesis group decided to use the said framework for our thesis which required us to develop a game. The game automatically logs the actions that the players perform while playing. The data that will be gathered is to be used for our research which is mainly about player modeling. It would really help us in our thesis if you'd play the game. Thank you!

    You can download the game here:


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  • admin
    06-09 08:56 AM
    Here is a summary of the section for skilled immigrants -

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  • vedicman
    06-25 11:33 AM
    5 more Representatives co-sponsor for CIR ASAP of 2009 bringing it to 102 sponsors.

    However, unless the Senate moves on Immigration .. nothing will happen in the House.


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  • varinder
    06-07 02:09 PM
    Thank you so much.

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  • jbourne411
    08-20 06:20 PM
    My Parents have 10 yr visitor visa. They came to USA, stayed for 4 months and left in July 09. Now they want to come again in October 09 and stay for 6 months. Is it possible? Do they face any issues at POE? Gurus please give your valuable thoughts or experiences?
    Thanks in Advance


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  • hr_aries
    04-12 08:32 PM
    I have a pending I- 485 in EB2 and My spouse has a pending 485 in EB3 since 2007. We both are using EAD and on AOS. We got married recently, and my PD became current now.

    What is the best way to make use of this situation and add my spouse to my pending 485?

    Do we have to file another fresh I - 485 or is there a way to link his EB3 485 application with mine?

    If I have to file a new 485, what are the documents needed apart from Marriage certificate, Since my spouse is already on EAD and working, Do I still have to send affidavit of support, my pay slips, w2, EVL etc.? Do we have to send medicals again? Kindly clarify my questions. Help is appreciated.

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  • afterhourz
    05-18 05:33 PM
    i just got swift 3d not to long ago and im having some troubles. i want to know how can you group objects?

    in other words
    let's say i have 4 cubes in my scene. how will i be able to move them all in a synchronized way?


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  • vikasw
    08-21 01:48 PM

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  • zerozerozeven
    07-22 09:12 AM

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  • shmuupie123
    07-18 06:47 PM
    Hi, my BIL was on H1, and lost his job, then he moved on to EAD, which he hadnt because my sister was on h4, then my sister got a job and went to home country to get it stamped as advised by their lawyer. Now her visa got rejected, maybe bec the company she got the job in is not very big. Anyway now for her to come back, my BIL has been advised to go back on H1.

    My questions are:
    1) How safe is it to go from EAD to H1
    2) Is it true that if you are on EAD and then if you try to go back to H1 the chances of it getting rejected are high? And if your H1 gets rejected then there are chances that your EAD will also get rejected?
    3) How long does it take to move from EAD to H1

    Any insights/suggestions/advises on the above would be greatly appreciated.

    08-26 12:11 PM
    My daughter has joined in a medical program in India and she has to return to US after 4 years to continue her studies. Her 485 is in process and she has stamped H4 upto 2012 ( 3 years from now). I am trying to find out the best strategy to get her here after 4 years if we dont get GC prior to H4 stamping expiry.
    Should I continue to apply her EAD and Advance parole whenever she visits US (She will come to US atleast once every year)? Or Can I apply for her EAD and Parole just before the expiry of her h4 stamp (That is after 3 years)? Please advise.

    05-19 06:15 PM
    first I'm a bit shy :c)


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