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  • Circus123
    06-26 02:21 PM

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  • Jaime
    09-05 09:47 AM
    Hey guys, let's each try to change at least 10 minds between now and the rally! That would bring us great success!

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  • dannyypk
    07-18 11:10 PM

    Why people in the forum still asking people to convert from EB-3 to EB-2?
    This is not the SOLUTION!! It will only make things worser and worse...

    If people keep converting their EB-3 to EB-2 then what about those EB-3 filers that file their application in earlier years? they will keep stucking in the line forever! THAT's not FAIR!

    It is not the time to blame EB-2 or USCIS! IT is the time to dicuss an effective way to to distribute the visa no. effectively.


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  • GCScrewed
    07-18 10:19 PM
    I think for Indian EB-3s, if your priority date is after March 2002, it is definitely worthwhile to do the conversion. Chinese EB-3s with priority dates after Sept. 2003 should definitely convert too.

    Even considering the time to find a job, file a new labor and I-140, it still looks like that you will get your GC faster than waiting in a not-moving line. The recent history has shown that the visa bulletin can get stuck for a specfic cutoff date for half a year. Besides, EB3s have been and will always be of a lower priority just as someone said in other posts.


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  • waitnwatch
    06-26 09:21 AM
    The original bill had a 10% per country cap. Don't think that has been removed in the new bill.

    Sorry the hard country limit of 10% remains..........

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  • hydboy77
    02-13 03:37 PM
    Dear Administrator2\IV core,
    Just getting the provision to file AOS when priority date is not current without the other provisions that are related to pre filing AOS like "removal of semilar\same job restriction when using EAD\AC21" is not good. Dont get me wrong I understand how much the guys who missed out on the july fiasco want to prefile AOS and get EAD but without the provision to remove the restriction of same\semilar job requirement in AC 21 it (EAD) is useless. By now everyone knows that USCIS is heavily issuing RFE or denial notices for h1b transfer and extension. It is just a matter of time before USCIS starts issuing RFE or denial notice on EAD\485 as well. The prime candidate for USCIS to kick out people using EAD\485 is the same or semilar job restriction while using EAD\AC21. If everyone gets to pre file AOS without PD restrictions then USCIS will make using EAD as difficult as using H1b. Please fight for the removal of "same\semilar job requirement in AC 21" along with prefiling AOS so that everybody gets true relief and it really becomes a win win situation, otherwise it is a waste and will speed up uscis making life miserable for EAD workers.

    Dear jchan,

    We are very interested in this provision. Immigration Voice has heavily invested in this measure, both, legislatively and administrative. We have consistenly advocated for this provision which we believe will curb arm twisting by bad employers, that are like few bad apples in the big basket. Such a provision will help everyone including USCIS, lawyers, genuine companies, and direct+indirect beneficiary. Its a win-win for all.



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  • factoryman
    02-12 12:15 PM
    we have to take the word from IV as truth but with a grain of salt. As unitednations alluded to, this push is coming from Employers. That should make us worry and STOP this grab.

    Believe me, efforts are underway full swing to grab these unused EB3 visas. Apart from the references I made in my post, I also am in touch with a Staffing firm that recruit nurses from non-US countires.
    We have discussed a lot about things in this forum. Every person came up different thought, links etc and moreover our goal of adding I-485 in this feb bill.

    After reading all the post mentioned by IV core, it is clear that no one can do anyting about it, there is no lobbyist that can force this to happen

    So our struggle is useless, some may not agree to it because, they say they are pushing and trying to make voice that can be heard by the congress.

    Congress did not listen to those million illegals on what grounds we expect our voice to be heard.

    I say it again, our struggle is useless. When they wish then only something might happen.


    Read my post, if you have already not done so. (

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  • furiouspride
    07-22 11:36 AM what
    and that makes them rude?


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  • gk_2000
    05-24 05:36 PM
    What is donor access? Can I have it too? I have contributed $100 (in this thread)..

    And can you delete my red's?

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  • chanduv23
    10-19 04:32 PM
    Take digital cameras and cam corders - take pics and post them on IV.


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  • pappu
    05-27 10:05 AM

    Would you encourage people to post it in other immigration forums? We'll surely get plenty of interested people to participate and to fund.

    Appreciate your great efforts!

    This is a good idea. Please post on other immigration forums and urge other websites owners to post information about this event to get more support and participation.

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  • sirinme
    06-24 01:35 PM
    The lady's response was same as reported by other callers. She took down my name and phone number and said the message would be passed on to the Congressman. She also mentioned his response would be posted on his website.


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  • logiclife
    05-31 04:54 PM
    I am confused. it is very contradicting.
    That's why there is a saying that you should never watch sausages and laws being made.

    The Cantwell amendment and Lieberman amendment will fail to pass the vote. It doesnt matter whether its ordered to lie on table or whether its ordered to take a nap on the table or have some lemonade on the table. And it doesnt matter what any of those "Motion to... " means.

    Both of those amendments, if debated, will fail. It will take 10 seconds for Bernie Sanders, Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin to scream on top of their lungs and kill it. And the reason is very simple. There is a massive H1B exemption ON TOP OF 180,000 QUOTA. People who have been so successful this year so far in restricting H1 and employment based GCs are not going to miss that nice little H1 exemption at the bottom of both these amendments. So stop scratching your heads over what the "lying on table" means, because whatever is lying on table is unpassable if it somehow awakes from the table and starts dancing in the well of the senate floor.

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  • nixstor
    06-26 01:38 PM
    Lets do the best we can. If it does not work, we are no worse than where we already are.

    A group of us just went to Lamar Smith's Austin District Office and detailed his liason about the bills, benefits and information about IV. She said she will have them Fedex'd today to their Washington office and keep us informed about congressman's stand.

    Great job LSK,

    Please follow up with the local office and encourage your local friends/family to call.


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  • EndlessWait
    04-17 10:20 AM
    I have used Fragomen in two different situations...

    1) Contracted by my employer. This was frustrating from my perspective. I felt a little like an object, mostly dealt with paralegals.

    2) Contracted by me. This was much better, I could call the attorneys up anytime, and get an answer when I needed it. Had excellent relationship with paralegals.

    These were two different departments.

    I do think that I suffered from some less than optimal advice, filed EB3 when EB2 would have been better. That was in 2002 when EB3 EB2 EB1 for all was current. EB2 was a tougher sell to Dept Labor, but I think would have worked, attorney didn't want to risk, and wasn't sure if a downgrade would be offered if EB2 failed.

    One thing was consistent.... expensive.

    I all but begged them to send out an email to clients referencing DC rally.

    I have raised the idea with core of adding a field(s) to profile giving attorneys name/address. If we have a lot of members with Fragomen, maybe we could write a group letter asking them to send out a mass email to other clients.

    So please be civil in these public forums.

    well any attorney can screw can uscis..its all luck when it comes to immigration..sad but true!

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  • franklin
    09-25 04:30 PM
    Thanks, Andy. So, 80K LCs a year, 10%-15% of them will probably never get to AOS stage, 20% of those were duplicates (for people with petitions stuck in the backlog centers), so we are talking about 50-55K new labor certificates each year that will result in I-485. This is very consistent with 85K new capped H1Bs plus whatever number of exempt (non-profit research) H1Bs every year. So, we are talking about 100-110K total AOS applications (with dependents). Now lets take 140,000 EBs, substract Schedule A and EB1 (no need for LC), and there is probably 10K extra EB visas should be left over each year (quota less new potential EB petitions). Those are probably going to land in EB3 ROW. That means the retrogression will become less severe. What we are experiencing right now, is the rabbit that moves through the snake - the EB petitions resulting from a higher H1 cap several years ago.
    Let us not also forget that current estimates are that there are 1.1 million applications pending at all stages of the green card process. Notwithstanding the new additions each year.

    Not looking quite so quick still, I remain unconvinced that things will speed up.


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  • waitnwatch
    06-09 01:27 AM

    I have been a passive follower on IV for few weeks now. I read the news clippings that people had posted where there was some Gautam Aggarwal who felt the point system was good. I see a press release from him that I saw floating around some mailing list.

    Quite honestly even though lots of us disagree with him, he does make a very valid point. IV should consider clubbing US educated people such that 2 separate quotas can be created. Instead of banishing him as an elitist look at his point he is making by just marketing how the country is using the educated. Using a well respected university name is no different than talking about how we legals pay taxes etc. Just because we are educated and better of that the illegals as an argument is no less than elitism in that sense. I happened to go through gautamagg's post after the Guitrezz rally - read his message again sans tone. He makes a point. This CIR bill could have been good for us if we approached it positively looking at US educated people as a group too. Also his statement on the AP report about MPS being good is not totally incorrect in an environment where both EB and MPS may exist - if we can get that i.e. EB and MPS keeps both sides happy and we should fight for that. I emailed gautamagg and he did mention that the AP report cut out that part of his statement and told me to verify that with the reporter if I wished to. I think we guys need to be less passionate before we throw stones at others. IV is definitely doing a great job but people should share opinions openly on strategy - we are all humans and we may have missed an important aspect at IV - most IV folks seem to be non-US educated consultants and therefore disagree with Gautam. We really are 2 diff groups who want the same result with better partnership. My 2 cents. His press release:

    For Immediate Press Release: May 28, 2007

    “Grand Bargain” Immigration Bill creates issues for International Students in Economics, Finance and Business

    Mountain View, CA – May 28, 2007 – The US Senate is actively debating the proposed “Bi-partisan Grand Bargain” Immigration Reform bill. While the bill does have many provisions to attract educated people from outside the US, it also creates restrictions for people with an economics/ finance background.

    One of the proposals is to introduce an additional visa category for people coming to the US for graduate study. Though the proposed F-4 visa category is welcome by the international students’ community, it is unfavorable for people with a non-technical background or for people with a technical background who would like to gain additional skills outside of technology to be successful entrepreneurs. The proposed category, called the F-4 students visa, allows international students two major provisions that the existing student visa, the F-1, is restrictive in:

    1. F-4 students do not have to prove a non-immigration intent. Unlike F-1 visa applicants, students coming on an F-4 visa will have the ability to have a “dual intent” at the time of applying for their visa, while entering the Unites States, or while maintaining their F-4 status in the US. Such students can have a pending Green Card (GC) application or can apply for one while on F-4 status. This is in contrast to the existing F-1 category in which a previous or current intent to immigrate to the United States negatively impacts a persons ability to obtain an F-1 visa.

    2. Under the F-4 visa, instead of 12-months the students will have up to 24-months of Optional Practical Training (OPT) available after graduation. The larger time window will help students evaluate employment options while staying agnostic of visa issues.

    The bill restricts the F-4 visa to people who would attend advanced degrees in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Such limitation to STEM alone would negatively impact the inflow of international students to other graduate programs such as Finance, Economics, and Business. In today’s dynamic global economies, technology and business work together. Over a third of the MBA class in top US schools such as Wharton, Stanford, Harvard, and Cornell comes from a technology background. Restricting these provisions to STEM degrees alone will result in a severe shortage of highly skilled international students coming to the US for an MBA due to an advantage the STEM degree holders will have over them. This will impede the abilities of many “technologists” to obtain business and finance education and will reverse the positive trend in places such as the Silicon Valley where many engineers turn into successful entrepreneurs creating wealth and job opportunities for many Americans and add to America’s competitive edge.

    While the Senate has shown foresight by introducing the F-4 visa that helps in retaining people with advanced education from the US, it remains a very myopic solution to the problem it intends to address. Next week, the Senate comes back from recess to discuss amendments to this bill, this press release appeals to the Senate to consider enhancing the provisions of the F-4 as well.

    Note: Hundreds of people are affected by this already. With a Masters in Computer Science from Cornell University, 7-years of technology experience in the Silicon Valley, and after paying over $ 150,000 in taxes, Gautam, issuer of this Press release, may be unable to join his MBA class at The Wharton School this year. Because he had once started his Green Card process and established an “intent to immigrate”, it is difficult for him to reverse the process and obtain a students visa. Over 3-4 years of processing wait times has resulted in many people such as him to give-up their applications in lieu of additional education. But, their past intent looms over their very uncertain future: 22 of them have connected with each other and pray that their Indian Gods stay happy with them on the day of their student-visa interviews in India and that reason and common sense prevail.


    Gautam Aggarwal

    I would beg to differ on the issue of a Merit Based System being good for us and I have a US Ph.D in a STEM field with over 5 years of post degree experience.

    I have calculated that a Masters in Computer Science with 5 years experience will get more points than a Ph.D in say Civil Engineering because of two reasons (1) Computer Science is a high demand field and Civil Engineering is not. (2) A Ph.D may take around 6-7 years to get and by the time this Ph.D gets 5 years experience he may be touching 40 and not even getting the points allotted to those under 40.

    If you are a professor in Civil Engineering from India or China and even have tenure there is a big chance that you would not get a green card given that there will be a 10% country limit.

    Wouldn't you think that such a system would be seriously flawed or do you think that Gautam is correct I am myopic.

    IV may have a predominance of non US bachelors in its membership but most of its core have US degrees. So if you look at what IV backs you would find that even though they cannot fit in every individuals tailored requirements they very well realize what is for the greater good.

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  • Murthy
    01-26 04:17 PM
    I tried last year for my daughter.They will not issue SSN for child Alliens.I have argued showing 20 C.F.R. � 422.104(a)(3).There is no use.I got for my wife only with EAD.
    In the SSN application, it says
    If you check "Legal Alien Not Allowed to Work," you must provide a document from a U.S.
    Federal, State, or local government agency that explains why you need a Social Security number and that you meet all of the requirements for the U.S. government benefit. [B][B]NOTE: Not all U.S.State or local benefits are acceptable for non-work SSN purposes. Contact SSA to see if your reason qualifies.
    If you check "Other," you must provide a document from the U.S. government agency that explains why you need a Social Security number and that you meet all of the requirements for a Federal benefit except for the number.
    I have shown stimulus payment document that says you must have SSN for getting stimulus payment.They didnot accept. Gov want to avoid H4s.purposefully they added SSN requirement.
    One of friend told they give SSN provided child has some state ID card.But state ID cannot be issued untill 16 years age for PA state.If some one got SSN without EAD for H4 kindly post here it is very useful for H4s.

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  • needhelp!
    02-14 03:36 PM
    IV volunteer (moi) got a free lunch today + Promise of letters
    The world is such a wonderful place.

    04-29 09:25 AM
    Way to go IV.

    All of you IV members out there, make this effort a reality.

    Congrats on the new developments. :)

    07-21 09:23 PM
    Send a letter out to Gonzalez, Elaiane Choa and head of BEC's about your situation.....this is great injusticeI understand...

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