Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • mariner5555
    03-14 02:12 PM
    Nobody is talking because that suffering period and criteria and reasons all over. Nowonwards you will see the effects of what happened in 2002-2004.EB3-I the slowest in the group is at Oct 2001. So Forget Apr 2001.
    o.k..I read some of your old posts (but not thorougly) and I was confused (I guess you have done lot of research) - so can you explain again ?
    in yr opinion - does it mean EB3(I) won't go back to april 2001 ?
    I guess by "what happened in 2002 - 2004" - you mean lawyers filed most cases in EB3 I right ?
    would appreciate yr reply ..Thanks !!

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  • jhaalaa
    01-12 09:04 AM
    Countrywise visa allocation limits contradicts Equal Employment Opportunity law, specially in the presence of the Diversity visa lottery.

    I have pledged $1K for the lawsuit, because I believe in this just cause.

    We need to find a good attorney to fight it - can anyone talk to the Big names - one name who sounds passionate in his posts is Ron G.

    I have no big name lawyers around this remote interior place. I urge the folks who truly believe in this cause to:
    - Talk to a few good attorneys
    - come up with a plan for action and form an action committee
    - Let the attorney determine the way we fund it ( A bare minimum $ amount be advertised), so that a conditional collective representation as well as refund clause is present in the agreement.
    - We shall all collectively urge others to contribute too.
    - If we do not receive the minimum amount by a certain date (say 60days), we would trust the Attorney to refund the cheque amounts as per the agreements we sign.
    - It should not matter whether we win or loose. At least we would have stood for Justice and Equality for all.

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  • nk2006
    02-13 12:10 PM
    Many posts on this thread suggest that there is no H1B type visa for nurses and so they have to come on only greencard; and that is why Health lobby is trying hard to GRAB 90K unused visas (note: I consider this as a grab because from skill/CIR bills; we are trying to recapture unused visas and make them available to ALL EB immigrants rather than allocating them to one special group). But according to this news item on immigration-law there seems a non-immigrant visa H1C available for nurses. Is this true? am I misreading this?

    ==========news item follows==================
    02/13/2007: DOL Announcement of Processing of H-1C Labor Attestations

    The Nursing Relief for Disadvantaged Areas Reauthorization Act of 2005 took effect December 20, 2006. The Act reauthorized the H-1C nonimmigrant nurses program, a program originally created by the Nursing Relief for Disadvantaged Areas Act of 1999. Under this program, eligible hospitals file attestations with the Department of Labor, Office of Foreign Labor Certification which, if approved, will support nonimmigrant worker petitions filed with the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Department of Health and Human Services has informed the Office of Foreign Labor Certification that the same hospitals eligible for the original program continue to be eligible. These were listed in the Department of Labor's Interim Final Rule implementing its portion of the H-1C program published on August 22, 2000 (65 Fed. Reg. 51138). The Employment and Training Administration, under the authority of the new public law, is reinstating the H-1C labor attestation program and is accepting applications by qualified hospitals. Eligible hospitals should be advised that the now-expired OFLC form (ETA 9081), Attestations by Facilities Temporarily Employing H-1C Nonimmigrant Aliens as Registered Nurses, has not been authorized by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for current use. However, the OFLC will accept applications using the expired form until a new form is approved by the OMB. The attestations are made enforceable by the 2005 Act. ETA is in the process of revising the form under the OMB clearance process, and taking other appropriate regulatory action. Once approved by OMB, employers will be required to use only the new form.

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  • Jaime
    09-04 02:55 PM
    If Jaime is the good cop, I am the bad cop :)

    Good, bad, ugly, pretty all come to the rally!


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  • Hinglish
    03-13 05:50 PM
    Well...I am one of us stuck in EB3. I do qualify for EB2 but my employer choose to file it under EB3. I recently invoked AC21 and moved over to a new employer on my EAD. Is there a way I can ask my new employer if they can file new I140 under EB2 and change my category to EB2?

    Sorry , but I dont think that it is possible to do that ...
    EB3 vs EB2 classifications depend on Job Description ie the description and education, experience requirement given at the labor certification stage.
    You can get labor certification which would satisfy EB2 class requirements and apply under EB3 for I140 .... but not the other way around. ...

    That means starting from scratch with PERM with a new Labor... loosing PD and back to square one ... obviously not worth it

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  • akhilmahajan
    10-21 11:33 AM
    Kudos to the MI chapter for their first chapter meet.
    I am sure it will act as a great motivating factor for the other chapters also.

    Lets keep the good work going on.

    GO IV GO.


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  • chanduv23
    02-07 12:33 PM
    Come on dear community members - lets all kake this campaign a great success. Please keep this thread on top

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  • pcs
    07-06 09:02 AM
    I had FREE company attorney but decided to file 485 etc. myself & it was so much better. You can easily do 140-485 etc yourself. Call me & I will tell you.

    If at all use an attorney for PERM. In my situation, even that was screwed up & I had to do that myself.

    It is high time, all of us capable of handling complex viral equations, do this simple job , spread the knowledge , save $$$ & contribute some savings to IV

    Best wishes


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  • Hermione
    10-01 10:02 AM
    then why are visas about to be wasted yet again this year?
    after...they said all numbers were exhausted on July 2?

    i think it's not quite that simple.
    there is no doubt that lack of numbers is a key key issue. but letting uscis off the hook when they have failed to process 269,000 Green Card numbers since 1994 is not kosher. that is >20% of the backlog right there.

    my straightforward NIW application based on national interest service not exceptional ability (which may be more subjective) will take almost a year to process. wow....!

    uscis also takes the narrowest interpretations of any law- even when it clearly conflicts with the law's intent- then it takes a lawsuit to budge them- speaking from personal experience and the loss of 4 years in PD in an India line...believe me this is not an agency i feel like defending.

    just my 2c.

    Hey, mine is EB2 ROW - can't get any more straightforward than that, I-140 is approved, and PD has always been current! Well, 1 year 7 month and still counting. It would be really easy for me to blame USCIS inefficiencies, but let's look at the whole picture. My second H1 was approved in 1 day (premium processing), my I-140 was approved in 9 days (not premuim processing), I got my fingerprint notice and RFE on I-485 a month after I applied - that means the case was looked at, determined what else they needed, and everything was processed. Work on my AOS case was over 4 month after applying (and I did apply concurrently). Then, I had to wait for namecheck... and wait and wait. Do I blame the processing center for that? No, it's not their fault. Do I blame Chertoff for that? Sure! He is the one who's supposed to negotiate things between DHS and FBI, and make sure things work well together.

    Now, we come to a different issue - quotas. It is obvious that USCIS is not good at all at managing quotas. I am in management, and to me the task of getting within 100-200 approvals on 140,000 quota does not appear Herculean. It's a very predictive process, so theoretically it should be easy to get to right numbers. My take - USCIS system is built in a way that does not allow them to understand and manage the flow of petitions - and forecast how many will be ready for approval in any given month. That's a big flaw, but you know what is the best way to fix it - to relax quotas. Then, they would not have to triple-check every petition to make sure it's current and it is its time to be approved. Having quotas adds a lot of complexity that CIS can't manage. If you look at the immediate family petitions, that do not have quotas, they are getting approved in 3-4 month, so one part of the system works fine, and the other does not.

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  • smuggymba
    03-27 09:58 AM
    In real life, when resources become less and scarce - even blood relatives fight and kill each other. We here don't even know each other.

    The only solution is to create more resources to avoid fighting - Please donate for advocacy days and hopefully we won't need to be in the mess any longer.


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  • singhsa3
    06-10 04:41 PM
    July 2002 Eb3 should get it , middle of next year.

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  • Dakota Newfie
    03-21 03:03 PM
    sorry for your disgruntlement ...

    It is USCIS that decides the categories and it is they who say that EB1 is more skilled and valuable than other categories
    Again ... like I said in my post .... It is NOT NOT individual's qualifications or Country that matters, it is the JOB descr they do that decides the EB category. IF USCIS places more value on EB1 than EB2/EB3 category jobs that is not my problem .... but thats the way it is (doesnt mean that it is in anyway right)... and that was my point ..

    The innuendos are being spread by people like yourself .... and reflects your own insecurities and frustrations.

    I do not see anywhere in the legislation where it says that EB1 is "more skilled and valuable" that EB2 and so on. What it does say is that the various categories require a certain amount of education and hence my point! I am not insecure but I AM frustrated at your arrogance. Look before you leap and read the Immigration Act!!!!


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  • kshitijnt
    06-10 05:10 PM
    Well. It certainly is a good news. Atleast for me. :) I would like to caution though that getting current does not necessarily mean getting approved. We have had cases from 2003/2004 PD members where they did not get approved for long time despite their date getting current.

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  • josecuervo
    06-24 11:15 AM
    Just called and expressed my support


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  • anilsal
    10-04 02:09 PM
    He was handling MI chapter.

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    07-17 01:55 PM
    I wouldn't make that decision until Oct of 2008.
    My personal opinion and analysis tell me that EB2 will soon get retrogressed from what it is today and the picture will not be that rosy in a couple of months.

    I would wait until Oct 2008 and see what kind of visa numbers are available at that time for EB2 and EB3 and them make any decision on switching.

    Again..just my opinion.


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  • ski_dude12
    06-11 07:24 PM
    My colleague is EB3-I with priority date in early 2003. He is in the process of porting to EB2 instead of waiting for his date to be current.

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  • texanmom
    08-14 05:52 PM
    Alisha has been my immigration attorney since I completed my schooling. She did my H1B, labor and I140.

    She has been very very responsive, and is now a great personal friend. I'd be happy to recommend her to everyone who needs an attorney.

    Alisha Clester Campos,
    Morley & Morley, P.C.
    5909 West Loop South, Suite 300
    Bellaire, Texas 77401
    713-839-9955 Phone
    713-839-7249 Fax

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  • santb1975
    04-25 08:49 PM
    Keep contributing Please.I will be ba ck in a couple of hours

    05-20 08:01 AM
    Please contribute for IV's causes (which are your causes as well)

    07-17 07:49 PM
    I don't why you were banned. However I do know how you feel. I guess that probably should be one of next big item for fights - BEC elimination.

    If it is any consolation however, present efforts will help you in the sense, once your labour is approved, you won't have to deal with retrogression

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