Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • JunRN
    09-12 12:07 PM
    For me it's simple. My test case is HR5882. I have seen that Democrats fully supported the bill while Republicans are trying to stall it.

    I can predict that Democrat will help us. It was during the time of Clinton when immigration into the US was easy. Visa Bulletin was almost always current. AC21 was passed during the time of Clinton, a democrat.

    So, tell me. What Republican bill was passed that supports legal immigrants?

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  • jgh_res
    07-27 12:28 PM
    You may be all right as far as your discussion is concerned but for the following one:

    1000 people * $20 each = $20 K. So that is not an impossibility.

    1000 people donating 20 bucks each, dude you are day dreaming. If you are seriously into this law suit stuff, be prepared to speand MONEY, TIME, ENERGY of your own and not 20$ from your side.

    Did you not hear about how Aman spent 60+K of his own. So.....
    I contributed around 300$ till now to IV.

    I am one of the several may be thousand who have been affected. I am not using this for my slefish purposes. I am trying to get the suppoprt of IV and its members for this cause. I am not disagreeing with IV in any way.

    This is an agenda for a common cause for all affected people and I want everyone to support.

    Someone has to sow the seed and start the process. Doesn't mean since I started the thread it is my selfish agenda. It is part of IV's goal to get justice for all people who are affected by any immigration issue. So IV is the right forum to raise this issue.

    1000 people * $20 each = $20 K. So that is not an impossibility.

    If you have the will you have the way.

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  • Winner
    05-24 12:24 PM
    Sent emails to media using the tool. It was quick, I'm sure if many of us do it, it will be effective too.

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  • bigboy007
    09-25 03:38 AM
    I agree with concept of sending ac21 letter but there are similar experiences that this letter is ofcourse of hardly any consideration.

    AC21 is a law, if erraneously denied it should be opened by ppl have underlined , it doesnt matter whether a person used EAD or H1B. This whole discussion is triggered by employer revoking 140 not becoz USCIS is denying due to I129. Its all in the IO if hez not aware of AC21 thats our trouble begines. :( but i have not heard of any failure of AC21 MTR so far ...

    prince_charming, you had mentioned that you had done H1 transfer with AC21.
    I think it was mentioned in one of the posts in Murthy site that such a situation could lead to denial of I-485 as it would constitute abandonment of AOS application. One should use EAD after filling AC21.


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  • nb_des
    07-17 04:01 PM
    This is all happening because of labor substitution. I don't think there are that many people from 2001 and 2002 still continuing with same position. But now since labor is getting cleared from backlog companies use it substitute to other candiadtes and priority date never moves forward.

    Why cannot they just terminate labor substitutuion. It is really unfair to those who are waiting in line.

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    05-18 09:18 AM
    To nj lawmakers


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  • andy garcia
    09-27 12:49 PM
    Exactly correct -..

    Back to the numbers game - .... The country quotas could disappear, and the overal limit could be increased, but without reforming the actual processing side the speed of approval will not change.

    I was hoping for such a long time for somebody to realize this.

    thanks Franklin

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  • amitjoey
    05-31 04:41 PM

    Rule 11.1. Statement of motion

    A. When a motion is made it shall be stated by the presiding officer or, at the discretion of the presiding officer, by the Secretary. If the motion is in writing, it shall be read aloud by the Secretary before it is debated.

    B. No motion need be seconded.

    Rule 11.9. Motion to lay on table

    A. The motion to lay on the table shall be decided without debate.

    B. When a bill or resolution is pending, an amendment to such bill or resolution may be laid on the table without prejudice to the bill or resolution then pending.

    What it means is there is no need to vote to "lay on table". The presiding officer decides to "lay on table"


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  • Macaca
    09-11 09:25 AM
    Within you right now is
    the power to do things
    you never dreamed possible.
    This power
    becomes available to you
    just as you can change your beliefs
    Maxwell Maltz

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  • what_now
    05-29 09:13 AM


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  • ndbhatt
    07-23 04:42 PM
    I am not sure whether it is my HR to be blamed or my corporate law firm TheChugh who has been handling my case, no one has bothered to convey my PERM status or even my case #. I feel frustrated when my HR doesn't respond about the status.
    I understand that they must by flooded with application preparation but setting up a link for me to check the status shouldn't be very difficult.
    I really hope that my PERM gets approved before 31st July so that I can file I-140 and I-485 concurrently.
    Anyone else has experience to share about TheChugh law firm?

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  • amitjoey
    05-28 06:37 PM
    Please IM me when we hit $10K, I will donate another $100 to the cause.

    Donated $200 so far to this cause..

    Amount: $50.00 USD
    Transaction Date: May 28, 2010
    Transaction ID: 08M003642M0307828

    Thank you k3GC for your contribution.

    Can we get to $10,000 in the next few hours?

    We are at $8950


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  • dagabaaj
    09-25 12:47 PM
    If approached in the right way there is a chance that big law firms will be helpful to us. The way to do this is politely, not raising a stink, with a credible number of their clients supporting us. The big law firms could act as a "force multiplier" to use a military term, only a small fraction of the community currently know about us, the big law firms and USCIS are the common connection for EB GC process, and USCIS is not about to email all their customers about us. With the right encouragement law firms might just help.

    If they have members reading forums great. However, please do be civil.
    I do understand the need to vent and rant sometimes. My personal guide is not to post anything that I do not want to be publicly (or legally) held to. Also a balanced constructive post is useful for all. So I place my full name in my signature.

    Now when explained like this anyone would understand. Also do see the point you are making and is worth a try. Is the core team looking into this? Do they need any assitance from us?

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-30 09:38 AM
    This wud sound like good news except for the word "introduced". The SKIL bill was "Introduced" in the Senate as well. I would love to go "ra-ra sis boom ba" on this peice of news, but history shows that a lot of bills get "introduced" but remain on the senate/house back burners. This is good news but let's be cautiously optimistic/enthusiastic.

    Logiclife, thanks for posting the information so promptly though. :)


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  • anilsal
    12-11 03:22 PM
    First off, I don't appreciate your sarcasm @ 2 cents leading to a dollar. Secondly if your leader is going to scream at people who are not attending the meetings, this is only going to drive people away from IV. Unfortunately, as someone who has learnt it the hard way, using aggressive language (especially language which is a negative judgement on people's nature) does not get the work done at the end of the day. Peace out and good luck with your stuff.

    Logiclife is not screaming at people for not attending. He is screaming at people, who said they will come and did not show up (in addition they did not inform the person who they RSVPed as to why they did not show up).

    If there was a legitimate reason for not showing up, then it is fine. But if it was lethargy, low confidence in the success of the event or some other insignificant reasons, then logiclife's screams apply multiple times.

    The public disclosure of "AMMA" as an apology to needhelp is commendable.

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  • newuser
    05-17 12:52 PM
    Done. For some reason, the zip code tool is showing my Congressman info wrong. Has to do some guesswork to get the right result in the search.


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  • rayoflight
    05-19 08:55 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I just contributed 50$ now and i will be doing this again. Good Work !.

    Receipt ID: 1271-2377-8225-6547


    Thank You for your support.

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  • gsc999
    09-19 10:59 PM
    Campaign contribution is the lubricant oil of politics (all pun intended - big oil is the biggest contributor to both parties).

    Strength of IV & the skilled immigrant community should translate to campaign dollars. If the skilled immigrant community is in powerful positions in big firms, they can influence company contributions. Same applies for companies (to be) founded by immigrants.

    We need to put our money where our mouth is.
    Thanks for your message. I just wanted to clarify that no IV member should contribute or volunteer for a lawmakers election efforts because it is illegal to do so. Only US citizens can do that. We can only influence indirectly.

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  • kris04
    09-12 09:26 PM
    Hey guys

    Just received email from CRIS regarding I-485 denial notice for both me and my wife.

    I used AC21 after 9 months of filing I-485. My I-140 was approved before even filing I-485 in July fiasco.

    My attorney promptly sent AC-21 and G-28 and i did see LUD on my and my wife's I-485 after that.

    My previous company informed me sometime ago that they are going to revoke I-140 and probably they did and i am assuming that's what triggered this.

    This is certainly a big damm mistake they did even after sending AC-21 docs and G-28.

    sorry to hear about your new issue. Your case can be easily fought back, cheer up. My case was AC 21 and fortunately my I 485 was approved last month without any RFE, but before approval I spoke to NSC customer service and got hold off a very good guy , who happened to be very helpful, he mentioned that the letter requesting to port the employer or change of attorney need to be addressed to appropriate division, failure to do will cause all these problems, since it take time for the USCIS to route the letter to correct division and most likely getting lost. The only solution to address this kind of problem is to bring the much needed regulation to AC 21 , a formal application process where we can track the progress.

    Cheer up, good luck



    11-24 11:38 AM
    I really don't think an attorney will give out their client information. They might even face a law suite for doing that. How would you feel if you found out that your attorney gave out your personal info?? :confused:

    One of the ways, I was thinking of to increase membership to the newly created Nebraska chapter is to approach the local attorney's office and get contact information of the pending applicants from them . More targeted approach .

    Now before I take action,few questions.

    1. Am I kidding myself :-( no attorney would part with such information, Client-Attorney privileges.

    2. Has it been attempted by anyone before??

    07-19 12:08 PM
    Anybody knows what happens to our SS money? If we become canadian citizen do we get that at the time of retirement?
    Any idea?
    ya in the end i may want to come back to US but you never know if we like it in Canada and my kid settles down there we may end up being there and forget about US :)
    For now im surely taking atleast 10 jobs from here.

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