Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • stuckinmuck
    02-09 10:25 PM
    To pbojja, if you think being concerned about fraud desi companies and highlighting issues we can resolve easily (like English classes) is being disrespectful to one's fellow country men/women, then I must not have put forward my point clearly and I apologize for that. I never said that only English speaking skills were required to be a good professional. However, they are important tools for effective communication. Not every desi IT professional in the U.S. is a developer and is in roles which do require good English speaking skills. Anyway, I didn't mean to be disrespectful to anyone.

    To sri1309, I never meant to digress from existing items on IV's agenda. All I am saying is that the backlog might get cleaned up a bit if we are able to assist in weeding out fraud cases.

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  • file485
    07-19 07:05 AM
    We all know its not an easy 1-2-3 to happen in a jiffy for something to be debated in the Capitol hill...signed by the President..and becoming a law, against all odds of gas hikes,natural disasters,anti immigration...Immigration stands on a scale of 1 to 10,maybe number 9 or 10.

    Something has to happen which may run into years, here we are already worn-out with exploitation from our employers being on H1B.

    If one is below 30-35 he can go right away to India where it is booming,others beyond 40 are confused to go back, trust me..

    1)it will be a whole new struggle there with all the youngsters in the job market back home

    2)kids r already sort of grownup here..they need to be adjusted to the schools/curriculum there...

    might sound the most silliest... 3) I simply cant drive in the traffic matter what..??!! I feel highly handicapped there without commuting.

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  • qualified_trash
    06-30 11:10 AM
    Seems like this is just a Republican backed bill. Dems will fight this or insist that some provisions for illegals be included as well. Also once elections are over it is possible that the Dems will be majority and then this bill gets kicked to the side.

    is it not sad to see voting trends decide stuff like this.

    I do hope to one day vote in this country (I voted in every election in my home country after I became eligible).

    If the dems do "kill the SKIL", they would have definitely lost my vote in the future. I know it is inconsequential compared to the millions they will gain from the illegals becoming legal. but in my small way, that will be my protest.

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  • mheggade
    07-17 02:19 PM
    If you file today it will be past october when you have to choose between EB2 and EB3 (I485 stage for EB2) till that time you have both the process going on EB2 and EB3.
    If you start EB2 process in October it will take 6 to 9 months to clear labor and I 140..

    It is taking average of 1 year for I140. And there is a possibility of PERM audit , which can derail all your plans.


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  • BharatPremi
    03-14 11:15 AM
    Yeah there are tons of people who got their GCs with PD 03, but there are tons more waiting in 02 to get their GCs.

    Sure there may still be 2002 files waiting but it is definately not a GREAT number. Here are three logical bullets to conslude that.

    - Many people with 2000/1/2 dates have already left USA - Tired: Could not
    take the delay:Found good oppertunity back home or elsewhere
    - Black labor market played a part to shift a considerable load either to EB2 or
    PD date from 1999/2000 and thus many people preferred that path either
    stuck in EB2 or have already got their GC

    The only thing we can be unsure about stuck in NC with those early PDs.

    Having said this, it is ofcourse impossible to predict perfect chain of future flow, I see hope for EB3-I in this year, particularly last quarter at least for the people having 2004-Mid and before PDs.

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  • jungalee43
    09-28 11:36 AM
    By waiting you are doing the same mistake that I did last year. My AC21 RFE was mailed to my previous employer's attorney. They promptly mailed it to me. But I did not get it for one month. In the mean while my priority date became current and I thought that attorney was playing games with me.
    After waiting for one month I went to my post office and lodged a written complaint. In two hours the notice popped up in my mail box.
    What had happened was that the mail man had simply delivered the notice in mail box 5617 instead of 5616 and no one was living in apartment 5617 and no one picked it up.
    By the way, with that much delay I missed the 2007 bus.

    My attorney called them and requested the copy of Denial notice as well as asked them for faxing it.

    Still not received anything.

    Not sure what to do except waiting.

    Irony is that all notice reaches on time except denial notice. Seems like they are trying to eliminate backlog by doing some tricks


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  • dagabaaj
    09-25 10:42 AM
    How many of you all dealt with the lawyer named Alex Elsberg?

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  • amitjoey
    05-20 01:20 PM
    The total is $2100.

    Thanks a lot sunnymit and sriteam


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  • rajuseattle
    03-25 09:50 PM
    Porting process is a legit process and for well qualified EB-3 india folks thats the only ray of Hope.

    You can rant about it but noone going to stop the porting process becaue the folks who initially filed under EB-3 are now eligible to get Job promotions , new roles and responsibilities in their Career and in some cases new Sr. Job positions which are qualified EB-2. By the way they do file new PERM labor and new I-140, it is not a automatic qualification just based on number of years waiting in the endless EB-3 india queue.

    Under the current circumstances where EB-3 india doesnt get any spillover numbers or any such relief like VISA recapture bill, do you expect them to go behind the lines with new EB-2 PD? What about the wait period in the backlog centres, in the PERM process and for few I140 stage waiting period? Its the law and people are following it. You can try porting to EB1 if you are qualified enough and port your EB-2 PD to EB-1.

    Just because you are qualified initially for EB-2 doesnt mean others are inferior and they are not eligible to port to EB-2.

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  • mallickarjunreddy
    09-25 08:49 AM
    Hi - I have had a very bad experience with Fragomen, everything was filed correctly but the way they treat their client is pathetic. I have heard a lot of people are victims of this big corporation, lets get together to fix this.

    I have a deja vu

    cause when i wanted to bring to the notice similar BAD lawyers nobody paid attention . I put in time to create a blog and if you would have researched on immigrationvoice u wont have been in this position the first place

    its 3rd on my list


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  • Totoro
    05-16 12:26 PM
    let's keep working on it.

    Actually, it was published in every major paper in the US, as well as in India, China, Canada, and a number of other countries. It was this broad coverage that led to the New York Times editorial. I have also seen mention of it on several news TV channels. And more is to come. The LA Times will be doing a story very soon.

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  • GiveGCNow
    06-30 06:21 PM
    Some rats are trying to scare you ...............Dont worry just chill!!


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  • onemorecame
    07-27 03:49 PM
    I Filled 485+EAD+AP in July fiasco with old fee structure, In July 2008 filled AP+EAD with new fees.
    Planning to file AP alone for 2009, I read somewhere that if you paid new fee's for AP then you won't get charged next time.

    I am not sure whether I need to pay AP fess again this time or not?

    Please share your exp


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  • bugmenot
    06-19 04:51 PM
    technically speaking it should be june 19th coz its a diffnrt bill (same content diffrnt number though)


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  • HariDod
    07-20 01:48 PM

    We are on same boat too.Looking for options to file I-485 without receipt number.Our lawyer insisted that we can not file I-485 without receipt number.

    We spoke with employer to let us know if they can see cancelled checks online.People who have applied in early july ,can you please let us know how many days it took to get the checks..

    Just hoping to get the receipt number ..

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  • gc_mania_03
    06-13 10:29 PM
    I am sure we are all rejoicing and this is surely a cause to celebrate.

    But, the battle is not over yet. I hope once most of the members get their 485/EAD applications rolling, they will get back on track and fight for the real objective. To obtain our green cards in time!! Dont forget the wait is NOT over yet...

    I am sure we all are going to be a lot rejuvenated and continue fighting retrogression with greater zeal..

    Just to set the record straight even I benefit from the visa update, but I hope we dont slow down at this juncture...

    waddle along folks...



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  • camarasa
    07-06 12:00 PM
    Postings on this thread are no longer related to the title of the thread. If people has nothing to add to this, please close this thread.
    Funny - that's actually the most unrelated post on this thread :-)

    I'm still trying to find out if people who are current and had submitted their I-485 a few months ago are in the same boat - i.e. they are also on hold until October 1st, or are they part of the 60,000.

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  • rameshk75
    04-25 07:03 PM
    Contributed $50 and signed for recurring $50 monthly..

    Come on IV..keep going..

    Why don't you put this thread on the main announcements page with a heading 'Recapture-Fund drive'?
    Just a suggestion..

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  • santb1975
    04-28 12:12 AM
    you get us to 3786.

    Contributed $100.00
    Receipt ID: 8Y827090SS825123P

    07-18 07:53 AM
    Please share your experiences.


    12-10 07:42 PM
    heard you loud and clear,
    and usually take complaints very well.

    but when someone only complains and spends time undermining us and our efforts elsewhere and when they return only to take potshots...i reserve my right. you are actively harming this organization by your actions and it's not hidden to us, therefore you are retarding our goals- and those will benifit all 25,000 here- active, passive etc. not every person is creating value here and that is the fact. your attitude is childish, i will say it again. it's childish because your purpose is not to improve things in any way or help us achieve our goals but to prove some silly point about how you were treated in the past. but this is the last time i'm bothering, i want to move beyond this. some of us have better things to do than lurk around and wait to score personal points. you have already stated you have no wish to contribute further in any way. so be it.

    also know that free speech is all well and good. but no organization will allow it's forums to be used to undermine it's objectives. try doing it on numbers usa or alipac and see how long you last.

    As I heard, the discussions on this forum do not come under "free speech" as these are not something that the Government is trying to regulate against the People.

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