Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • Gravitation
    05-31 07:33 PM
    very funny! :D

    That's why there is a saying that you should never watch sausages and laws being made.

    The Cantwell amendment and Lieberman amendment will fail to pass the vote. It doesnt matter whether its ordered to lie on table or whether its ordered to take a nap on the table or have some lemonade on the table. And it doesnt matter what any of those "Motion to... " means.

    Both of those amendments, if debated, will fail. It will take 10 seconds for Bernie Sanders, Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin to scream on top of their lungs and kill it. And the reason is very simple. There is a massive H1B exemption ON TOP OF 180,000 QUOTA. People who have been so successful this year so far in restricting H1 and employment based GCs are not going to miss that nice little H1 exemption at the bottom of both these amendments. So stop scratching your heads over what the "lying on table" means, because whatever is lying on table is unpassable if it somehow awakes from the table and starts dancing in the well of the senate floor.

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  • delhiguy79
    07-18 02:01 PM
    If you recieve the receipt number for I-140, please provide the following info, it will help others to follow up on their cases.

    Petition Type :
    Service Center :
    Date received by USCIS :
    Receipt Notice Date :

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  • asiehouston
    06-13 10:32 PM
    The Birth Certificate Affadevit posted as a sample soes not have space for 2 people to sign. Should there be nother affidavit submitted by another family member or should the second person just sign below the first persons affadevit?

    Some One please explain

    Contributions so far $100

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  • Dakota Newfie
    07-01 05:37 PM
    Paul Hastings in Atlanta Georgia is the firm handling my case; they are one of the biggest firms in the country and they are pretty thorough.

    their website is


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  • DallasBlue
    07-21 12:09 AM

    July 17, 2008
    Dear Member of Congress:

    As U.S. employers, education institutions, and trade associations representing the future of American
    innovation, we are writing to urge your support for three bills that will make necessary incremental
    adjustments to the employment-based (EB) green card system. The measures � H.R. 6039, H.R. 5921
    and H.R. 5882 � enjoy bipartisan support and should be enacted without delay this year.

    America�s scientific and technological leadership is at a crossroads. To remain the world leader in
    innovation, U.S. employers must have access to much-needed and sought-after highly educated talent �
    including scientists, researchers, teachers and medical professionals. Foreign-born professionals make
    great contributions to the U.S. economy and create good, high-paying jobs for all Americans.

    U.S. employers rely on EB green cards to keep foreign-born talent living, working and innovating in
    America. Yet, despite the critical importance of these visas, Congress has failed to address the well
    documented backlogs in the EB green card system that leave some foreign-born, highly educated
    professionals waiting over six to 10 years to receive a permanent resident visa.

    The three bills will address many shortcomings in the EB green card system. For example:

    � H.R. 6039, by exempting highly educated, foreign-born students earning an advanced degree in
    science, technology, engineering or mathematics from a U.S. university from the annual EB green
    card limit, would help U.S. employers retain these talented individuals in the U.S. workforce. For
    example, foreign nationals comprise half of the master�s and 70 percent of the Ph.D.s in electrical
    engineering from U.S. universities.

    � H.R. 5921 will help put an end to multi-year wait times by eliminating unduly restrictive per
    country limits on EB green cards.

    � H.R. 5882 will help to reduce visa backlogs by �recapturing� EB green cards from prior years
    that went unused due to government processing delays and making them available immediately to
    those who meet the requirements.

    Without these incremental reforms, U.S. employers will continue to be crippled in the global competition
    for the world�s best talent, as more and more extremely valuable professionals from around the world
    take their education and abilities to competitors abroad.

    While permanent reforms for the EB green card system will be critical to U.S. employers� long-term
    ability to hire and retain key worldwide talent, H.R. 6039, H.R. 5921 and H.R. 5882 are common sense,
    incremental reforms that should be enacted this year. We again urge your support for these important


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  • nrk
    05-20 11:33 AM
    letters sent


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  • stuckinmuck
    06-14 12:06 PM
    Check with your lawyer but I believe there may be a grace period wherein they allow you to add your wife's name after 485 filing. In addition, there is a 4 year backlog in the family based green card process. 01-JUN-02 for FB-2A (India).

    My pd is jan 2005 and i was waiting for the dates to become current.I am not married and will most probably get married by this year end[parents in the process of searching matches].my dilemma is whether to apply for 485 now or not.can i add my wife's name later on while the 485 is in the final stages of the process[say an year after the process began] or just before the green card is being dispatched etc so that both of us can get green cards.i dont want to miss this chance because i seriously feel that the dates might retrogress again.but if i apply and get a green card u all know how many years it will take to get wife to usa in family based immigration.somebody please clear my doubt.Thank you

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  • ramus
    06-13 08:18 PM

    Way to go guys... I am very glad to be active member of IV.
    I called some of my friends and they didn't know about the news.

    IV keep is so well informed... Its like big family..

    Order Details - Jun 13, 2007 5:39 PM PDT
    Google Order #920448462249067


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  • ameryki
    06-27 11:04 PM
    Did you sent photo? If not then you can be sure.

    nope didn't send photos

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  • Karthikthiru
    07-01 10:22 PM
    Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP is very good firm. I have very good experience with them. They completed all my paper work on Jun 30, so that they can file by July 2. Also the attorney and the para-legal were really good and replied to my questions patiently. The website is



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  • sirinme
    01-22 05:21 PM
    Hi, I have a question about which service center to use when e-filing for AP renewal. Here is my situation:

    - I live in California, but my I-485 has been rotting in Texas Service Center.
    - When e-filing, one of the questions on the USCIS website was which service center my I-485 application has been pending at. I answered it as Texas Service Center, and went through with rest of the e-filing process.
    - After submitting the form, I got the receipt number that starts with "SRC", which I am assuming ties my application with Texas Service Center. The cover letter of the PDF (which was generated right after submission) even said to mail supporting documentation to TSC.

    Now, the problem is, I was reading through the instructions for I-131 filing and the PDF (I-131instr.pdf, which I downloaded from USCIS website) says on Page 7 that I should file my AP renewal with Nebraska Service Center, because I am a California resident.

    Given that I already filed my AP renewal with Texas Service Center, am I in trouble here? I don't remember the USCIS website asking me or prompting me to file the renewal application with Nebraska Service Center, so I am a bit baffled by how I ended up in this situation. Is there anything I could do to correct it now? Has anyone run into this situation before?


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  • billu
    08-06 09:35 AM
    Canada and Australia are good backup options. You want to apply for one of these countries as a backup while waiting for your GC.

    going by the current EB 3 india scenario,I think canada and australia seem to be good 1st and 2nd options respectively and I will keep US GC as the last option as it looks more far fetched than the other two.


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  • pappu
    10-14 03:35 PM
    There was a Telecon held yesterday night ( 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm) on establishment of news state chapters. Some core members as well as some veteran State Chapter leaders participated along with us greenhorns (newbies). Me, Chintu25 and CagedCactus participated from Michigan. Regretfully since it was a last moment decision , more members couldn't be invited to participate.

    I was active in the Telecon almost to the last (I hope). It was a highly educative and informational to listen to the IV Core perspective on State Chapters. Veterans also pitched in with their experience in organizing their chapters (some super secret recipes were revealed :)). Some chapter leaders for new chapters also introduced some great ideas. To the end, I started bombarding the core with lots of questions, and they were patient in answering all of those ( b/n 10-10:30 pm!).

    Unfortunately these matters cannot be discussed in the public forum here as we are monitored by Anti-Immigrants. Ditto for E-mails and PMs as we have no way of verifying the authenticity of the other person. So please don't feel offended if your PMs and E-mail inquiries remain unanswered!

    ONLY way to get acquainted with the 'inside news' is to participate in the 10/20 meeting, details of which are published below. Be there if you wish to remain in the know.
    It was nice talking to you and others.
    Thanks for attending the call.

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  • delax
    07-15 04:40 PM
    good post but The regular quota for EB2 and EB3 is only about 9,800(7% of 140k visas) each

    I dont think it is 9,800 each. I think it is 9,800 combined - 7% of 140K. To that extent the 21500 number in my earlier post stands revised down to 17,700.


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  • what_now
    05-27 01:29 PM
    Transaction ID: 1D096227KC182092G

    Immigration Voice

    Sorry I can't attend.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    12-10 04:25 PM
    "Does battering members without knowing a real cause and passing judgements and making snide remarks help this movement in any way?

    Anyone ?"

    Maybe it does, maybe it doesnt, I dont know.

    I am one of the few who was all alone in a congressmans office requesting the district director 'lets wait for 5 more mins' because all the people who were supposed to come to the meeting bailed out at the last moment without telling me.

    its been 6 months and i am still pissed off about it. My daughter had to be rushed to the hospital the day before the meeting, i still made it. My employers were also supportive about giving me the day off to look after my child and attend the meeting too.

    So am I judgemental if someone promises to attend something and doesn't, you bet i am.

    Each one is supposed to his/her own part in a own way, but please dont promise something and be callous to ignore it completely. If you can contribute, contribute, if you cant then dont, provide your services in someother way but dont make light of the effort that others put in. The guys who failed to make to the Texas meeting could have emailed or called up and said so.

    My Original Peaceful question again:

    Does battering members without knowing a real cause and passing judgements and making snide remarks help this movement in any way?

    Anyone ?

    Peace again..


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  • tonyHK12
    03-28 08:58 PM
    What PlainSpeak says, whether you like it or not, makes sense (well mostly; I dont understand that . part.. you guys are making me learn something), and is healthy for debate. I recommend you man up and get a bit civil, so we can all at least look good.

    Let us disagree on this, whats that supposed to be a back-handed negative comment?

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  • eb3retro
    05-17 12:10 PM
    done, did it in less than 20 seconds...

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  • pappu
    11-14 08:26 PM
    December Visa bulletin is obviously frustrating for all of us. After the recent accomplishments in July visa bulletin and the tons of approvals that we saw after that, we hoped that everything will be alright.

    But that did not happen. Some of us in the community were taken by surprise, but this was expected. Afterall there are only 140K greencards available every year. EB2 for India and China is already used up for the quarter. EB3 is badly retrogressed for everyone.

    Believe me, it will not get any better. It will get worse with time if there is no immigration reform.

    IV can only do what its members empower it to do. If members want us to be just a site for question and answers for individual visa problems we can stay like that. If members want us to come together and do a rally in DC, we will help organize it. We did a rally in DC on Sept 18 and made great progress. However we cannot just sit back and admire one effort. We need to continue it and capitalize on it.

    Now is the time for everyone to decide if they want a greencard. If you need a greencard, and want to do something about it, then you must join this effort and help yourself by helping everyone.

    Our Plans

    Our next hope is year end bills. If we can get some provisions in those bills we can certainly look forward to a happy new year with fast movement of visa dates. Next year is an election year and it will become much tougher for any immigration bill to pass. We will need to make super extra push next year for something to happen. So the time to act is NOW.

    We have achieved great successes when we all came together and did something. If you need proof read Macaca’s post with compilation of our achievements.

    IV only asks 3 things from each one of you. Having these 3 pillars of support from members we will be able to increase our chances for an year end push.
    ================================================== ===============================
    1) Please sign up for monthly contributions. Monthly contributions help us plan ahead of time and commit our resources. Your participation will determine how big of a push we can afford. Just $50 every month per person can have significant effect on the overall push that IV can plan so please consider contributing..
    Please post on this thread, if you have signed up for monthly contributions.
    ================================================== ===============================
    2) Join your state chapters now. Get together with your fellow community members and meet your local lawmakers. We are a grassroots effort and can be successful if each one of us makes a sincere effort to meet our lawmakers and apprise them of our issues.
    ================================================== ===============================
    3) Consider yourself part of something big. What we are doing is something big. We have already done what was difficult to think when this organization was started. Today we have become a big force and a voice of legal high skilled community. Each one of you defines what IV is. Your posts, your talks with media, your talks with your friends about IV, your talks with your employer about immigration problems, your time and effort you put in for IV defines who we are. Each one of you is important for the success of this effort. Each one of us is a voice and we have converged our energies to make a strong voice. Please consider yourself an integral part of IV and actively participate in the effort.
    ================================================== ===============================
    Let us start a massive effort in this direction and make a year end push!

    09-12 01:11 PM
    dont be confused with "legal immigration", legal immigration in obama's world means family based immigration (vote bank politics) not EB immigration.

    You are absolutely right. Check the following link on Obama's page concerning his stand on immigration.

    If he implements what he has been saying so far, this is what will happen:

    - Strong measures to curb illegal immigration (with/without a fence)
    - Amnesty to existing illegals in the country - claiming that the leak (above) has been fixed and that the illegals already in the country should be brought out from the shadows.
    - Measures to speed up family based immigration - with papers being processed by the same department that works on EB immigration; slowing down EB processing further.

    The only silver lining which people seem to hang on to is a politician's response to the state of highly skilled immigrants. Note that almost no one is against US educated legals from getting GCs and this is what Obama and McCain have been questioned about as far as legal immigration goes - obviously their answer is that they support us. That is a no-brainer. The controversy as far as legal immigration goes has to do with people without a US higher degree and no one really talks about that as far as legal immigration goes. But that doesn't mean the STEM bill will pass - no opposition doesn't mean it will translate to action for a group who has negligible voting power even if we eventually get it.

    04-25 06:08 PM
    Dear IV members,

    We are seeing now the fruits of our efforts.

    Update: Bipartisan Bill - HR 5882 introduced to Recapture EB visa numbers (
    Update: HR 5921 Introduced to eliminate per country limits (

    Despite a difficult year for immigration, there is movement of Bills for us.

    The admin fixes campaign has also been successful. It is now a matter of time when administration chooses to make an announcement. We have been following up with them on regular intervals. The phase 2 of our campaign has also been going for past several weeks. Several state chapter members have traveled to DC and lobbied. Core has also traveled to DC to push for our provisions.

    The latest good news is the bill on Recapture. IV has been on the front lines to announce all these developments and our lobbyists have been lobbying hard for us. All this effort costs money and thus we are starting a funding drive after a gap of 4 months so that we can continue this momentum. The more we can raise, the better we can lobby. We have a target to reach at least 50K in this funding drive so that IV can continue to be a voice of immigrants and take up their issues on the hill.

    Please contribute generously. We encourage people signing up for recurring contributions but if you want to contribute one time, you can do so too. If you want to contribute an amount not listed on the contributions page (, you can contribute by paypal using the email donations at immigrationvoice dot org

    Once you have contributed, please post on the thread and we can know how much closer we are from our target. IV chapter leaders and Team IV members will run this thread and count the contributions.

    Click here to view the total amount collected so far (

    IV team

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