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  • pappu
    11-08 12:43 PM
    Its good that we have a democratic majority in congress. we also now have work cutout for us to contact new lawmakers. getting more members and members willing to work for local chapters is important at this time. we need to work with renewed vigour now and finish our task. pls help with increasing membership and join your state level chapter threads. I see only very few members have posted their interest. we need interest from each member in order to succeed. I am sure we will succeed. The good times are ahead of us but we need to take advantage of it.

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  • spdy_mn
    05-30 06:34 PM
    would create a quota exemption for certain highly skilled immigrants who have at least three years of U.S. work experience.

    That pretty much covers almost all of us in IV

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  • gneerajg
    07-18 10:03 AM
    What u can do ask your employer/attorney for the copy of the check cashed by TSC/NSC for I-140 and if u look at the back of it you will find the receipt no. That receipt no. is the same whenever u will get ur NOA so make the photocopy of front and back of the check and submit with your I-485 application and relax


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  • hebbar77
    09-12 08:21 PM
    Just a matter of time. Hire a good attorney(if you already dont have one). You will be fine.


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  • manojp4
    04-25 11:21 PM
    PayPal Receipt ID: 432675004L850492T

    Go IV !

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  • Jaime
    09-10 04:07 PM
    This is the time to act! Let's go! Change your mind and come to the rally! We have funds for you! We will be telling Congress about the abuse that we undergo! Come join us!!! All immigration layer firms support this, you won't get into trouble, we will help you with funds, you will be able to speak up! IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!! WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK? LET'S GO TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • mheggade
    07-15 05:26 PM
    Thanks for the post. However I read testimony that said more than 80% of EB visas have been used up. That leaves only 28k (20% of 140k) at most as spill over for Fiscal 2008. Thoughts?

    My understanding is they wait until last quarter to give the spill over. But this time they started giving the numbers in 3rd quarter itself. Keep in mind EB1 is current and Eb2 except I and C is still current.

    I expect to see at least 20k visa's issued to EB2 I and C.

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  • Macaca
    09-21 04:04 PM
    4) Money is not a problem for them. Many of them are paid off the books and have never paid Income Tax, SS Tax etc. There are also very strong political organizations, PACs (Political Action Committees) supporting. There are many USCs/LPRs contributing to election campaigns on their behalf.

    - We pay all taxes. There is no PAC supporting the cause of EB immigrants exclusively ( ImmigrantsList is a PAC that supports all immigration including "undocumented").

    Even Workers in U.S. Illegally Pay Tax Man, By Miriam Jordan | WALL STREET JOURNAL, April 4, 2007
    From Confiscating Contributions ( By JONATHAN BLAZER | Public Benefits Policy Attorney and JOSH BERNSTEIN | Director of Federal Policy, May 10, 2007

    Peter Goss, Social Security’s Chief Actuary, has estimated that three quarters of undocumented immigrants pay payroll taxes. This generates $6 to $7 billion per year in Social Security tax revenue and $1.5 billion in Medicare taxes.
    According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, undocumented noncitizens paid almost $50 billion in federal taxes from 1996 to 2003. Recent reports from across the country indicate that during the 2007 tax season, record numbers of undocumented people filed tax returns.
    As IRS Commissioner Mark Everson, a former immigration official, stated in testimony before Congress last year, “If someone is working without authorization in this country, he or she is not absolved of tax liability.” In a more recent speech to the National Press Club, Everson added, “We want your money whether you are here legally or not and whether you earned it legally or not.”

    Tax returns rise for immigrants in U.S. Illegally ( By Nina Bernstein | New York Times, April 16 2006
    Illegal Immigrants are bolstering Social Security with Billions ( By Educardo Porter | New York Times, April 5 2005


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  • gopi544
    06-15 03:09 PM
    I want to know weather can I apply AP for my wife while she is in US post it to India if she has to go to India before it gets approved.

    As there is the situation my wife need to go to India in July and I am planning to apply for her AP, can I send it over to her once the AP is approved or dose she need to be present in US at the time of approval.

    Thanks for advice

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  • rajesh_kamisetty
    09-21 10:50 PM
    First of all - THANK YOU. It's because of IV I am happy today with EAD cards on hand. I will never forget what IV did for me and thousands of GC applications in July. I can't forget the despair and the smiles IV brought back to our lives.

    Probable reason - less motivated for couple of reasons which are already spelled out on this forum by others.

    However I hoped to be part of rally towards the end. But couldn't. My parents came to USA last Friday. I did plan to combine my parents D.C tour with IV rally. But as such we happened to drop-in to D.C, unexpectedly, from Baltimore on Sunday itself. And on Tuesday 9/18 - all important day, we were busy packing to other attractions....

    To Franklin -

    Rally agenda - from the start, the D.C rally has not seemed need-based rally. San Jose rally and flower campaign were need-based. They were needed because USCIS ditched all July hopefuls. We were aghast and speech-less. So there was that burning-sensation in our tummies that took us to streets and greet the USCIS chief with bloody flowers!!

    D.C rally has been strategic one. Somewhere in the beginning of the game, we pushed wrong buttons in marketing/selling the strategy or signing up people for the D.C rally. I remember very very few messages on the rally forums and tons and 100s of messages on "July 2" forum.

    All senior fellows and the 1000+ members who made it to rally - have you surprised why there is NO 5000 - 10000 attendance.

    Some more pointers to my thoughts -

    > I can't associate all IV handles with real people easily.
    > I don't know who is what (like in organizations we have people associated with certain responsibilities).
    > Has anyone ever asked whether we should mention our association with IV in 485 application? And the repercussions?


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  • jonty_11
    11-08 02:06 PM
    Yes, I would agree this is good news. BUsh has already protected himself from War Crimes by passing the Torture he wants to make sure Dems do not start setting up committees on Iraq war, tax cuts etc...he will basically protect himself now for the 2 yrs left in office.

    There is talk that Bush wants to do something GREAT before his term ends; and that he would not like to be called a War PResident, I think Bush does not have teh Vision, Leadership or Intellegence to think that far out. He will think short term about protecting his turf, and it is upto the Democrats to put forth the Immigration Legislation on the table - which IV needs to push for in the new congress.

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  • tabletpc
    09-12 11:18 AM
    Don't forget they are politicians. Before getting elected they will make 100 promises. After getting elected they don't even rememeber even a single promise.:D:D:D.

    Whether its INDIA or US, politicians have same Gene.:D:D

    Just reporting what I saw on CNN. During the Sen. McCain interview with Judy Judy Woodruff & Richard Stengel, Richard asked something like - what about the green cards for the highly skilled immigrants educated by American Universities. To this Sen. McCain replied implying - they should be given green cards sooner, I am not sure if they could be given automatic green cards but the process should be faster.....

    He said it not exactly in these words but implying something to that effect. They were suppose to ask Sen. Obama the exact same questions. Did anyone see Sen. Obama's answer to the question about green card for high skilled immigrants from Richard Stengel? Just curious....


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  • YesGC_NoGC
    06-27 10:58 PM
    We would never get want we want:D

    If we don't receive a notification today saying that our EAD has been approved, does that mean that we would get a 2-Year EAD card? Or do you think that they will work over the weekend? :D

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  • vjkypally
    09-22 09:57 AM
    Aunts and Uncles with Gifts is no reason for you to look down upon entire SW Industry. Remember ur handle "JISDESH......" is prospering because of this Industry. Your Uncles and Aunts didnt do anything to get "JISDESH..." to the position it is in today.

    You probably dont deserve a response. I am not from SW industry and yes I have a double Masters but don't feel heart broken that these guys stood up for their rights!!!


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  • gk_2000
    03-28 08:34 PM
    Shut the f*ck up when no one is talking about you

    Go on, you ass. And expect more people to donate.

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  • prince_charming
    09-12 11:50 PM
    Prince charming - I invoked AC21 sometime back after 180 days of filing 485 and moved to a new job on EAD.

    My ex employer revoked 140. At this point of time I did a lot of research and found out the following things

    (1) AC21 letter never reaches your file - there is no system in place for AC21 letter. G 28 gets into the system because there is a process in place for G 28
    AC21 is a law that allows you to change jobs but there is no system in place.

    (2) AC21 letter must be provided upon request - different officers want differtent information so they generally issue a NOID and ask you to submit evidence in 30 days. USCIS in some cases sends out straight denials. The denial letter generally has information to file MTR within 30 days if the case needs to be reopened due to USCIS error.

    In August when my case was being processed, they sent me a NOID but sent my wife Fp notice - I called customer service and was advised that she can go for FP as usual but I have to respond to NOID before they move forward with my case and I promptly responded with AC21 and my case status changed to "Case reopened, response received" and there were soft LUDs hitting my 485.

    Keep all documentation ready and be proactive, you can hire a good lawyer from MTR, remember that when you file for MTR, you cannot work - so before you inform your employer, get a letter from them and then inform them - in case employers will be reluctant to give any documentation if they know you cannot work for sometime. If you are on h1b you dont have to worry.

    MTR approvals can take 3 to 5 weeks or more too.

    if not on h1b you start accruing unlawful status and usually lawyers suggest that you stay till less than 180 days when your MTR is filed - it never takes 180 days for a decision on MTR so dont worry about unlawful status.

    These are hidden risks in AC21 but good news is that AC21 cases have always been successful.

    You may have to go through this period of uncertainity.

    Good luck.

    I have already informed my attorney about CRIS email i received. Also as i used H1B transfer to join new company and never used EAD i am not accuring any unlawful status.

    For sure G-28 reached as i saw LUD a week after sending G-28 but AC21 is lost somewhere in USCIS blackhole.


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  • paulan
    08-04 02:28 PM
    Please see the answers below:

    Thank you so much for the reply. As you suggested, I will try to find an attorney and get more details. In the mean time I just have a few more questions.
    1.Do you know if pay stubs would be a problem to get the "transfer/new" H1B before Oct 1st? Since I wouldn't actually work with Company A, so I wouldn't have any pay stubs.
    I am not sure if I understand your question. Do you mean to ask if the lack of pay stubs will be a problem if you file before Oct 1? There is no way that you can get pay stubs before Oct 1 because you are not allowed to work before that date.
    2. Actually what's difference between getting the "transfer" before Oct 1st and getting a "new" H1B before Oct 1st? Is there some procedure difference?
    The determining factor here is the timing. The term "transfer" is used when people have an H1B and they are under H1B status, meaning they are working already, in this case after Oct1. For example, Mr.X has been working for company A and gets a better offer for company B. The latter would file for an H1B petition in his name and under AC21, he would be allowed to start working with company B as soon as there is proof or receipt from USCIS of the H1B petition. That would be what is referred to as a "transfer".

    The second option is to file before the H1B petition from company A takes effect (Oct 1). In this case, company B files for a new H1B petition in his name and instead of being able to start working as soon as the receipt number is received (AC21), Mr.X needs to wait for the application to be approved by USCIS. This can take anywhere from 2 weeks if done with premium processing to up to who knows how long depending on his case.

    Keep in mind, that no matter what, you will not be able to work before Oct 1.

    I would highly encourage you to ask an attorney for advice because this is a very important decision and you should not guide yourself by postings. I can only tell you what I have been informed and what I have researched, but I am not sure how it applies in your case.

    You are asking about pay stubs and such and I am not sure how that would apply if you decide to say, work for 2 weeks for company A and then transfer to company B without proof of paystubs.

    Company A (the company through which I got the H1B) is withholding the H1B approval notice Original until I am put on project. I went ahead with them for sponsorship because they guaranteed getting projects in my area and no "bench" time, but now after the approval came through, they don't seem as enthusiastic about placing me in local projects. In case there's a problem, I don't want to risk going through the whole "bench" period thing, that's why I am considering changing companies early itself, instead of waiting to find out for sure.
    So my third question is
    3. Is a COPY of H1B approval notice enough for getting a "new" H1B with company B?
    Again, I think it is best to ask an attorney. I have no idea if a copy is enough or if they need an original. I am not familiar with this "bench-time" concept. Good luck and again, I recommend you consult with an attorney. I can only inform you on what relates to my experience.

    Again THANK YOU for your replies, it's a BIG HELP!

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  • paskal
    09-22 10:30 AM
    "Guys like you are not capable of comprehending the whole issue here and even if you are, you cannot articulate."

    yup we are poor uneducated illiterate and inarticulate.
    thank you to you, our savior. tell us what your grand scheme is please.
    we are ready to follow you master...

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  • nomad
    05-27 05:23 PM
    $50 from me

    paypal : ID #7VF22401A69945306

    Monthly contributor for more than a year...

    06-08 12:58 PM
    Krupa and Sreedhar

    Thanks for sharing your experience of on line filling for Advance Parole.

    I thought I should mention that I got my AP papers on May 22, 2009 that is just under one month after my application (4/24) and sending them a letter with following documents �

    1. Bio metric page of Passport, (I guess photo copy of drivers license is also acceptable)
    2. I 797 action notice for your 485 application to prove your 485 is pending
    3. Two passport size photos
    4. Confirmation receipt received after e-filling for AP.

    couple of confusing questions regarding AP (I-131) renewal using E-File. As I am using E-File first time, I would appreciate help very much.

    1. Do we need to Send the pictures along with the application first time itself or need to wait to hear from USCIS for the pictures?
    2. Reading this thread, I came out with a list of things that I need to send with my e-file application. Please correct me if I missed something or if I am sending too much.....

    a) (Color photocopy of) Biomatric pages of Passport
    b) Photocopy of I-485 (I-797)
    c) Completed application printout
    d) 2 PP ??????
    e) Photocopy of old AP ????

    Thanks in Advance.....


    03-05 12:47 AM
    If you guys read the letter a bit carefully, it says they do not have information about the country of chargeability and they cannot share it with us. For $5K all we can get is a breakdown of how many apps are there in each category and then it will be a guessing game of how many are pending for applicants from India/China/ROW etc. Just something to keep in mind.

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