Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-22 03:59 AM
    I think by the time we get our green cards, we all will be experts in the nitty gritty of American Politics

    ... and by the time many of us get citizenship, we'll be ready to play an active role in politics... :)


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  • perm2gc
    07-28 05:25 PM
    It seems that more H4's want to work in the country which they have entered as dependents and many want to compare it with other countries but did you think what made you to bring to this country other than going to those countries.You want the immigration system to change according to you rather than you changing.If you are so frustated with the system and country better to pack the bags.This country Didn't invite you and promise you.!!!!!

    No Hard Feelings..Its Reality...

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  • anj00
    06-04 07:45 AM
    The U.S. Department of Labor today announced that it has begun auditing all permanent labor certification applications filed by attorneys at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP. The department has information indicating that in at least some cases the firm improperly instructed clients who filed permanent labor certification applications to contact their attorney before hiring apparently qualified U.S. workers. The audits will determine which, if any, applications should be denied or placed into department-supervised recruitment because of improper attorney involvement in the consideration of U.S. worker applicants.

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  • trueguy
    07-18 02:45 PM

    Can I apply for ITIN for my wife when she is not physically in USA and she never been here?

    Thanks for your replies.



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  • needhelp!
    11-15 05:58 PM
    and I wish I could do EVERYTHING.
    But we need "hands on the deck" to accomplish...
    Join state chapters, and get involved in executing ideas. Update signature with link to state chapter.

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  • needhelp!
    02-08 02:40 PM
    no one cares?


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  • columban
    06-09 01:04 AM

    I have been a passive follower on IV for few weeks now. I read the news clippings that people had posted where there was some Gautam Aggarwal who felt the point system was good. I see a press release from him that I saw floating around some mailing list.

    Quite honestly even though lots of us disagree with him, he does make a very valid point. IV should consider clubbing US educated people such that 2 separate quotas can be created. Instead of banishing him as an elitist look at his point he is making by just marketing how the country is using the educated. Using a well respected university name is no different than talking about how we legals pay taxes etc. Just because we are educated and better of that the illegals as an argument is no less than elitism in that sense. I happened to go through gautamagg's post after the Guitrezz rally - read his message again sans tone. He makes a point. This CIR bill could have been good for us if we approached it positively looking at US educated people as a group too. Also his statement on the AP report about MPS being good is not totally incorrect in an environment where both EB and MPS may exist - if we can get that i.e. EB and MPS keeps both sides happy and we should fight for that. I emailed gautamagg and he did mention that the AP report cut out that part of his statement and told me to verify that with the reporter if I wished to. I think we guys need to be less passionate before we throw stones at others. IV is definitely doing a great job but people should share opinions openly on strategy - we are all humans and we may have missed an important aspect at IV - most IV folks seem to be non-US educated consultants and therefore disagree with Gautam. We really are 2 diff groups who want the same result with better partnership. My 2 cents. His press release:

    For Immediate Press Release: May 28, 2007

    “Grand Bargain” Immigration Bill creates issues for International Students in Economics, Finance and Business

    Mountain View, CA – May 28, 2007 – The US Senate is actively debating the proposed “Bi-partisan Grand Bargain” Immigration Reform bill. While the bill does have many provisions to attract educated people from outside the US, it also creates restrictions for people with an economics/ finance background.

    One of the proposals is to introduce an additional visa category for people coming to the US for graduate study. Though the proposed F-4 visa category is welcome by the international students’ community, it is unfavorable for people with a non-technical background or for people with a technical background who would like to gain additional skills outside of technology to be successful entrepreneurs. The proposed category, called the F-4 students visa, allows international students two major provisions that the existing student visa, the F-1, is restrictive in:

    1. F-4 students do not have to prove a non-immigration intent. Unlike F-1 visa applicants, students coming on an F-4 visa will have the ability to have a “dual intent” at the time of applying for their visa, while entering the Unites States, or while maintaining their F-4 status in the US. Such students can have a pending Green Card (GC) application or can apply for one while on F-4 status. This is in contrast to the existing F-1 category in which a previous or current intent to immigrate to the United States negatively impacts a persons ability to obtain an F-1 visa.

    2. Under the F-4 visa, instead of 12-months the students will have up to 24-months of Optional Practical Training (OPT) available after graduation. The larger time window will help students evaluate employment options while staying agnostic of visa issues.

    The bill restricts the F-4 visa to people who would attend advanced degrees in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Such limitation to STEM alone would negatively impact the inflow of international students to other graduate programs such as Finance, Economics, and Business. In today’s dynamic global economies, technology and business work together. Over a third of the MBA class in top US schools such as Wharton, Stanford, Harvard, and Cornell comes from a technology background. Restricting these provisions to STEM degrees alone will result in a severe shortage of highly skilled international students coming to the US for an MBA due to an advantage the STEM degree holders will have over them. This will impede the abilities of many “technologists” to obtain business and finance education and will reverse the positive trend in places such as the Silicon Valley where many engineers turn into successful entrepreneurs creating wealth and job opportunities for many Americans and add to America’s competitive edge.

    While the Senate has shown foresight by introducing the F-4 visa that helps in retaining people with advanced education from the US, it remains a very myopic solution to the problem it intends to address. Next week, the Senate comes back from recess to discuss amendments to this bill, this press release appeals to the Senate to consider enhancing the provisions of the F-4 as well.

    Note: Hundreds of people are affected by this already. With a Masters in Computer Science from Cornell University, 7-years of technology experience in the Silicon Valley, and after paying over $ 150,000 in taxes, Gautam, issuer of this Press release, may be unable to join his MBA class at The Wharton School this year. Because he had once started his Green Card process and established an “intent to immigrate”, it is difficult for him to reverse the process and obtain a students visa. Over 3-4 years of processing wait times has resulted in many people such as him to give-up their applications in lieu of additional education. But, their past intent looms over their very uncertain future: 22 of them have connected with each other and pray that their Indian Gods stay happy with them on the day of their student-visa interviews in India and that reason and common sense prevail.


    Gautam Aggarwal

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  • manishs7
    05-30 07:49 PM
    Excerpts from same site
    Reallocation of Immigrant Visa Numbers

    Immigrant visa quotas would be substantially realigned under S. 1348. Our current law provides for a baseline annual quota of 140,000 immigrant visas for foreign nationals immigrating on the basis of employment. In the past several years, a backlog has developed in several employment-based immigrant categories, with multiyear waits for some prospective immigrant workers. The Senate bill would, in the first five years after enactment, increase the quota for merit-based and employment-based cases, in part to address existing backlogs. An estimated 247,000 numbers would be available for work-related immigration. Beginning in the sixth fiscal year after enactment, however, the quota would drop to 140,000 numbers per year. This level would remain in place for at least two years, until approximately the eighth year after enactment, when the quota would rise to a baseline of 380,000 per year, with additional numbers made available for previously undocumented immigrants who become eligible to apply for permanent residence.

    Is the interpretation of current Bill (without amendment) is correct for the work related immigration?


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  • gonecrazyonh4
    03-16 02:28 PM
    I agree with you. Why are we penalised for being on H4 Visa ?

    Most people on H4 Visas are well educated and would easily be able to contribute to american economy. We are lawabiding and can give so much to american economy. All our talents are wasted and skills are rotting sitting around for the backlog centers to clear the LC's and for retrogression to end.Meanwhile we practically have no life and are completely dependant .

    Immigration Voice should try to include the greviances of H4 spuses into consideration.

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  • immique
    07-17 11:02 PM
    Excellent response. I have been a silent admirer of IV for some time. IV has represented the aspirations of all the EB applicants. people should understand that the US allotment of visas to foreign Nationals is only based on what is fair for the country (US). It does not matter to them to what country the applicant belongs but what matters is the qualifications and their benefit to the advancement of the US. I am appauled to see some of the members racheting up this irrational discussion about the spillovers when DOS clearly stated recently what the intent of the law was. the sooner they get over this issue, the better for them and for every one on the forum as the existing rules will NOT change regarding the spillover. we have to concentrate our efforts on how we can improve conditions for every body affected by this retroression. efforts aimed at one category and that too one country will almost certainy fail. I am also shocked to see a few EB3 I expressing anger over dates moving for EB2. personally if I see a person from my country getting his visa approved, then I would feel very happy for him even if I am waiting for some time. I know it will be difficult, but atleast spare some joy for your country men and women who are getting some well deserved relief after such a long wait. one of my old friends told me once "if you have a friend from India, don't rely on him to help you, because you will not get much help moreover some people will only try to pull you down, but if you take people from other countries, it is exactly the opposite as they try to help each other in every possible way". I agree that it is very distressing for every one that the dates are retrogressed, but now that EB2 has moved, all of a sudden some people woke up from a deep sleep and started making these arguments that have no legal basis. None of these people expressed their anger when EB3 ROW was being preferred over more qualified EB2 I and C and making EB2 unavailable. I know a lot of people from EB2 protested at this wrong interpretation of the law, but I don't remember anyone ever criticizing IV for not taking up their cause even though we knew all along that spillover from EB1 to EB2 retrogressed countries was the right interpretation of the law. now some people are asking IV to take up an issue that is straight forward illegal as was clearly explained by DOS in a recent bulletin. instead of wasting time and efforts on such futile suggestions, people should concentrate on making some constructive effort along with IV helping every one involved in retrogression.

    you must know something i don't.
    aman kapoor is the president and founder of iv- of course you can argue he now has his GC but that fact is he is still the heart and soul of iv and runs the organization on a day to day basis. he is EB3.

    the "core group" does not much exist in practical terms right now. there is instead a large "leaders group" that helps coordinate actions and strategy.
    this group has a lot of active members- and i find it "comfortable" to say that the majority are EB3. which may actually count for something- since i actually do know somethings you don't :-)

    no one stops anyone from doing anything. but whatever you do (and yes you actually have to DO, not just keep talking), has to have a sound basis. Many of the suggestions put forward have flaws, and actually papu and others have been pretty helpful in politely helping to point those out and suggesting changes. of course reddog took objection even to that! incidentally, just for the record, you may want to look at pappu's profile . HE IS EB3!

    so what do you want anyway? should we go tell USCIS that leftover Gc from EB2 ROW should go to EB3 ROW instead of EB2 I/C? what about the 28.6% that should belong to EB2? and since you are EB3 I- how does this help you in any way? or should we tell them to stop the preference catogories in INA and make EB1=EB2=Eb3? somehow i do not think that is going to fly.

    where were you when USCIS implemented vertical spillover in 2006 and left EB2 I in a U state while giving EB2 Gc numbers to EB3 ROW?
    did you object then? did you start a campaign? did EB2 I folks here start saying that iv did not care about them?

    in 2007 ordinarily, (like 06) EB2 I and EB3 I would have got only 2,800 GC each. because of iv's efforts in reversing the july bulletin, EB3 I got a huge number of Gc instead. many more than any other category. i don't remember anyone else standing up and saying that this was unfair and that iv is all about EB3I. and that's what a lot of anti iv folks say. that iv is all about EB3 India. so this is very ironical.

    and i see here a comment that every campaign has been bad for EB3 india.
    i guess july reversal was bad. i guess the campaign for recapture is bad. and the 2 year EAD is bad too. not to mention the gathering support to end country quotas.

    you opened my eyes :-)


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  • rsrikant
    07-20 10:37 AM
    hey guys,

    please put me in loop also..
    my id is r s r i k a n t @ g m a i l . c o m

    i will appreciate if you let me know how you plan to file for 485 with out receipt no...

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  • kannan
    09-25 05:41 PM
    Fragoman has got lot of branches in different states,so please mention the name of the city or State , so that everybody will know about which group is bad and which is good.


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  • walking_dude
    11-17 09:47 AM

    Here's the guy who is the head of both CIS and FAIR

    As you can see his views borderline on White supremacism.

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  • miapplicant
    10-10 09:20 AM
    My spouse & I can make it to Troy.


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  • axp817
    01-14 04:42 PM
    Good luck with the MTR, I hope your attorneys are able to file it ASAP, and your 485 gets reopened even faster.

    I switched employers about a year or so after my 485 had been filed (140 approved) and my employer has informed me that they are going to have to revoke my 140 soon.

    The attorneys at the new employer's filed AC21, G28, etc., but looking at everyone's experience, I too am expecting to get a denial or at best, a NOID/RFE once the 140 is revoked.

    I don't have answers to your questions unfortunately, but I would think that even if the 140 was used for someone else, you shouldn't need a new one, since you switched employers after 180 days of 140 approval, and for those 180 days the 140 was not revoked/reused. Of course, an attorney has to confirm this.

    Please do keep us posted on how things go, how long the MTR takes, etc.

    In the meantime, do you have to go on unpaid leave, because of your EAD becoming invalid or do you have backup status such as the H-1B?

    Thanks very much and good luck,

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  • apt7
    05-31 03:51 PM
    Also on another note Senator Lieberman wrote a piece in which is pro-skilled worker and pro-H1B.

    In it he says "When the Senate resumes debating comprehensive immigration reform this week, I will fight to exempt from the cap foreign nationals holding a U.S. graduate degree in any field; a non-U.S. graduate degree in science, technology, engineering or math; or medical-specialty certification based on U.S. training. Taken together, these reforms would deliver much-needed relief � and vital human capital � to our innovative industries." .

    This is a good find. I'm happy that the senators are fighting to remove the cap for masters students. That would make lot of room for the non-ms students.


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  • m306m
    05-28 06:19 PM
    Please IM me when we hit $10K, I will donate another $100 to the cause.

    Donated $200 so far to this cause..

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  • sapota
    11-14 09:00 PM
    Major reform is "not viable in this Congress," added Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose, chairwoman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration. (

    There is also opposition to consider piecemeal options which treat legal immigration reform separately.

    I am generally a very optimistic person but not seeing whats really viable this year.

    I understand that IV is looking into other angles as well. Once again not sure.

    Can IV core comment about what our realistic chances are?

    Please dont answer "Join your state chapters". I am already a state chapter member.

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  • ram04
    09-24 08:38 PM
    Got H 1 transfered to new company and G 28 in August 08
    Applied Ac 21 in August 08
    EAD and AP renewals received yesterday.

    All done well after 180 days of 140.
    Could not contact old employer today - will do tomorrow.

    Thinking of taking info pass interview next week if I dont receive any thing by then.
    Informed to attorney by mail today. As I receivied deniel email late in the evening could not contact any one today.

    Hopefully all will end well with God s grace.


    06-11 01:30 PM

    This is one of my friends case: Please guide him....

    "My wife's employer filed for her GC during 2007 August rush for all of us. Her case is in EB3 with Feb 2005 PD. My labor is approved and filed for I-140 about a year ago and still hasn't been approved. Now, my PD is current based on yesterday's Visa Bulletin. Can I file another I-485 for me with a pending I-485 thru my wife's employer?"

    Thanks in advance....

    02-11 01:30 PM
    Thanks for your pledge.. Looking for the same spirit to awaken in all our members.

    I will do 50+ from my side over the weekend , sorry shadowing till now will post exact as i mail all these. I will try to pump up as much as i can .

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