Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    09-22 09:26 AM
    These words have stopped some people from attending the rally, maybe you should not use them more than million times.

    I say it, others just do not say it. I have openly criticized Murthy and even Khanna in my old posts - but now I have my highest respect from them, Murthy cheered the crowd like anything and priased all the grassroots efforts.

    If people cannot get motivated - it is their EGO and SELF PRIDE that stops them.

    Once again - everyone feels it - I say it. I once openly critized immigration lawyers for their ways of handing things which is very obvious on Rajiv Khanna's forums, some people tried to attack me saying that I am not giving the right message but the other members said "We have it in our minds and you have openly expressed it"

    I , in fact did not want this thread because it opens up to all the cry babies saying MOMA LOST MY HANDKERCHIEF AND THATS WHY I DID NOT ATTEND , MY MANAGER BIT ME ON MY HAND AND IT IS PAINING etc.....

    But tamsen and others are curious to know the reasons. Once again, IV is open to you all, IV is you and you are IV - so if you find reasons to attack IV or disrespect IV it basically means you are noe helping yourself.

    Think and decide - I am ready to take your shots, you can blame me for what I say - but remember - thats what everyone feels about u all - they don't say it and I say it.

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  • sunny1000
    07-01 03:46 PM
    Looks like the call volume has gone down considerably in the past few days. Those who have not called yet, please call asap and ask your family/friends to call as well.

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  • GCard_Dream
    03-20 08:46 PM
    So are you suggesting that everyone in EB3 ROW is unskilled professional?

    And I think you need some reading lessons .... read my post ... the comparison is between categories for eg EB2 for IN/CHina vs EB3 for ROW

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  • pmmo
    10-21 09:12 AM
    Thank you all for your inputs.

    Alias, very helpful guidance. I plan to take this up with my attorney and see if I can correct the error. Can you let me know which attorney firm worked for you? It feels frustrating that now I need to spend money on an attorney and go through all the stress for correcting the mistake probably made by a USCIS staff.
    To the question from urwelcome, I don't think I received a I-485 approval notice. As far as I know, I had the biometrics, then an RFE and then a Welcome Notice in January. I have never received the actual card as in the case of Alias and my spouse's status remains unchanged. I am on EB3 (India) and the PD is August 2003.( don't have the exact date on top of my mind, it has been a long time:-))

    Thanks again.


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  • RaviG
    05-30 06:33 PM
    would create a quota exemption for certain highly skilled immigrants who have at least three years of U.S. work experience

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  • newuser
    07-01 01:04 PM
    Hi Folks,
    I just called the Lamar Smith's office and when I asked to speak with a person who handles immigration matters, the lady asked me if I am calling in support of Lofgren bills or not. When I said YES, she asked me where I am calling from. Nothing more. She know all the bills no. Its so simple.

    All they are doing now is counting how many people are calling in support of the bill. So its time to call as many people as we can.

    Go IV


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  • kushaljn
    06-27 02:25 PM
    Just called. She first said that she will put me on as a supporter. But since I am not from his district, they are collecting all those names in a separate pool.

    So looks like people from his district calling is more important and carries more weight.

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  • RDWilson2
    03-28 09:05 AM
    If you read the postings in this thread itself you would be surprised to see that some consider this as controversial. You are not writing your life off just because you married a H1B visa holder. It also happens that majority of H4 holdes are woman and hence unable to express their views. - a perfect case of lack of visibility.

    What makes it intuitively obvious that an H-4 visa holder cannot express their views just because they are a woman?

    H-4 visa holders can seek a change of visa. If you want to work, do so instead of relying on the H-1 status of the spouse. If you want your wife/husband/dependent to be able to work, why not seek a change of visa status for them? Or is this just too much of an effort?


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  • peterpan
    06-14 03:12 PM
    And most people on this forum who rail against the treatment of Indians might want to think about why they left India in the first place. India is by and large an extremely unfair place to live. There is constant discrimination. We left because we wanted to lead a decent life without pandering to someone all the time. Everyone from India on this forum was fortunate enough to be educated enough that they could afford to make that choice. There are a billion people who can't make that choice. And they are in India. We chose to abandon them and come live among what we percieved to be a fairer society. And it is, in a lot of ways. Do not be hasty to judge through the glasses of pent-up frustration about your current circumstance. If you have a personal experience that you thought was not fair, tell them at that moment why it's not cool. And by and large, they will stop or at least empathize with you. Try that back in India - tell your local politician why you think he's not doing a good job and see how well that goes.

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  • cagedcactus
    10-18 03:48 PM
    Thanks for actively participating and helping us in this effort. I'm sure we'll make this meet a success with our combined team effort.

    More volunteers are welcome to join us in helping the meeting preparations. We also greatly appreciate any other help you can provide.

    Members who have signed up for the meet re-confirm (basically RSVP), if you haven't already done so (after cagedcactus requested it). It will help CC in arranging snacks and tea . You can PM him or post here.

    Need transportation from Lansing to Troy? Send PM (private message) to Bestin, by clicking on his id (on the messages posted by him) in this thread/forum. He has volunteered to accomodate 4 participants on first-come-first-serve basis. If you aren't based in Lansing, but still located somewhere on the way ( b/n Lansing to Troy), he can pick you up and drop you off ( if the detour is reasonable like a few miles). Don't let the lethargy to driving long distance dampen your enthusiam to particpate in an event that will affect your future.

    Guys who cannot participate on 10/20 due to any reasons, but interested in future activities - PM or E-mail me. I will add you to the list of invitees for the future activities.

    Great job WD....
    Kudos to Bestin too...

    We clearly see the fire burning. Now that we have seen Quality, we need to see quantity... the fire must must burn throughout the state, or there is no use... more the merrier........

    I know a lot of folks are enjoying the latest arrival of EAD cards and Finger prints.... but dont kid yourselves.... these are traps.... baits for those who want it easy.... we wont have it easy.... we will have to fight.... for us, and for those who are in line.... for our families, and children....

    rise people........ rise now, or never....


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  • harsh
    03-17 03:09 PM
    That sure seems interesting piyushpan. It sure seems to suggest so, but I would not be so sure as it does not say explicitly that you can apply if the priority dates are not current. What it means is that USCIS can not approve the petition, (if a petition has already been filed) unless a immigrant visa is available. Does it mean one can apply even if priority dates are not current ?? I am not so sure yet. But I hope you are right :)

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  • needhelp!
    02-11 01:09 PM


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  • shx
    01-29 06:00 PM
    Why does Australian govt allow H4 Visa holders to work unlike the US Govt does??????

    Doesn't AU government know that H4 visa holders don't necessarily have the same skills as the H1 holders do? May be in AU, there is no provision to change from H4 to H1. In the US, you can always change from H4 to H1, if you want to work. In the US, every visa is different. You just need to get the right visa according to your needs.

    I hope this helps people who don't know that H4 to H1 is possible.

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  • Sideliner
    03-14 04:25 PM
    Therefore best advise in EB3 India folks to convert into EB2 to get use of early PD like 2002 or 2003.

    This is like telling passengers to move to the other side of the boat when it starts sinking one side. The outcome is only making the boat sink faster. Remember, the huge backlogs are not completely due to unavailable visa numbers.

    Unless there is a real need, moving from EB3 to EB2 dont make much sense.


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  • Winner
    06-24 12:45 PM
    Called and spoke to a very "sweet" lady. She was aware of the bill #'s and suggested that I call my local rep (which I've been doing every week)

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  • GCBy3000
    07-19 04:35 PM
    Again what is the point in moving to Canada just because you are tired in waiting here. Are you going to do the same job in Canada. If yes, I would do that here.

    For me, only person who could move to Canada is:
    1. Way better career jump.
    2. Do not have wavery mind of coming back to US. If happens come back, but do not start with that as you will not lead happy life.
    3. Keep the GC processing alive in US.

    I think Canada might be a good option for some ppl. Here are some reasons:

    You move to canada, have greater flexibility to change jobs, your wife gets to work, in the meanwhile your employer lets the GC process continue. This way, you live a free life until you get a GC. But I seriously doubt if any employer will continue to process GC if you leave the country.

    Or you have waited long enough and are too tired to wait any longer. You would rather be elsewhere. In this case it doesn't matter where you go, Canada or back home.

    Another good reason can be that you have waited for 8-10 years in US and have no hope in sight. You are not tired but you can clearly see that the wait is completely futile and you are just hoping. You have decided to stop waiting but still want something that's close to US standards. And I think canada still comes very close to good standards.

    What do you guys think?


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  • GCwaitforever
    07-08 03:56 PM
    The intent about letting foreigners come to work in US is to fill the gap between the demand and the local availability of skills. It is not about rewarding the foreigners academic skills.
    If you want to work here, then get skills in a field where there is a shortage here and you will not have problems with H1 sponsorship.
    When you did your Masters degree in US, you should have been more smart in selecting your area of study.
    Why should US allow foreigners to work against its citizens when there is no shortage of skill.
    Your frustation is understandable from your perspective but definitely not from a US citizens perspective.

    This is definitely a wrong advice. People pursue their passion and do their Masters in a field they like. People do not look around which field is giving a Green card. US is not dictating the job market in this global economy.

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  • neverbefore
    10-06 12:51 AM
    Check this article out people: Why Indians don’t give back to society - Culture - (

    What do you think?


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  • ramboom1
    03-17 08:51 AM
    H4 - must be allowed to work. American economy does not differenciate between an American and a legal alien. We all pay the same rent, same tax, same price for car. When our H4 spouses cannot work, we have to totally depend on one salary. In case of emergencies we hit rock bottom economically. Quite obviously our quality of life is compromised.

    But what do we do about it?

    Is this one of the goals of IV?

    06-15 08:40 PM
    I am currently working on L1 B in a comany X, I applied for H1B in 2007 through a company Y and my petition got approved, in Nov 2007 they applied for change of status regular processing, in Apr 2008 got a RFE , consultancy responded back to USCIS shortly after it, still waiting on for change of status ............
    is there anyone out there in a similar situation, please share your experiences

    Thanks in advance for your response

    03-14 12:28 PM
    I agree that porting to EB2 is the best route. But my company was very reluctant to file another labor to port my case to EB2. They thought thur PERM, they may have to hire some applicant if they meet the requirements. The lawyer thinks PERM is risky. I know they are trying to avoid EB2 labor at any cost, though I also know a few friends who had the PERM labor application recently rejected.

    Anyway, bottom line for me and others in the same situation is that we are stuck with EB3. And maybe stuck in the rut for a long long time unless something magical happens....

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