Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • amitga
    10-19 09:10 AM
    After making 32 phone calls and 25-28 E-mails . We've got 3 more Members who have said YES to our meeting.


    There are 5-7 May Bes and undecided, rest haven't responded. Hope to see you all at MI meet!

    I did PM you that I will be coming.

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  • Hermione
    09-19 07:41 PM
    If we support DREAM act, they will support SKIL bill.

    Who are they?, they do not have any voice or vote anywhere. They are ILLEGAL, they broke the law.

    Yes, the most fair and well written law of all laws in this country. The one that rallied AGAINST yesterday.

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  • factoryman
    02-13 10:07 AM
    Appropriating ALL unused EB3 visas from previous years, AGAIN, for Sch. A workers is what is being attempted to be stopped.

    We are vehemently opposing and demanding such unused EB3 visas be allocated to all. We had already faxed to important members of Congress to stop this. Please read/browse the entire thread before you even attempt to post your first post.

    I wrote here (, in response to crocodile tears like yours and I quote:
    The issue is retrogression and not hopital and health care economics (and public policy)

    Nurses are already under shortage occupation list, even though some articles says otherwise! Their visas stopped from Ja. 2007. US hospitals will definitley feel the heat within months, since, much awaited their nurses are on hold at their parent country. US Hospitals have already invested funds for their CGFNS, RN. petitoning etc. Their emergency rooms will be overcrowded.. and wards will be shut down.. if visas not approved soon. .. Senators have always soft corner in health industry.. and they will not allow public to feel the heat..Blocking nurses visa will definitely put us in bad picture before the american public..

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  • gjoe
    12-10 05:30 PM
    It is good to know that state chapters are semi internet. I beg to differ with you regarding "feeling that you are in trouble". Expecting people to feel that they are in trouble by telling them so will never work. If someone thinks they are in trouble they would work out the solution on their own, they will not sit and wait for someone to help. This is a flawed assumption.

    Anyways I am going to join the IV chapter to share more of my ideas to help this cause. Already sent a PM to chanduv23

    State boards are kind of semi internet usgae only (Though not forum...). But those also do not make passive ones come ahead. So real issue is not the type of meet, the first real issue is feeling that you are in trouble..and 2nd is to stand up for fighting against that. And 3rd.. yes through IV we will be able to do this and so become active.


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  • espoir
    11-15 12:40 PM
    Why is the December visa bulletin not available on the USCIS website ?? It still shows November as the current bulletin.

    It does show the December Bulletin. Delete you cache/ refresh the page.
    If you want to see the bulletin, go to this link

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    02-08 11:09 PM
    What about time you already spent on H1? With NEW H1 you do not get your time back Also You do not need approval to start working with new employer. There are many differences between new and transfer.

    You are always free to call it the way you want and I perfectly understand the differences between the very first H1 and the next ones you may get.
    I myself switched employers several times while on H1B, took advantage of the provisions you described and got a NEW H1 every time.
    However, all what I wanted to explain is that legally speaking, there is nothing called transfer (did you read what Murthy said?).
    Is there any USCIS application that says "H1 Transfer"? No.
    That's all I meant.
    Anyway, let's not fight over this!


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  • gc28262
    07-24 03:01 PM

    Do you have a valid AP ? If yes, you wouldn't have problem entering US on AP. Just show your valid AP at POE and they will let you in with a "congratulations". I know someone whose GC was approved when he was out of US. He was let in with his AP with no issues.

    approval when not current:
    Are you sure you never applied for I-140 on your previous labor ? Your company might have done it. There was a recent occurrence of GC approval where USCIS picked up on old dormant I-140 and approved an IV members GC when she least expected.

    Refer this thread

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  • needhelp!
    02-08 02:40 PM
    no one cares?


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  • felix31
    08-06 07:44 AM
    and the story unfolds....

    I got biometrics notice for an appointment in the past :mad::mad::mad:

    So, I made copies of the notice and put together cover leter and asked to be rescheduled for Sep.

    Will call next week to follow up. In the meantime I noticed soft LUD on the date of my supposed biometrics....but the online message still says document production ordered....

    Total chaos guys....:mad:

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  • SKK2004
    06-24 02:19 PM
    Similar to other callers, the lady who answered the phone took my name and where I am calling from and said she will pass on the mesasge to the Congressman.


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  • EkAurAaya
    04-10 05:38 PM
    long story short - the grief of the anti-immigrant is... i can no longer view what's happening behind the scenes :(:( i was happy to keep quite and watch whats going on... but now i have to create commotion and risk being banned :(:(

    About me: i m not a "donor" but I've donated in the past... and I've no problems with IV having donor only updates/discussions, because i know the simple fact - what the core and donors do, will in no way harm my interest :)

    I don't participate in the effort as much... then i don't have any right to bark at ones who are doing it for me...

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  • Eternal_Hope
    02-10 05:40 AM
    I am not sure about the statement "There is no corporate support for EB reform.....". Check this link They seem to have the same agenda as ours (i.e., IV's). Is IV aware (or in collaboration) with them?

    The reason we see progress year after year with Schedule A and nothing happens in EB reform because there is no corporate support for EB reform. This is one of the reaons why we should be open for measure like 485 whenever possible, even after febuary 15th.

    Maybe we need to figure out how we can involve the corporations in EB relief. The only reasons we see Schedule A relief every year because there is a strong health industry lobby driving this. the worst part about this is that these 90,000 and 50,000 which were released last year and they are trying now are comming from the unused\recaptured visas from previous years. there is no country limit in the unused\recaptured visas for Schedule A.

    when it comes to us we cannot get unused visas and added to that somebody always tries to add country limit to even unused\recaptured visas. Its a double whammy for EB retrogression. May god help us.


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  • pdFeb09
    06-15 09:01 AM

    I am in EB2 ADP with PD Feb'09. No cheating there ! :)

    I understand that if a lot of EB3 guys, who have been waiting for years, start porting to EB2, they will end up in the queue before me :(. And with that knowledge, I will still support EB3-EB2 porting.

    EB3 guys, porting is your best option. I hear a lot of EB2 asking you to go get a new job where they are willing to
    a. Hire you with your H1B status,
    b. Agree to file your GC, and
    c. Agree to do it in EB2 category. (Think about the min wage they have to give and prove etc.)

    It is way easier said than done in the current economy. But if you find one, go for it. That is a way of respite for you folks. For others, try porting to EB2 with your current company.

    There have been cases where EB3 was filed when the candidate was eligible for EB2 and there have been cases other way round too. But talking about none of them helps your cause. Similarly, fighting amongst us doesn't help either. Don't get me wrong if I say that with EB2 movement, if EB2 becomes current by the end of next year, EB3 will start seeing a good benefit of spill overs. So with current laws, getting EB2 out of the way will actually help your cause

    Eliminating per country limit will help everyone. We should fight for that, EB3 and EB2 together.

    Seriously try for porting. I have been waiting just a year, and already know how many decisions get put on hold because of this process.

    My heart goes out to you !

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  • onemorecame
    08-06 12:07 PM
    You stand a better chance of getting it through your kids if they are citizens than getting it through EB3. There are a few options to get green card faster. Canada is not one of them.
    1. Get a Ph.D, get a job in a univ and apply in EB-1.
    2. Get a MBA and get a management job and apply in EB-1.
    3. Become a religious worker in some temple and apply in the religious worker category.

    2) Get a MBA and get a management job and apply in EB-1.
    Please describe which kind/feild of management job we need? is any management job in any IT company is fine orwe need within a some specific feild to qualify for EB1?


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  • felix31
    07-25 01:27 AM
    to gc28262 and maddipati1,

    Thanks for listening, I googgled to see if there are others like me and how the mess was solved.. I dont want to have problems down the line when naturalization comes around.

    If it turns out that GC was indeed approved erroneously, I will return it and that goes without saying...but who can tell how long will re-instating of AOS take and also I wish to know how I can keep my H1 from being denied. Luckily I am still with GC sponsoring employer, but ...still, I did not need all this hassle..

    I know I have received approved RIR Labor in June 2004 (it was for the same category EB3 ROW), but I do not know if the company filed I-140 or not. I will have to dig up old contacts from the company and inquire...But that was 6 yrs ago and I am not sure where people are...
    Anyways, I will try to patienty wait to get the hard copy of whatever USCIS is sending to check for Priority Date, and if it is not what I expect it to be (Nov 2005), I will call TSC to inquire.

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  • kondur_007
    05-17 09:30 PM

    Extremely happy to see this on IV. Finally we goT the "VOICE".....ONE VOICE....


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  • go_guy123
    08-08 11:53 PM
    why didnt ur friend apply for MBA in canada?....i think a lot of people have misconceptions and pre-conceived notions about canada.......they think of US as the best and canada does not even figure in their list of options......i have got fooled once into h1b to US unaware of the broken immigration system.......wont happen again......i believe the ones in US on h1b visa from india should spread the word about the pathetic EB 2/EB3 india scenario so that no one else gets lured into US by h1b candy

    Yes it was his first lesson. Yes US is good but not for EB2-I/EB3-I. I was also fooled when I came for my MS before. Not anymore.

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  • rock945
    06-29 11:20 PM
    This is definetly a great news...Hope this bill is passed soon.

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  • Madhuri
    09-21 10:47 PM
    I was 100% determined in the beginning to attend the rally, but could not for the following reasons.

    1> I was in Dallas and family in SoCal for last 9 months(from Dec 2006 to be precise). I used to meet my family every other weekend. Was trying very hard to find a project in Socal, and finally I got one where joining date was Spet 13th. I could not dare to ask for leave in the very first week. To tell you the truth it took so long b'cos of H1 status, everybody wants me to transfer my H1 or they are looking only for GC/EAD holders. Hoping to get EAD soon.

    2> My husband was planning to attend but somewhere in Aug last week we got FP notices and date is Sept 18th. The FP letter clearly mentioned that postponing might cause delays so we decided that he also has to drop the idea.

    Of course we contributed towards the rally.

    I am very proud to be part of such excellent grass root organization and now since I am in Irvine I can be active in Socal chapter.

    Also we are eager to join in the next rally and have total faith in IV leadership.

    06-14 10:06 AM
    My I-140 is approved and already filed I-485. Finger Printing completed twice and Medical also completed. My PD is Sept 2005 filed at Texas. Texas Processing completed for I-485 shows Sept.2006. This means my processing is completed and now the PD is current can I expect the Green Cards ....what is next??

    Please reply


    07-18 07:53 AM
    Please share your experiences.


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