Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • sanju
    04-10 02:19 AM
    What has profitable shops like Walmart or a cable company or a gas station got to do with the so called non-profitable organization like IV - R u a retard?

    My greatest friend buddyinsfo, where were you for so long. I missed you all this time. How are things going man. How r the kids doing? I miss you on this forum buddy, you got to show up often, please.

    You jerk, EVERY non profit need resources to "DO" stuff. EVERY non-profit has to have a revenue stream of some sort. Just because its a "non-profit" doesn't mean that everyone will give or do stuff free for a non-profit. Is that so difficult to understand for a "highly educated"/"highly skilled" immigrant such as yourself? The bandwidth you used to write your post for the audience of the world wide web, that was paid for by my hard earned $$$$. You want this group of folks to do stuff but you don't want to part with a dime. Nice.

    But hey, who cares, lets get back to our favorite topic - complain about someone about something, shall we. Lets blame someone and vent out my frustration before I go to bed. If nothing else, it will be therapeutic. Idiot.


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  • veereddy
    06-30 03:28 PM
    Seems like USCIS worked over the weekend (TSC), my EAD approved on June 28 and my wife's on June 27. Our paper based applications received by TSC on June 4th.

    Wife's Current Status: Card production ordered.

    My Current Status: Approval notice sent.

    I am not sure why status is different, any ideas?

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  • apahilaj
    07-01 11:50 AM
    My PD is April 07.

    I got two LUDs on June 26th and June 30th out of the blue for my 485....
    Not sure why...

    I applied for EAD renewal on June 24th though.... but I got LUDs saperately for these two too but on idfferent days

    May be USCIS has started working tail backwards OR there's some serious bug with their SQL queries to sort data...:)

    God bless us all!

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  • eager_immi
    02-11 08:51 AM
    that is true and if you actually go a hospital u know that the nurses are really needed. maybe we should get a direct GC too :)

    H1B was misused and abused so much by the industry that the local
    population has become hostile to the whole concept of foreign engineers/IT workers. Companies like Infosys, TCS hire 100% IT staff from India etc.
    (saying that no US citizen/GC available...thats like lying in broad daylight)

    Nurses came on Green cards and were free to change jobs etc. so
    they affected the local job market to a far lesser degree so the opposition
    is less.


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  • fide_champ
    04-10 05:17 AM
    Financial applications - FI research. BTech Comp Sc IITBombay'96 9 years exp. Currently a part time NYU Masters student in Maths

    are you interested to move to telecom? do you know unix & c? my company has openings if you would like? The job is in NJ. please let me know.

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  • chanduv23
    09-24 10:08 PM
    Some men are like pyramids,
    which are very broad
    where they touch the ground, but
    grow narrow as they reach the sky
    Henry Ward Beecher

    The rally is over - why r u still bringing up this thread


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  • mshelat
    05-28 01:56 PM
    I agree ---- I think the momentum is slowing down...

    at least can we not take any legal action for issuing out a rule (you can file MFS and get the stimuls and then amend MFJ) on 04/14/2008??? what about people who filed a long time ago as MFJ?? Because once you filed MFJ, the action is irrevocable!?! In my honest opinion, this stupidity of issuing out a clause the day before filing deadline deserves some "stir"!!

    Any news?

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  • bfadlia
    01-13 02:05 PM
    my friend.. thanx for your kind words
    u and ur non-retrogressed friend have my support for an expedited process since u got US advanced degree that make u better suited for this market.. u should be talking STEM.. i am talking about the disparity in available opportunities to come here back in our homelands. Individual examples aside, I trust statistics, you'll find that each year a handful of giant offshoring companies grab more than half the H1 quota.. is it my streotyping imagination that infosys, wipro and satyam don't hold job fairs in Romania and they only make these opportunities available in retrogressed countries? and don't give me the condescending excuse that if these companies only hire in retrogressed companies then talented, educated people must only exist in the retrogressed countries.

    Anyway, i had this discussion many times here .. radical issue where people hardly change their minds..


    Thank you. You seem like a rational person who is balanced in arguments. I can give you real life examples too. Let me start with that. In 2005 I and my friend from a non-retrogressed country graduated with a masters, same degree same specialization.

    Now THAT is over-generalization. You think all of us Indians and Chinese get jobs as soon as we graduate in giant offshoring cos? My friend you're stereotyping. It is wrong to assume that we get our jobs because of our nationality and not our skills.

    Anyway, continuing with my example. My friend and I both found jobs after a few months of struggle in small boutique consulting companies (run by Americans), mind you no offshoring. In fact my friend's sponsor is Indian, my sponsor is American!

    Very subjective. My own example, none of my fellow-graduates were in the plight.

    Yup. Standing your turn in line is fair. And that's what needs to change. EB visas are about skills and not nationality.

    You need to quit stereotyping and being unfair to us by saying we get jobs because of our nationalities. Brother, you don't get degrees or jobs because you're Indian or Chinese, but because you add value.


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  • hydboy77
    02-13 06:38 PM
    Getting rid of semilar\same job requirement is going to be as easy or as difficult as getting prefiling AOS.

    Getting rid of same\semilar job is not semilar to getting to green card. If you are a software person then you can put a restriction that you have to work in a software related job, in the same way if you a civil engineer then you should work in the civil engineering field. But the way USCIS does same\semilar job is job code match, responsibilities match etc etc etc, the problem with this is it is a very grey area, it is almost like doing labor all over again. It has not become that bad yet but it will sooner or later, how many H1b rfe\denials did you know in the last 2 years, I bet there are more H1 denials in the last 2 months than the whole of last 4 years.

    I understand you are not being selfish but why would anybody want to use EAD instead of H1 other than for getting rid of visa stamping purposes. The overwhelming majority of people are going to use EAD to switch jobs because of layoff . When people are transfering H1b because of layoffs they are getting rfe\denial notices, when you move from H1b to EAD because of layoff USCIS might hit you with the same\semilar job rfe (when you file ac21, when previous employer revokes H1 or I140), that is my point.

    What I am saying is bring in protection to AOS by
    -removing the same or semilar job requirement in AC21
    Its not that easy to make this adjustment. If you take out this clause a person can work any where and this is more like a green card. For example a software person can even work in a gas station. I am afraid, this cannot be done as easy as you think.--- Again, I am not saying that it should not be done; all I am saying is let us keep this as a separate item

    Kiran :)

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  • mchatrvd
    09-12 11:33 PM
    Does the online status reflects when the 485 case gets NOID?


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  • nonimmi
    11-09 01:42 PM
    It's not a surprise that TheOmbudsman is hated so much here. Guy who refers Bill O'Reilly to support his comments- "It turned out that Bil O'Reilly last night said the same thing." bound to get this reaction!! Bill O'Reilly himself said he is second most hated person in US during the interview with Mr. President!!

    Looks like TheOmbudsman following his footsteps to become No.1!!

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  • grupak
    06-24 03:10 PM
    Not even took a mt, come on folks please call his office and request his support for the three bills.

    Leave your name, number and the place you are calling from (they might forget to ask). This gives a more human face to the whole issue. Anonymous calls might not carry the same weight.


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  • aspiration
    04-27 10:43 AM
    Thanks for your very clear directions... Just made a one time contribution of US$50.00 through PayPal and the receipt number is as follows.....

    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #3UM47167F79761703)

    Thanks !!!

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  • Cheran
    08-21 05:39 PM
    The real reason people are treated badly at Indian Consulate is because there are Indians working there!!! Every where you go, the first thing an India sees is the skin color. I went to Atlanta to a sweet shop run by some Indians, there my 4 year old saw the water dispenser and asked for water, they had some use and throw paper cups and a steel cup tied to the water cooler (just like in India). I took the paper cup, suddenly the guy came running down and started cursing that I am wasting the paper cup? I asked who the paper cups are for. The answer comes as �others�. This is not a one off incident, be it Air India, Temple, Restaurants, it�s the same thing. Indians have such an inferiority complex and they are just freaking jealous of every other country man.
    On the other hand, Indians have 0 people skills and have no clue how to act on a public place or do they have any concern for others. I took my son for Kumon yesterday. As in any Kumon, majority is Indians, the hot topics yesterday was politics, dinner and how work sucks. They were discussing this so loud inside the establishment. Kids were trying to work and there they were arguing, laughing, it�s just pathetic.
    So, what I am trying to say is, if you are trying to take this fight with Indian Consulate, is it really a one off thing�..


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  • days_go_by
    03-08 04:58 PM
    of course, a different visa type, discrimination built into the law.

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  • jayleno
    04-29 03:06 PM
    Hi Guys...

    Here is 100 more from me through Paypal. I was excited to learn that there is another bill in the works that supports converting the 55,000 visas to advanced degree holders. That will free up a lot of visas in the EB-2 category and also some in the EB-3 category.


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  • prasadn
    03-05 12:10 AM
    This is a good chance..If we get 50 people with 100$ each...we can see where it goes....I pledge 100$ if we can get 50 people..

    Probably we should aim to get 200 people to contribute $25 each....if we get 100 people in the next two weeks, we can at least get USCIS started on this. I am ready to contribute $25.


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  • shyamkishore
    05-17 04:32 PM

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  • Ramba
    03-20 08:23 PM
    LAR (Last action Rule) will not applicable in this case. It is applicaple only in change of status ( like H1B to H4 or L1B to H1B). Not in H1B to H1B. If you continously maintained H1B status, you are OK, as long as the H1B approval is valid employer2. Employer 1 or Employer 100 can file H1B, even without your knowledge. Therfore, you dont worry. As you were authorized for employer 2 for that period and you worked for them in that period, you are OK. Exlain them in detail with the evidence of H1B approval for employer 2 and pay stubs. Any way, consult an attorney.

    07-21 10:48 AM

    Dont take it too seriously .... and disturb ur sleeps and all .... See, if the receipt has to come from somewhere else, then its a different story ..... USCIS is the one who has to generate the receipts and we have to send the receipt back to USCIS ....

    If USCIS themselves are delaying the recipts for whatever reasons, its their problem to handle .....We can show many other proofs as initial evidences ....Its no big deal for them to verify this ...

    Its not that we r missing an important report such as medicals which USCIS can get only from the applicant .......

    More than anything, I just believe in God ....

    Our applications WOULD NOT BE REJECTED ... JUST RELAX ...........

    12-10 03:04 PM
    I fully agree.
    They may have some material education.
    But Indian guys working here are third class fellows.
    Arrogant, low tendencies, flase values etc.
    They don't even mix with other Indians and think they are in Heaven or some thing.Don't worry if they loose their GCc.
    These guys are unworthy of gettings GCs.
    Best Regards

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