Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • mayhemt
    09-12 06:55 AM
    Good that some parts of main stream media are tracking issues on EB green cards.

    I don't want to raise/discourage everyone's hopes, but the post is relying on a leader, who lost count to this houses & has the track record of flip-flopping a lot about number of issues & who is hated among veterans even though he himself is a veteran.

    However this gives a great opportunity to IVians, with respect to making EB issue visible to MSM (MainStream Media); Pretty soon there will be a debate between Sen Obama & Sen McCain; Similar to party debates, I guess there will be youtube videos, with polling involved. If we work towards pushing the issue towards debate (by creating & voting on these videos), then candidates & parties may start taking serious look at it and we may see light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully not an incoming train).

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  • dirtyfellaw2
    06-14 03:11 PM
    The persons have to be in the USA to file 485

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  • gcnotfiledyet
    06-12 03:16 PM
    Problems will not go away. Such incidents may happen elsewhere or in the same place.

    If Air France was genuine they should have made everyone stay in the same place or atleast talk to theie department of immigration and arrange a temporary supervised visa and take all people to the hotel.

    They just did not care

    Can't agree with you more. Screw them and never fly with them. Then they will realize what it means. I don't see any issues with on spot transit visas in such circumstances. What if there was a terrorist attack on airport? They will still ask for transit visas for Indians to get outside airport? Best is avoid Europe at all costs and fly direct. Avoid any city in between including middle eastern cities.

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  • days_go_by
    07-17 10:10 PM
    It would soon be 9 years for me to be here in US, my 2001 app is in DBEC. I have been with the same company for almost 7 years, have survived through rounds of layoffs, and so many other personal issues, I can not even count.
    Despite this I am willing to stay here and give it some more time.
    For the first time in last many years, while my app was rotting at SWA, I have seen an concentrated effort by an organization to raise immigration issues.
    I am willing to see what IV does and how far reaches in it's goals, at least various lawmakers are aware of our problems now.
    Keep the faith, hang in there, this is a really long tunnel but after so many reversals, it about time we see something positive done for us.
    As for the those who say, "US doesn't care, i will go back, US will get hurt", I don't buy that argument, US will not get hurt, despite so many problems US still remains a magnet that attracts talent from all over the world.
    If you leave, or if I leave will have very little impact. And even if u go back and start working for TCS or Wipro, they will send you back to US on a project.
    Unless you want to start your own business, I don't see much benefit in going back and working for the big consulting companies. And if you want to start business, why not start here, who is stopping you? ok, i know there are limitations on H1 etc, but there are many loophopes work around those.

    And what if things change in India? if things are not in your favor there, where will run from there? where will you go?

    My point being that we have a pretty decent chance to getting some immigration relief here, IV is working towards it, instead of saying "forget it" I am leaving, let's all learn to fight.
    Let's all learn to work to solve this problem. Work with IV, work yourself to get one of these bills passed.
    If nothing else, lets's all make it a point that every 2 weeks, we will write a letter to our lawmakers explaining the problem and asking for relif. every other week write to a media channel.
    Even if you are not great at writing letters, just write what you can and send, it doesn't need to be perfect.
    Eventually, someone will notice, eventually someone will do something about it.
    So, for all those who are thinking of running away, I am saying, how about stay here and fight here. Let's stop taking the easy path out everytime, if you want your benfit, stay and do something positive.

    your's truly,


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  • andyny73
    07-05 08:14 AM
    Hi guys,

    I have just called the USCIS. They told me that the applications will not be rejected but just put on hold until our visa numbers will be avialiable ifor the nerw FY 2008.

    In addition she told me that the Nebraska office is sending back the filing receipt to the applicants which it should not affect our h1-b visa status in case we are going to travel.

    For the last part I do not believe her. Is there anyone else that can confirm that ?

    Thank you.


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  • shyamsk
    05-20 06:13 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    After checking in google, I found this information and felt very happy about it.

    Until yesterday I was not aware of this condition and expecting the benefit from IRS. After checking the IRS schedule and validating the benefit, I was shocked when it said not eligible because of ITIN reasons. Initially I thought it was a mistake by IRS and called them up but there was no answer.

    Now, I have little hope that they'll classify people who filed H1+H4 jointly should atleast consider for $600 benefit. I'm with two children and had initially high hope and a long list for spending the amount. But now that is all past....

    I would like to thank you everyone for taking this step of passing on the information and following up with legal, SSA & IRS authorities. Please do let everyone in the list know if as a group anything can be done. I would also like to share towards it. I live Redmond, WA.

    This is not right when other people who filed singly received the money not we. We're treated as illegal and I believe this is a discrimination for this group of people.



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  • acecupid
    06-16 02:48 PM
    FYI.. I recently applied for AP on May 6th, 2009 and it got approved on June 9th,2009. This is at NSC

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  • northstar
    10-20 02:02 PM
    On a lighter note � I took a photocopy of my green card and kept it in file; I stare at it sometime when I am frustrated�.

    Nice relaxation technique you got there :D


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  • pappu
    04-28 11:43 AM
    Thanks dba9ioracle.

    thank you for your paymentPayment by PayPal

    Total amount: $100.00 USD
    Receipt ID: 70C41707463138256

    We are working on the technical issue so that you can post on the forums with your id

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  • franklin
    09-25 04:30 PM
    Thanks, Andy. So, 80K LCs a year, 10%-15% of them will probably never get to AOS stage, 20% of those were duplicates (for people with petitions stuck in the backlog centers), so we are talking about 50-55K new labor certificates each year that will result in I-485. This is very consistent with 85K new capped H1Bs plus whatever number of exempt (non-profit research) H1Bs every year. So, we are talking about 100-110K total AOS applications (with dependents). Now lets take 140,000 EBs, substract Schedule A and EB1 (no need for LC), and there is probably 10K extra EB visas should be left over each year (quota less new potential EB petitions). Those are probably going to land in EB3 ROW. That means the retrogression will become less severe. What we are experiencing right now, is the rabbit that moves through the snake - the EB petitions resulting from a higher H1 cap several years ago.
    Let us not also forget that current estimates are that there are 1.1 million applications pending at all stages of the green card process. Notwithstanding the new additions each year.

    Not looking quite so quick still, I remain unconvinced that things will speed up.


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  • coopheal
    03-16 05:04 AM
    I read in some posts before that there were 18,000 Eb3 approvals in 2007. Is this true ? If USCIS is allocating unused numbers at the end of the year, then Eb3 India might move fast during the rest of this year.

    Yeah 2007 was a anomaly than rule.

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  • meg_z
    11-08 02:57 PM
    That is definately good news. Dems won't be spending time on that anymore.

    Hi Pappu,

    Rumsfeld just resigned.




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  • eb3India
    06-09 09:44 AM
    I am not sure why we are still behind this bill and wasting our money and resources,

    everyone here needs to realize we don't need to sweeping legislative reform to address our concern, all we need few guidelines to impliment current law in more sensible way,

    we simply don't have resources/strenght to address this issue letz not fool ourself anymore and letz put our moeny where mouth is

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  • Totoro
    01-26 03:37 PM
    Well it seems the idea to get a Stimulus for 2008 for people having spouses with ITIN is nearing dead end (no action). Now the government is planning another stimulus. I think we should work on taking the necessary steps to prevent the same happening this year (being dropped out). I think we should raise awareness and write to all people including President Obama.

    Ideas / comments?

    The problem is, that for all my efforts, people just don't seem to care. The only reason I had any success was the embarrassment I caused the government because of all the soldiers who were excluded. Immigrants in the US are viewed by most people as an unwanted scourge.

    My employer has also been no help at all. I have been looking for work outside of the US, but unfortunately, the economic situation makes that a bit more challenging. Sorry if I sound pessimistic. That is just my personal experience.


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  • niklshah
    05-13 01:00 PM
    My AP expires in October 18 th Before how many months it can be renewed??

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  • rpatel
    07-19 12:16 PM
    Yes, I used to say like this five years back when I had time and age in my hand. I assume you are in early or mid 20's. I will put it differently for you.

    Assume there is a big pond which starts from 1 feet and gradually increases up to 100 feet. People with one year work experience steps 0.5 feet. There are life jackets(GC) floating around the pool and whoever is lucky is picking it up. There are guys like me who are already in 5th-6th feet deep without finding the lifejacket, but we are sure if we go further, may be 3-4 feet more we WILL find it. There are guys who are lucky to find a life jacket at 1,2,3 feet also and happily float to the shore passing us. The fifth feet guy is practically seeing how the 6th and 7th feet guys are struggling. May be they are seeing some one in 8 feet to 10 feet. Now a big Tsunami (retrogression) comes and drags all the jackets 20 feet down further. These guys are dejected and some of these guys even pull their spouse/kids in one hand when they float/swim.

    Dont forget, it takes one year to step 0.5 feet. Every year the pond management drops a fixed number of jackets. These guys keeps their hope alive based on the above fact. But these guys are seeing some kids passing in motorboat(LC Substitution) paying that guy 10K and getting a life jacket. Hmm pain, but even if I had a chance I would have also done it.

    Now comes your saying. When the deepest s...t guys talks about their fate down the line and how to take their family safe ashore, a guy at 0.5/1 feet shouts saying "Dont give up, it is like deciding to take a sanyas because you are tired of dealing with social issues".

    If you are in 5+ feet, I take your statment. Otherwise, you will not understand what I am trying to say until you reach 5+ feet without finding a life jacket and also pulling your family in one hand and seeing your seniors struggling more in 8+ feet. :)

    NOTE: BTW, no offense. I thought to express what I am saying in different way. I understand what you meant. Cheers.

    I am in my late 20's and am going to finish my 7th year next decide how many feet of water I am in..:rolleyes: Meanwhile I totally understand your argument that the situation is the most frustrating for people who have been here the longest. I'd say sharpen you swimming skills and then it wouldn't matter how deep the water is or how tall you are....I's say stick with it and endure hardship if you value the end result (GC ofcourse). Even if you decide to go back...whatever your age/experience be...never forget its never too late..Gandhi was 46 years old when he returned to India from SA after spending 22 years there..Still wasn't too late for him to start a revolution now... or was it ?:)

    May be you might also want to change your handle...GCby3000 doesn't sound that optimistic


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  • Hermione
    09-21 02:52 PM
    Dude is absolutely right. There is a lot of support for the cause of the undocumented. Their situation is ever more desperate, and what many people do not understand, because of their numbers and huge contribution to the economy, they pretty much hold this country hostage, because it simply will not be able to survive without them any more. This is why lawmakers are less interested in the cause of legal immigrants.

    But there is a flipside to this story for us. EB immigrants can position their suggestions as a solution for the whole immigration system, and not just for helpign with the situation right now, but going into the future. How? Very simple. Increase EB quotas, exempt spouses, and repeal admissibility bars - and you will have a lot more visas left over from EB1-2-3 that go lower skilled 'other workers'. If there is no admissibility bars, they would be able to apply for CP in their countries. Not only that would help current undocumented, it will give future lower skilled worker a chance to come legally. And the best thing - no amnesty to make the antis go bananas again! Just my $0.02.

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  • rweworld1
    06-11 01:30 PM

    This is one of my friends case: Please guide him....

    "My wife's employer filed for her GC during 2007 August rush for all of us. Her case is in EB3 with Feb 2005 PD. My labor is approved and filed for I-140 about a year ago and still hasn't been approved. Now, my PD is current based on yesterday's Visa Bulletin. Can I file another I-485 for me with a pending I-485 thru my wife's employer?"

    Thanks in advance....

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  • jonty_11
    11-08 11:27 AM
    The main issue with Dems winning is that they will use the newly gained power to furthur their cause for 2008 presidency, but bringing down teh republicans. If taht takes priority which I fear it, immigration reform may go down the drain, as they try to retract all legislations passed by Bush, like tax cuts for oil Comapnies etc. and only work on potraying Republicans in a bad light.

    08-05 12:10 AM
    If you are on WEST COAST (CA) I highly recommend KELLY WACHS.

    She will talk to you at length to answer your questions and will do every possible thing to make sure that your paperwork gets submitted to USCIS without any ERRORS. She is quick with email/phone calls.

    518 Ocean Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Cruz, California 95060
    Telephone: 831-457-2253 Fax: 831-457-0103

    If you are on EAST COAST (NJ/NY) I highly recommend RK LAW and in particular POLLY CHAN / Shirley


    200 Centennial Avenue, Suite 110
    Piscataway, New Jersey 08854-3950
    (Middlesex County)

    Phone: 732-463-7511
    Fax: 732-463-7648
    Email Contact:
    Shirley Yu -
    Polly Chan -

    Polly is smart & will asnwer all your questions + will help you as mush as she can. If she does not have full info. on any item she will find out & then call you back with accurate information. Whatever information/answer she will have for you will be 100% reliable/accurate.

    I have had chance to work directly with both the above mentioned lawyers and have had EXCELLENT experience. I actually never had any problem with my immigration lawyers. :)

    If you need more information feel free to contact me.

    Good Luck!

    03-05 11:14 AM
    Guys, let me say something here.

    $5000 for one query is not an unfair amount of money. The reason I say this is because I know a thing or two about writing quality queries, I have done that for the last 6 years of my 9 year career querying the heck out of Oracle CRM.

    It does take time to write queries and the time it takes depends on how many pieces of information you want to bring together. The wider your spreadsheet is for the final output, the more islands of data need to be connected to fetch that output. Those who are familiar with SQL would know that I am talking about going thru potentially 20-25 tables and joining them to get data. This is probably not going to be a select * from 485_cases kind of query. If it takes 100 hours of time to write such a query, at $50 per hour of programming time, it could be 5000. Most likely it may be fewer hours if they have a programmer with knowledge on staff.

    The problem here is not 5000 dollars. The problem here is that the situation is hopeless because they dont assign country of chargeability to pending 485 cases up until they are ready to approve them, if I read it correctly. The data that is not captured is the data that cannot be queried, simple as that.

    And on that note, thanks to "Needhelp!" for shining some light on USCIS process thru her FOIA.

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