Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • sc3
    09-12 07:10 PM
    if Obama wins:
    + its better for the world in general. The last thing we want is more of GWB policies destroying both America's economy, civil rights, and respect in the world.
    - his best friend Durbin will again pick up the stick and start beating up on H1 sponsoring. EB will also get run over by the same bus.
    - FB immigration will be put in preference over EB, we are screwed.

    if McSame wins:
    + my taxes remain low
    - CIR is back. 13 millions illegals will get in line. points based system for EB immigration and we are all screwed again.
    - if McCain does not live through his presidency, the biggest country and economy in the world, with the largest number of nuclear weapons, the largest amount of military spending... the rome of our time, with nearly unlimited power and presence around teh world, will be run by a mayor of a small town. Rember her trying to get her brother-in-law police officer fired during her sisters divorce? And when the administrator refused her requests, he fired him? Remember how she emails people off-the-record from her Yahoo account? Remember how she CC's her husband on official emails? Do you want someone that stupid, who already abused whatever little powers a mayor and governor has, to be the commander-in-chief of the united states armed forces?

    Either way immigration-wise we are screwed. I think for the sake of the rest of the world we must wish that this time McCain loses this election. He has made a very stupid VP choice.

    Obama is no panacea either. Why do you think someone with little experience is a liability to be second in command, but the same lack of experience is admirable quality for the first in command.

    Also, Obama has been changing his positions on issues to pander to the voters, I doubt he will be any different from Bush either. The only change you are going to see is in himself -- not the way things are done. He will probably pay more of the tax monies to people who gambled with their houses (and are still not being punished for it).

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  • ZeroComplexity
    09-21 06:11 PM
    I wanted to attend but I have pretty much exhausted all my vacation. 2 more days will be pushing it.

    Also, the flight schedules to fly from Portland Oregon to D.C is so ridiculous that it takes a whole day away in flying.

    Will definetely attend a rally in the east coast, or better yet will help organize one.

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  • stuckinmuck
    02-09 10:25 PM
    To pbojja, if you think being concerned about fraud desi companies and highlighting issues we can resolve easily (like English classes) is being disrespectful to one's fellow country men/women, then I must not have put forward my point clearly and I apologize for that. I never said that only English speaking skills were required to be a good professional. However, they are important tools for effective communication. Not every desi IT professional in the U.S. is a developer and is in roles which do require good English speaking skills. Anyway, I didn't mean to be disrespectful to anyone.

    To sri1309, I never meant to digress from existing items on IV's agenda. All I am saying is that the backlog might get cleaned up a bit if we are able to assist in weeding out fraud cases.

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  • PlainSpeak
    03-29 08:50 AM
    There that should make all the EB2 guys Happy


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  • GreenCardLegion
    03-21 04:06 PM
    Well...I got the mail from USCIS for I-485 RFE. Not for H1 as you thought.

    Please note all H1Bs, F1s, visas....are part of 485 application.

    Thank you
    Oh my apologies then. I thought this was purely an H1 RFE. Crazy are the ways of USCIS. Good Luck with the RFE reply process. Keep us all posted on the happenings.

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  • go_guy123
    08-20 12:22 PM
    I used David Cohen at Canada Immigration - Information on Immigration to Canada (

    They did a good job. My only complaint with they kept changing the paralegal that was handling my case like 3 times during the whole process. Otherwise no problems.

    Canada rules are not complicated at all. You don't need any agent for doing paperwork.
    Either you are eligible or not.


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  • knowDOL
    07-05 10:32 AM
    h4hopeful, I am sorry to reply late. EAD lets you work. you can get EAD when your H4 spouse applies the I-485 (third stage of GC), he can also apply I-765 which will get you also an EAD along with your spouse. In order to apply for I-485 the visa numbers should be current for your spouse's priority date (Date on which your spouse's company initiated the GC process filing Labor Certification). Currently for India and CHina the dates are heavilyt backlogged. ImmigrationVoice is making our voices heard in the congress so we may get some relief. But we can only be hopeful about this, for an infinite period of time. We cannot help other than saying sorry to each other.

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  • axp817
    04-29 09:11 AM
    My pledge,

    As soon as $10k is reached, I will contribute, $50.

    When $13k is reached, I will contribute another $50.

    And when $20k is reached, I will contribute another $50.

    This, of course, is in addition to the recurring contributions that I already make.

    Everyone, please take initiative in this effort.

    We spend thousands of dollars and years waiting for our green cards, why is it so hard to realize that this is only to help ourselves?.

    These contributions are more or at least as important as our car payments, mortgage, or educational loans. This effort will only ensure (by giving us our well deserved GCs) that we can stay here on a permanent basis and not have to be sent back home (or is it really home?, for so many of us who have spent close to a decade or longer, here) at the slightest disturbance in the economy.

    I hope you will make the right decision.

    Thanks and regards,

    Oh, and can someone please PM me when these targets are reached (just in case I forget to check this thread) so I can make the pledge I promised to make.


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  • kak1978
    09-29 01:58 PM
    I travelled the same route on AI you are talking about and I had no problems and got one of the best services, I was stranded in gatwick for 3 days while travelling Delta, does that mean the entire airline is crap. For the price we pay Air India is one the Best value airline, (not to mentions excellent food and drinks) Delays happen , got to take them with a pinch of salt.
    Experience with Air India

    It is with great shame I bring out this piece to you about how Air India is using the "India" tag by cheating its innocent citizens and show its ugly real face. I have never seen anything so unprofessional and have no hesitation to say they are the worst airline in the world.


    Father-in-Law (FIL) and Mother-in-Law with baby

    My in-laws were returning to India via Air India on September 24th from EWR (Newark, NJ) airport after brief US visit.

    Ticketing Experience:

    We started the whole process 1 month earlier and contacted Air India (1800 223 7776) about the booking. First we got an answer saying that the class we booked in is full and we have to pay another 40$ per person for another segment. For that we had to call another AI booking# and after 40 mins on the call could reach an agent. We
    got new confirmation #s and when asked for the basinet seat was told they could not see the seats and have a special request sent and asked me to call back in 3 days to confirm. We called like 5-6 times and everytime were told they cannot view the seats and when asked to see for seats in another segment or another date, we were told to
    re-book again and then ask for seats. How on earth could an airline not see available seats in its aircraft.They have taken customer service to new digraceful level.I roped in my brother in law to go to AI office in Newark and try with an agent directly. Even after
    going for 2-3 times directly to the AI office, my BIL failed to secure us the seats. After all the tries we were ultimately told to go to the Airport sooner on the travel date so we can get a basinet seat.

    Journey Day:
    On the date of the travel in-laws reached at 2:00 PM at the airport in hopes that they will get a basinet seat. The agent gave them a hard time and we had to go back n forth 2-3 times for getting the seats confirmed and have in-laws and baby seated together. I think the whole ticketing at the aiport is being handled by a third party who
    are doing a horrible job. My FIL in the meanwhile buys a gift at the custom notified shops at EWR.The flight which was to depart at 6: 20 PM was ready for take off when all of a sudden the pilot says there is a technical problem (God knows what would have happened had the flight taken off). The flight returns to the gate and the passengers are told to wait until they fix the problem. They wait for 2 hours and are asked to then wait in the
    boarding area until they really look into the technical problem. (In the meanwhile we hear on Indian TV channels that there is a Pilot strike going on in AI regarding Pilot pay package which adds to our tension). The Air India ( website is for show off only with few flight images and had no flight status. We immediately call the AI office in Newark who have no-clue what is going on. When I asked the problem they said it is confidential and cannot be told:(. Eventually all the passengers are told that the flight has been
    cancelled for the day and should return the next day and all the checked in baggage will be returned. My poor in-laws with baby had to return back and reached home at 3:00 AM in the morning.

    The next day:

    The next day the whole scene repeats again and we had to deal with the irritable AI ticket agents who say they are missing something at their whim. We were able to get a basinet seat this time also and happy we were all set for the 6:20 PM flight. This time we gave my FIL a pre-paid cell phone. The same thing repeats again. This time they wait in the boarding area and are told that the pilots have gone to repair the earlier (Sep 24) flight which had an issue. They wait patiently until 10:15 PM. We were all tensed here
    and were expecting the flight to be cancelled this day also. No body from AI was available this day to pick-up and explain what is happening. The call re-directs to India who have no idea about the flight status in US. My FIL eventually calls at 10:30 PM and said that they will be boarding soon.

    Frankfurt stop:

    The flight has a stop at Franfurt and the passengers were asked to go to another terminal
    for boarding the same aircraft. They had to go through the security check again and to my FIL's horror, the gift he bought at EWR duty free shop was not allowed and removed. When he showed the receipt they said that the gift has been bought in
    US and cannot be allawed into the aircraft. :(Air India where are you and what a Maharaja experience.

    Worst website ever:

    In the mean while we keep checking the AI web site which I think is one of the worst web sites I have ever been to. I think that this contract is also being awarded to some third party with crores of tax payer money. we were looking for schedules of flight which departed on Sep 25 from Newark airport and here it shows th schedule of the 24th

    Customer Service in Mumbai:

    We tried to track the flight (if flightreached Mumbai) by calling AI desk in Mumbai. They had no idea and after repeated calls could reach an agent who made some research and
    told that the flight has reached Mumbai and gave further schedule of the flight.

    Flight reaches Hyderabad:

    The flight reached Hyderabad after change of flight in Mumbai.


    Some of the luggage was missing. To our horror the bags we got had stuff from some other people's bags. Please leave the luggage Air India.


    What a mess Air India. You have taken advantage of the "always yielding" Indians who prefer you for a home experience. Please remove the word "India" nd the "Maharaja" symbol as you are no longer fit for that.

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  • lalithkx
    02-08 05:09 PM
    I sent a letter to Mr. President and to IV by name of Lalith Tenneti. I hope it reached you guys..


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  • swarnapuri
    06-29 09:51 PM
    What a great news!!!


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  • rsrikant
    07-20 09:38 AM
    hi guys,

    have you seen this link??

    search for text "Reminder". the point no. 15.
    i think that paragraph is a bit relieving...

    what do you infer from it??


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  • nk2
    06-22 12:42 PM
    With LC substitution Going away and 45 days between LC and I-140 and people able to apply in July for i-485 , with in next 3 months, INS will have a good knowledge how many are pending and how many years it will take .

    Poeple should be able to get EAD and enjoy their time.

    More H4's armed with EAD will enter the job market, Guess, more Testers, Java, .net developers driving the billing rates down and too much of unexpected mess

    Get ready

    People with EAD feel more secure in their jobs. Unlike those on H1 who have to keep their job, people with EADs are free to change their jobs anytime. You know what happens when people are free to change jobs? As soon as they feel they are not getting fair deal, they move to another job, a better paying job. The salaries will actually go up, not down.

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  • SOA
    07-26 07:37 PM
    140 Filed 7/17/07
    Reached NSC 7/18/07
    Check Cleared 7/23/07

    I have not received the Receipt Notice yet.
    On the back of the cleared check, I see some numbers but not sure which is the receipt no. Does it start with LIN followed by 10 digit number? Or, is it 12 digit number with no letters?


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  • mbawa2574
    12-10 01:41 PM
    Put in a modest membership as $250 a year or $25/month. No trial memberships or free rides. That way you will really know the serious members and we will able to verify anti-immigrants vs the actual people. Let's go PAID !!! Also please plan on considering web advertisements on this website as another source of funding the movement.

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  • delhiguy79
    07-23 01:20 PM
    My I-140 was filed on July 6 and arrives at USCIS on July 9.
    The check was cashed on July 12 and I was able to get the receipt number. BUT BY NOW I HAVE NOT RECEIVE THE RECEIPT. It seems many people are in the same boat. What we can do about it?

    Anybody knows how many days it would take between they cash the check and mail out the receipt? What address do they use?

    Did u get the receipt number on the back of the cheque or did u call USCIS and get it ???


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  • cagedcactus
    10-03 03:13 PM

    girlfriend Bush and Bin Laden bin laden bush_07. Bin Laden writes to Bush.
  • Bin Laden writes to Bush.

  • Green.Tech
    06-23 08:01 PM
    Please keep calling!

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  • amsgc
    03-20 10:01 PM
    Please stop confusing people - there is no such thing as a H-1B transfer.

    It is a misnomer. When you move to a new employer, the new employer files a "new petition" with a request to extend your stay.
    If you wish to continue working for your current employer, you can do so.

    Refer to snathan's post, he has summed it up correctly.

    The original poster is good to go - all he has to do is inform USCIS that the never worked for the new employer, and therefore, there are no paystubs, w2forms, etc.

    Yes there is and it is called visa portability. :) this is for you as well piyu, do not jump into summary so fast. When you say some one is wrong, you have to quote law.

    Ok, Here's what law says about so called "transfer"

    . . .

    10-10 11:59 AM

    My experience with RK's office has been good so far.They are prompt in replying any urgent calls & emails. The parallegals & the attorneys are both very knowledgable & cooperative.


    02-12 06:09 PM
    CA - 1349
    TX - 374
    Tristate - 140
    LA - 105
    FL - 102

    Following states have less than 100 letters.

    Go IV!

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