Friday, June 10, 2011

army rangers in iraq

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  • cagedcactus
    10-16 03:10 PM
    It is very crucial for the members from Michigan to participate in the meeting. It is also recomended, that we find all our friends who visit IV, or are stuck in backlog, and bring them to the meeting, or urge them to become members on IV and start posting on threads....
    good deeds are contagious.... lets fire up these beacons and set michigan chapter flamming.......

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    05-19 08:52 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I just contributed 50$ now and i will be doing this again. Good Work !.

    Receipt ID: 1271-2377-8225-6547


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  • waitnwatch
    06-09 01:46 AM
    Yeah! sure............. in America you take things and nothing is given to you..........Have any of you guys heard of students protesting tuition increases. Have you really heard of young folks protesting about anything. Folks like Jack Nicholson can say a lot of things but I'm sure I wouldn't depend on him for intellectual sustenance.

    I would request that you find a statement from a better role model before starting such a superficial thread.

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  • logiclife
    06-30 12:34 PM
    Merged the other thread of HR 5744 by GOD_BLESS_YOU into this thread to avoid duplicate threads on same topic.


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  • pa_arora
    09-27 01:06 PM
    Speed of approval is not the problem. The NUMBERS are the problem. We saw that in June when so many ppl got approved.

    To me "SKILLED & DIVERSITY" doesn’t make any sense. They should not go hand in hand.

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  • thomachan72
    06-10 08:27 AM
    I have a question in case any experts come back today to visit this thread.
    Its reg the point system. We get points for employer sponsorship and number of years of US employment right?
    1) If a person has been working here for 4 years on H1b in STEM decided to leave to canada this week. He then comes back lets say in 2008 or 2009 and then wants to apply for GC. Will he get points for the previous 4 years, even though there was a break in service (canadian trip) for 1-2 years?
    I need to know this because I am contemplating moving to canada (my current employer has filed for LC, which I will then be nullifying). Ofcourse I intend to renter after 1 year or so.
    2) My seccond question-- I am also planning to start a new GC before leaving to canada. Can GC application proceed while you are out of the country? If so until what stage?


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  • TomPlate
    07-05 09:15 AM
    I am going to file today.

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  • dpp
    07-21 08:24 AM
    Frankly speaking, i am not a sufferer from BEC, but i want to know more about this mess.

    Does the FIFO means, they process the applications in FIFO order, Does it mean that they approve also in the FIFO order? I think both processing and approving are different. Whoever got the case with less complications, will first get the approval and whose case got more complications, takes more time. Is it correct? I may be wrong. I think thats the reason why 2004 PDs may come out BEC fast sometimes as they put the case strongly and clearly.

    Don't shout at me, i may be wrong.


    I am very glad that you brought this point. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than suing the DOL. We may not sue DOL on their inability to clear the backlogs, but we can definitely sue them in their utter and deliberate disregard to FIFO procedures (mind that some people with priority dates in 2004, 2005 have already got their labor certifications, but some with priority dates in 2001, 2002 are still stuck). When I read on the DOL web site that they have tried to maintain FIFO, it makes me feel like puking.

    Some folks have pointed that the lawsuit is not worth, as it has little chance of winning. To me personally, more than winning or loosing, it is a matter of bringing injustice to the light, as Gandhi has said something in this line: First step against injustice is to make it visible. This law suit will bring public scrutiny to the misdeeds of the DOL.

    Even if all the backlogs get cleared by September 2007, severe damage has been already dealt to our lives. Though I am close to getting my labor clearance (I filed RRI few weeks back), I am strongly in favor of continuing with the law suit even after getting the labor clearance.

    Let’s get IV’s attention and support in this area. Let’s talk to AILA. Let’s write letters to senators and house representatives (congresswoman Lofgren may be good person to start with). Let’s write to media personnel. Let’s do whatever needs to be done to expose this insult and injury to the immigrants who waited in the line for years and followed rules of the game.


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  • sam_hoosier
    12-10 03:18 PM
    IV is a voluntary organisation. You can request people to volunteer, but cannot force them or scold them for not volunteering. This is not professional. They might have their reasons and the right to work their way. I agree with your frustration when people who signed to turn up do not show up. But I feel this is not the way to express it.


    It is a voluntary organization, and like any other voluntary movement unless people contribute their time, money & effort IV will not be successful.

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  • what_now
    05-18 08:59 AM


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  • somegchuh
    07-18 12:09 PM

    My point is enjoy your dinner, yes you can't worry about every hungry man but don't tell the hungry to enjoy the hunger! If we can't help them let's not rub it in their face. That's all I am saying. Anyway, my comment wasn't meant for you. You have shown understanding. I did see a few ppl earlier who literally asked ppl to "shut up and enjoy the ride". That really pi*** me off.

    Come on, man. We are paying too much attention here. Look, there is always somebody stuck somewhere. People are stuck in BEC, in other contries. People are stuck in Afganistan, Bangalore, there are hungry people stuck in Africa. So? If there are hungry people, then I can't enjoy my dinner then? Someone always has to come and say "you enjoy and there are people stuck somewhere"? What's your reaction would be if someone come on your wedding and start complaining that he is impotent? - these are a little extreme examples, just to make a point.

    Its really your judgement call if you believe whether IV is an organization that is helping BEC victims. I think the focus of this organization is retrogression relief. Nothing wrong or right about it.

    IV core keeps telling us, BEC is always on their agenda. Really? If they did not even understand our pain and consider our frustration a disruption to people's happiness, how can we expect them to help? I still think IV is a great org, as it's the first such organization to speak out for legal immigrants. But when it comes to BEC victims, I did not see IV changed anything, or intend to change anything.

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  • needhelp!
    03-05 02:53 PM
    Yes, country of birth should get us close.

    needhelp...maybe instead of country of chargeability we should ask for grouping by country of birth; this is an actual field required in the I-485 form.

    You are right about priority date. It is not a field available in the 485 form. in the 485 form we reference the approved I-140, which is the only place where your see the "Priority Date" field.


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  • lsuk
    10-09 07:12 PM
    Hi all,

    I highly recommend attorney Ksenija Kokanovic, Milwaukee, WI. She helped me with my H1B renewal and the whole EB3 green card process. She really knows her stuff! :)

    Her website is:

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  • needhelp!
    02-08 05:09 PM
    Volunteer for your own cause! Don't let this thread slide.. Sign up on this thread and make a pledge .. Set a small target first. You will see it is not at all difficult.


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  • HariDod
    07-20 01:48 PM

    We are on same boat too.Looking for options to file I-485 without receipt number.Our lawyer insisted that we can not file I-485 without receipt number.

    We spoke with employer to let us know if they can see cancelled checks online.People who have applied in early july ,can you please let us know how many days it took to get the checks..

    Just hoping to get the receipt number ..

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  • boreal
    07-14 11:23 PM
    I guess this is what DOS is looking at.

    April 2004- March 2005 All countries & all Cat: - 905
    (This can be ignored)

    Everything else looks correct, except for the above...i would have guessed that there would be a lot more in between Apr 04 and Mar 05 than just 905..?


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  • Michael chertoff
    03-25 01:04 PM
    Here is news for you. It will not happen. People with ported PDs will take priority as their dates are in 2002, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005...

    This year spillover will be used by porters. So hold off on your celebration and wait like everyone else.

    Agreed 100% Porters will eat everything, there will be no movement.

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  • shruthi07
    08-19 04:52 PM
    Don't go with Harvey Shapiro - very slow

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  • mheggade
    07-17 02:19 PM
    If you file today it will be past october when you have to choose between EB2 and EB3 (I485 stage for EB2) till that time you have both the process going on EB2 and EB3.
    If you start EB2 process in October it will take 6 to 9 months to clear labor and I 140..

    It is taking average of 1 year for I140. And there is a possibility of PERM audit , which can derail all your plans.

    05-29 05:10 PM
    Looks like the French felt like Indians are 3rd world country people and thats how they treated them. Reality is France is the newest third world country. While there are less slums in India now than 10 years ago, it's the opposite in France. They have more slums than ever and their work culture is pathetic. 35 work hours/week, 3 months vacation, endless sick days and no one can get fired. all they do is complain, riot in the streets, burn cars in suburbs. The Champs-�lys�es type of fancy France is only 10% and the remaining 90% is a sh*t-hole.

    06-04 08:15 AM
    I am wondering your logic for using "desi lawyers". They graduated through the same system as any other "book smart" attorney in the "smart" fragomen system. I think it is always a negative to go through a large law firm. An association with a large firm must not be confused with efficiency. Who knows...might be freebies which they provide to HR grp of the large firms keeps them in the picture.......................

    I agree with you. Even we have Fragomen attorneys and I did not find them any great. So far I have not had any bad experience with them but they screwed up one of my friends GC and now that person has to leave US.

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