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  • HawaldarNaik
    06-15 09:49 PM
    Can someone tell me , about the INFO pass process. How does one create a INFO Pass appointment, what is the process , in case i want to know about the status of my 485 application. How soon do u get the appointment ? I am based out of Southern CA

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  • siravi
    10-15 06:58 PM
    How about Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates?. Please share your comments about this attorney based in NY.

    gee_see, Cyrus Mehta/firm has been handling my F1 to H1-B filing and GC processing; I have had a very positive experience with the firm, no complaints.

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  • matreen
    09-24 07:51 PM
    Hey Ram,

    What is your priority date?

    When did you invoke your AC21?

    Did your previous employer invoke your approved 140?

    I did change two employers so far and going to invoke my AC21 next month. Just wondering how and why you guys did get denial.....

    Let me know.


    Hi Prince charming,

    I m in simillar situation as you are.

    Transefered to new employer : Filed Ac 21,G 28 , H1 Transfered to new company through corporate lawyer
    Even received EAD and AP renewals last week.

    Today I have received deniel notices for me and my family applications.

    Thank God I did not use my EAD so far.

    Dont know what to do? It is so frustrating.

    No NOID also , they sent deniel directly as your case.

    Please post if you have received any updates.


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  • delhiguy79
    07-24 11:47 AM
    It would help everyone else....Thanks.


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  • iq5203
    06-14 10:22 AM

    here is the original event details:

    Every now and then i meet people who think/claim that UK/Aus/Canada/France/Germany are better places to live than US. They point at their labor policies, care for human rights, civil liberties such as gay rights etc. Recently heard that French people work the least # of hours in the world.

    Despite of all the good things (in theory) in those countries, their racist attitude towards colored people make them less desirable than US. I have not been to EU/Aus but been to Canada at least a dozen times, and personally i feel US is a LOT BETTER country to live for colored people.

    I don't understand how you're drawing a conclusion about Canadian racism based on racial profiling by a French airline. I am Canadian, and I can tell you that our policies and general attitudes towards foreigners are better BY FAR than those in the US.

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  • jonty_11
    07-18 12:22 PM
    I dont know the whole background...but they say they will use 5000 unused visas per year. Where do these unused visas come from? FB visas?
    Ironic if it FB...that is backlogged years - close to 10 years for some categories and there are unused VISAS....God I cannot understand this..ONLY IN AMERICA THING I think.


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  • nik.patelc
    10-01 04:43 PM
    Your language just proves where you belong to.
    You dont have to defend yourself or your native place.
    It just reflects in your postings whether they are in your bhojpuri hindi or your broken English.
    Just grow up!!!!

    You also need to grow up. Making derogatory remark on UP/Bihar, you showed it.
    These days, people blame UP/Bihar for anything... Hyprocate like you are not belong to any state or nation. At least psaxena showing how is proud of IV being donor. We as freeloader should appreciate and not to take it as donor vs freeloader. Its his choice to be donor and its your and mine not to be donor. If you are too proud of your english, then be proud of it. Atleast he can write hindi (national language). Do you?

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  • MLS
    09-25 02:06 PM
    Hi Nat,
    Fragomen took about 6 months in getting "prevailing wage info" for my case in 2001. My manager ( Canadian who had gone through US GC process himself) finally talked to them and asked them to file without waiting for DOL's reply on prevailing wage. (That was a risk but we agreed to take it at that point)

    That six months delay costed me 6 years in GC processing ! But thanks to my manager , otherwise I dont know how many more years I would have waited.(One of my co-worker still awaits his labor cert !)

    The big law firm goes by predefined steps , which are probably the safest way for most cases but may not be the fastest way. You need somebody who has been through this process and can understand and asks good questions to lawyers and can help lawyers to think for your perticular case. Check if you have somebody in your org to do that.

    All the best.

    My company started the PERM process for me about 2.5 months ago. I contacted Fragomen about 1.5 months after approvals within the company and they said they are working on establishing min requirements for the position. I then contacted them 3 weeks after that day and they said they have established the requirement and will request the DOL for prevailing wage info (this was 2 weeks ago). After which they are going to start the recruitment process. So I'm not sure if the time line is okay or should I be chasing them more frequently? Please advise.



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  • MeraNoAayega
    06-10 03:49 PM
    I wonder if anybody noticed the cyclic pattern of dates for EB3 India
    Every time it hit Nov 2001, the dates were made unavailable and the cycle started again from early 2001.
    I wonder what is going to happen next month??

    I think the cycles will stop now... you should see a steady forward progress during the first 3 quarters & a jump (minor or major depends on spillover) in last quarter...

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  • PresidentO
    02-15 04:01 PM
    Now it's clear. You don't want people to drag you down, even when they have had gone through everything, Labor, I-140, been in the country for 10 years, etc. -- I thought you had a noble cause from the older posts, but apparently I was wrong.

    This also started getting ridiculous. In my own post, and agreed by almost everyone else, I specially said to put on restrictions to those who can file AOS, e.g. with I-1140 approved, or with a PD older than a certain number of years. Where did you get the impression that every H1 can arrive this country and be on EAD in six months? Why did I found that the extreme generalization and scare tactic employed by you has an alarming resemblance to those from Lou Dobbs and Grassley?

    And to answer your last question, even with a PD of 2007, I've been in the US for ten years, but could not file green card due to company bankruptcy, layoff, etc. and I am 90% certain you've been here shorter than I am. Then should give up your EAD till everyone who stays here longer than you does?


    I am with you on the ludacris comparison brought by hydboy77. He keeps calling the EB3-EB2 porting line cutters as if these guys were paying 10,000 USD to buy substitute labors. Those Eb-3 folks have stood in line just like him, you and me and have an employer who values their contributions and has a position that has EB-2 requirements he can hire this EB-3 guy. Rather than thinking about the problem at its root, he keeps attacking people who port their PD and calls them line cutters. Bottome line: He has EB2 PD and worries that he will be screwed worse. While it is good to worry about the problem, it worries me when that worry comes at the expens of other's good. Jeez! we dont need anti's. We get dragged down by your own. Probably he does not know what USC code 1571 section 8 says even before AC21 came into picture. Congressional intent was to get a GC for every one with in 6 months. Infact he does not want every one to get EAD because he is scared. Doesn't a legislation that takes out the similar/same after 6 months and gets every one on to EAD is the best one as people will be able to demand what ever they want and put the kabosh on Grassley who keeps bitching that H1B's are paid peanuts?

    I do not intend to take shots at any one but this discusssion of dont do this because Grassley will do this/that is nothing but shitting in our pants and telling Grassley to become draconian. If you cant stand the heat in the kitchen, get out. Now dont tell me that the house is under fire and If I dont get out, I will burn. To hell with that counter.

    As far as your pre application post is concerned, desi3933 is right on money. Janet,IMO, has used wrong words or meant some thing else and use pre application. With out, legislative/executive change USCIS/DHS/Janet just cannot do that.

    His whole argument about the 06 guys getting GC ahead of 03/04 guys is entirely different. DOS had no other way to handle the inefficient USCIS other than forwarding dates ahead. I dont know whether he would have been happy, if DOS did not move dates and neither 04 guys and 06 guys got their GC, 20,000 visa numbers were wasted. I for one have a 02 PD and am happy for those who got out of the hell hole, regardless of their PD and at the same time I will keep pushing for USCIS to get better. I am actually seeing this effect in DOS VB this year. DOS is getting better at the game and moving the dates slowly and this summer EB-2 I/C will not go beyond Jun/Jul 05.


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  • manojp4
    04-25 11:21 PM
    PayPal Receipt ID: 432675004L850492T

    Go IV !

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  • meridiani.planum
    09-14 07:21 PM
    If the media holds Obama to the same standard as they do the republicans, you will see the democrats crumbling faster than a cookie.

    There is so much hypocrisy in the media. If women vote for Sarah Palin it is wrong because you voting her just because of his gender. But oh, if you are black and dont vote Obama, then you are the most odious person living in this world. How will you explain your kids that you did not support a black person for presidency? This kind of duplicity is keeping Obama look good in the eyes of people. Throw off your goggles and you will see the same issues with Obama that you see with Sarah.

    Also, so many low intensity criminals are asked to do community service, that does not qualify them to become the president of US. And what happened to his moral fiber when he changed his opposition to the telco immunity bill and voted so that he does not look bad on security issues? Did he use that fiber to get rid of his constipation issues??

    abuse of power is the issue I see with Sarah Palin. Give me an example where Obama abused power? I gave you three for Sarah Palin.


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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    05-20 06:07 PM
    There is no mention of legal EB immigration :(

    Response follows:
    Thank you for contacting me regarding our nation's immigration system. I appreciate the benefit of your views on this important issue.

    Our current immigration system is broken, which is why I believe Congress should work to pass bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform. Comprehensive immigration reform should include policies to secure our nation's borders, curb future illegal immigration, establish an effective employer verification system and find a practical solution for the millions of illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S.

    I do not believe that illegal immigrants should gain an unfair advantage from their actions. Any effort to earn legal status must include paying back taxes, a fine or penalty and taking steps to learn English. Reform should also not penalize those individuals who have followed the law and are here legally.

    On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law Arizona State Bill 1070, which grants broad powers to local law enforcement officials to determine and request proof of legal status of anyone suspected of violating federal immigration laws. The enactment of this new law is yet another sign that the federal government needs to act to fix our broken immigration system rather than allowing for a state-by-state patchwork of laws and ordinances. I also believe Arizona's law raises civil rights concerns, fails to recognize the economic contributions of legal immigrant workers, and harms our nation's ability to attract entrepreneurs from around the world who create jobs here in the United States.

    Our nation faces many tough challenges. Immigration reform is a complicated and difficult issue but the current system is not working. We must put our differences aside to create a better system. Again, thank you for writing. As we move forward in the 111th Congress, please continue to contact me with your opinions and concerns.

    United States Senator

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  • rennieallen
    09-26 11:50 PM
    The problem with Per Country limits makes no sense when the same theory is applied to visa's granted because of Skill. Employability has nothing to do with ethnicity (in fact, there are laws that prevent this type of discrimination by employers). It just so happens that currently India and China, due to their educational focus has a lot of people with skills that American industry wants. Who knows, in 10 years this could change and those skills could come from Mauritius and Lichtenstein and then they would be backlogged instead.

    Franklin; I agree that per country quotas are discriminatory.

    What I am unsure about, is whether it is morally justifiable, and this hinges on whether it actually benefits the United States or not (many forms of discrimination against non-citizens are perfectly legal under the US constitution).

    I agree with Hermione, that given the current minuscule quotas the issue is moot (in fact, it was my intention to suggest exactly this, by pointing out that the last thing anyone needs to worry about is per-country quotas when the overall immigration levels are so tiny, and the per-country cap is so small).

    I am still on the fence, though, about the moral acceptability of per country quotas in the presence of rationale visa allocations (somewhere around 3 million per year by my estimate). I think at those levels (and with perhaps completely different percentages for the per-country quota) there may indeed be a moral justification (I simply don't know enough about cultural/social dynamics).

    I think everyone would agree that the US is certainly entitled to determine how it develops culturally (as is any country).

    In its present form of course, the immigration system is damaging the United States (e.g. RBD), so it is impossible for it to be morally acceptable from the US perspective (you can't balance the negative moral implications of discrimination against non-citizens, with the benefits to the citizens of the nation, when there are no benefits to the citizens of the nation).

    Significantly, it is most likely true that the present immigration policy is morally acceptable from (say) India's perspective, since it is resulting in improved retention of brain power for India...


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  • Robert Kumar
    03-29 08:45 AM
    It happened last year no reason why it should not happen again this year :)

    In any case i really prefer all you EB2 I guys get their GC and get out of our way so that we EB3 I guys get our (GC) seeing that is the only way we will get ours. :D:D:D

    At least if not GC i hope you guys get to file 485 to receive benefits like EAD and AP. Then you will not have to worry about going to India for a vacation. I know it is painfull to go to the embassy again for stamping.

    OK, NOW divert all your energies to my thread I just created with sub 'Good news for EB2" as below::

    I dont want to raise your hopes too much , but this is from
    So stop whining and all those posts against other categories. Lets hope the best.. EB2 guys. Pray somehting for us, EB3 s also.

    03/09/2011: May 2011 EB-2 Cut-Off Date Substantial Move-Ahead Predicted

    AILA has reported that the EB-2 cut-off dates in Visa Bulletin in May 2011 may progress ahead substantially because of large unused EB-1 numbers since October 2010 since it has about 12,000 unused EB-2 numbers. Very good news from AILA and Mr. Oppenheim.

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  • waitnwatch
    05-31 04:33 PM
    Yes, a majority Vote.

    "The motion to Lay on the Table is undebatable, and requires only a majority vote, notwithstanding the fact that if not taken from the table the question is suppressed."

    The question here is when was the "motion to lie on table" for SA 1249 voted on? Does anybody from the core know..............


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  • kate123
    02-24 05:02 PM
    I am finding it difficult understanding what author meant here...

    Can some one please help me understanding the text below from (paragraph 8),0225-endelman.shtm

    USCIS does not have to define "immediate availability" strictly on the cut-off dates listed in the Visa Bulletin. Rather, both State and CIS could post estimated "qualifying dates" on their websites so that, precisely as now happens in a consular case, USCIS would now allow pre-filing of adjustment applications so that applicants could begin to assemble the necessary documentation and send in their I-485 packages so that USCIS could conduct necessary checks and get the case ready for formal submission when the priority date is reached. Only at that point would CIS formally request an immigrant visa number from the State Department. Not until then would the adjustment of status be considered "filed". The beauty of this is that Congress need not lift a finger; all that need be done is for USCIS to modify the definition of filing contained in 8 CFR Sections 103.2 (a)(7) and 245.2(a)(2). If Congress wanted to ratify what the USCIS had done, it could certainly do so after the fact. Everything that we now consider to be the adjustment of status process could take place before the I-485 is "filed". Nothing could be simpler. The reason to seek Congressional modification of INA 245(a) is not because it is only way forward but because, by enshrining such a procedural benefit in the INA itself, it will be a much more secure right, one not subject to administrative whim or unilateral repeal. This process would not only afford the Visa Office a more accurate picture of adjustment demand but it holds out the potential of drastically slashing processing times. Far from granting adjustment applicants any special or unfair advantage, the use of qualifying dates as a way to define immediate visa availability would serve to harmonize the green card process in and out of the United States. Clearly, close and constant coordination between the Visa Office and USCIS would be required and integration of this procedural innovation with the Child Status Protection Act is transparently necessary. Given the obvious and not insignificant benefits, any transitional angst is surely worth the effort.

    Does it mean pre filing can be done through executive power?

    Thank you.

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  • pappu
    04-10 11:48 PM
    Thank you qasleuth. I did not even read the whole thread but this thread needs to be closed and some action needs to be taken against anti-IV elements.

    Folks, IV is a platform to come and work on the common goal. It is not a platform to come and abuse it by blaming it just because you do not have a green card till now. Come join us and help out. Be an active volunteer and work on daily basis with us to solve the problem and make IV better. We need more real workers on the ground than strategy advisers, critics and Management consultants.

    Enough said. Actions will speak louder than words and you need to get involved to tell us your ideas. If you are interested to actively participate send us an email (info at with your valid email address with your name, phone number and what you would like to do to help IV. We will welcome your active participation and assign you leadership roles if you want.

    The thread is closed.

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  • digital2k
    05-22 05:48 PM
    Let us change our old record and donate Now for our cause ...

    Everyone need to act ...

    Many may remember the past succesful

    Historic Event > $32,750 / 8 days / 100 pages

    07-03 04:15 PM
    As I said don't bother replying

    Sure, anything for you.:)

    09-25 12:07 AM
    Hi - I have had a very bad experience with Fragomen, everything was filed correctly but the way they treat their client is pathetic. I have heard a lot of people are victims of this big corporation, lets get together to fix this.

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