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  • va_dude
    09-18 10:14 AM
    AC 21 and EAD are two completely disjoint things.

    You can invoke AC 21 and switch to a different job and you could either use your EAD to join the new emplyer or even transfer your h1b to the new employer.

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  • walking_dude
    10-18 04:17 PM
    PMed a reminder to every member ,who has shown interest in the meet, but has not RSVP'ed yet for the final count needed for Snacks/Tea arrangement ( only those included in the confirmed list of the first message).

    Hope to see you all there.

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-28 12:46 PM
    Paypal Receipt ID: 46D6598937139321B

    Just your second post on here, and you have already shown us your support with this contribution!!

    Thanks Rajtp

    Go IV!!

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  • krishnam70
    03-05 12:22 PM
    i think if we are paying for something we should have the ownership it too.

    lets format a reply saying that 5K is too much for the job...if they can give us their Data Model diagram, we can give them the code in a week without any cost.

    This is an excellent idea and a great opportunity to show case our skills. How about IV offering as non-profit organization our expertise ( from members) to help with this and reduce cost and improving efficiency of this program for USCIS - FREE OF COST.

    I am aware there might be many issues with data security etc here but at least we could propose this. As a fellow member suggested this should be a report that needs to be published every few months or so to make it transparent and traceable.Ooops wait, will it show the true picture of how efficient USCIS is if they do this? :D

    I dont see it going anywhere, this is just stalling. They already have that kind of information if the statement from O'man office is any indication or they lied to the office. Either way we need to highlight this with the O'man's office first and then follow it up with Local senators and highlight it. This needs to go big way.

    Getting them to give one off statement is not going to solve anything besides it might be only a starting price and might increase or are they charging the same $5000 every time somebody asks them for an update.

    - cheers


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  • Hermione
    09-20 03:36 PM
    Rating legislators based on how they vote for the issues important to IV is a good idea. Having reviews of the legislation is a good idea, also. Only citizens and green card holders are allowed to make contributions, so IV members who are green card holders may contriobute to lawmaker campaigns. That should be tracked, too.

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  • bharat2008
    08-09 04:36 PM
    Thanks to everyone for providing your great inputs.I will work on applying to Australian immigration before they change the rules .


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  • naushit
    11-17 10:46 PM
    While we are brainstorming constructive ideas, I would like to suggest some fund raising ideas. ( I have posted this kind of ideas earlier but no solid response.)

    Instead of strictly relying on funding drives IV should consider alternative source of funding.

    Here are two most simple ideas

    1) Start showing Google ads on IV website. I am happy to see click on ads and generate some fund for IV

    2) IV branded credit card, its very simple Chase/BOA will be happy to sponsor IV credit card and pay 2% back monthly to IV if they can sign up 20,000 new customers.

    Keep asking for donating fund hits wall everytime, its time to work on alternative ideas.

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  • BumbleBee
    07-18 12:44 PM
    Its not over till its over :), and its not over yet by any means. I am willing to wait and fight ;) . Everyone has priorities in life, each person would view GC situation differently. For me, its not the ultimate dream, but just a vehicle to continue my journey for some more time (with peace of mind). I am definitely looking to gray my hair in my home country or atleast be there once I am grayed haired :D

    Doing an MBA/PMI and looking for managerial job is the only realistic possibility for most, I don't think most people would wanna still be programming when they turn 40/45 (depending on how old/young you feel).

    My gut feel is that there will be some kind of relief by end of 2007 or early 2008



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  • pkv
    05-06 02:43 PM
    I was told that people on H4 are not eligible for SSN, and if I want she (the person on counter in ssa office) can issue me a denial letter for that. It sounded useless to me that time, so I didn't bother to get that letter.

    This idea sounds good to me, I'll go to SSA office again and try to apply. Offcourse they will say that they can't accept application. So I'll get a denial letter and I can appeal against that.

    They cannot refuse to accept your application. Fill in the forms and send them in. They can deny your application and then you can appeal. If they refuse to accept the application, you have two options. You can contact your congressman and complain. You can file a discrimination complaint with the SSA ombudsman. Here is the discrimination form.

    Finally, if you believe you have been denied your rights because you are an immigrant, you can contact your local ACLU and ask them to represent your case. As a last resort, you can file a lawsuit at the federal district court. The filing fee for this is $350. However, I hope we are all doing this to exercise our rights rather than for the money. At least that is my motivation.

    In my case, the first time I called, the person hung up on me. But I did not give up. I got them to accept the application and it is currently under reconsideration. I was also able to get a response from the Regional Office. So far they have not addressed any of the points I made in the original case as described in the OP. I expect they will continue to ignore their own laws and regulations, until I appeal this to an administrative judge, who will make a legal ruling.

    BTW: All this costs you nothing but your time.

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  • seattleboy
    07-08 02:28 PM
    Guys and Gals,
    Lets not bash anyone here. IEEE might sound anti-immigrant on the surface in true sense, its only anti H1B for all the right reason. I am not trying to defend IEEE but just getting the facts straight. Please check the attached file which is a letter sent by IEEE-USA president to Gov of Minnasota.

    IEEE-USA has maintained a consistent position against H1-B visas for a long time. Of late they have been found making statements that cast aspersions on legal immigrants as well. I have often found that people who confess to hate only one type of immigrants are just attempting to air a politically correct view of their anti-immigrant philosophy.

    "Combined with the H-1B visa increases, the Senate bill also includes substantial increases in legal permanent immigrant admissions that could have a major impact on the U.S. information technology workforce and engineering enterprise, according to IEEE-USA.

    Dr. Wyndrum added: "The bill opens the spigot on numerous skilled visa categories. The question is how many high-tech workers can the United States absorb annually without driving up unemployment and driving down wages? The Senate demonstrated its concern about the number of unskilled workers it would allow into our country; it should show the same concern for skilled employees."


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  • rvish9
    07-19 01:17 PM
    Does the SKILL bill help persons who have already completed their masters or will it also help those who are pursuing their MBA/MS? (i.e if SKILL is implemented)
    Will a person with 2 yrs experience and a MS degree or a person with 6 yrs experience and currently working towards their MBA (part-time) be exempted from the visa numbers?

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  • gc_rip
    02-25 06:32 PM
    My Mother in law is severely sick, and my wife needs to travel asap. We need to get her AP, as it's expired.
    1. Is there an urgent processing option for the AP? And how ?
    2. Can she travel on the receipt of application, and I can send the AP document to her by FEDEX?



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  • sanju
    04-10 08:30 AM
    Is this the language 2 civilized people use to discuss or debate. When 2 people debate, both believe other is not right - thats why its called discussion or debate. Doesn't mean we need to use extreme or bad words.

    oh ya, so the police for political correctness is out. Gosh, I am toast.

    Take it easy. buddysinsfo and I have a history. We go way back together. He is my friend, don't you know. oh and BTW, he is a forum terrorist because he use different ids posing as north indian to attack people from Andra, just to create unrest on the forum. During mumbai attack he was repeatedly sympathising with the terrorist. I don't owe you any explanation, and get a life to deal with tough language instead of trying to act like a moral police of political correctness. What's wrong with my language? Others here use way to harsh language. What's up with that?


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  • GTGC
    09-19 09:03 PM
    My wife and I got involved with IV activities/volunteering about 2 months before the rally....and we are very glad we did!

    Its been a very rewarding and learning experience....after meeting with the lawmakers- it has fortified our belief in IV and renewed our enthusiasm about the process. After reading Logiclife's post I am convinced that active participation is the key to achieving success!

    We plan on continuing our efforts - turning sceptics into believers - it is especially needed in the DC/VA/MD!



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  • njdude26
    07-07 12:15 PM
    Does this atleast help in filing for 485 even if numbers are not available ?
    I think you will have some benefit out of this bill, albeit, indirectly. This Bill will exempt a lot of folks with advanced degrees from US and non-US universities. All advanced degree holders from US univs. (STEM and non-STEM) will be exempt. So, a person with an MBA flus a 4 year bachelors from a US univ. will be exempt. Also, folks with non-US STEM advanced degrees who have been working in the US in a related field for 3 or more years will be exempt as well. The family members of such folks are exempt as well. Consequently a lot of folks currently waiting in the pipeline may no longer be counted against the quota, thus reducing the clog in the pipeline. ANother benefit out of this bill is that it increases the quota from 140K to 290K. There fore, you will definitely see some positive movement in priority dates for people in your and other similar situations (this is the indirect benefit I was referring to). It is very hard to say at this point how much the positive movement would me. It will all depend on how many people will be exempt from the quota.

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  • Macaca
    02-13 01:04 PM
    IV has not been able to achieve a single thing in all of its existence.

    From Lobbying and Legislation (

    Be persistent. Lobbying campaigns rarely come to a definitive end.

    If your proposed legislation is defeated, there is frequently another opportunity to reintroduce it. Don�t be discouraged. Often it takes several tries to pass a measure, especially one that seeks to bring about an important change.

    If you win, do not get complacent. Monitor implementation and make sure your legislation is fully funded. Look out for opposition attempts to undo or diminish your victory by trying to repeal your legislation, filing litigation to overturn it, or seeking regulations to significantly weaken its implementation


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  • eb2waiter
    06-09 12:29 PM
    A canadian citizen does not have to leave this country. But if your family members are not canadian citizens then they should leave. Also a canadian citizen can get a TN visa and work in US.
    Instead you could just stay here till you get a similar job, and apply for 485 when visa numbers are available.
    You should ask your company to not withdraw your petition.

    Better to contact a lawyer.

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  • another one
    06-26 02:08 PM
    i thought a simple majority i.e. >50 would make the bill pass through senate. is that not true?

    Its only going to take 5 people to break away from the 64. Those 35 "No" votes are the ones who want CIR dead NOW. They are not going to change. But those 64, its only going to take 5 people to walk away.

    There are 24 amendments. I think atleast 5 people would see their amendments fail on the floor of the house and probably another 5 atleast who would withdraw support because someone else's amendment passed. This baby is going DOWWWNNN this weekend per my estimate. I could be wrong but again, 24 amendments ? That's too many darts on a fragile compromise.

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  • ps57002
    08-04 08:16 AM
    I've been working with David Frenkel at Frenkel, Heshkowitz, Shafran in NY. Been with him through my H1B process and now my PERM, will continue with him. He seems very knowledgeable. He's a very very busy man though so it's a little difficult to 'talk' to him. The paralegal who worked on my PERM is reason I actually got it employer is very unresponsive.

    So overall I think they are good. I have called to ask questions, emailed, gone in for consultations, never charged extra. All a set fee, expensive somewhat, but it's broken in steps, like pre PERM, pre I40 guess it's almost guaranteed

    ANyone else deal with them?

    03-26 10:00 PM
    EB3 porting is a loophole like labor substitution.

    when I came here 6 yrs ago, I had the option of applying in EB3 with a top 4 consulting US firm and I did not want to go that route. I waited until 2010 to apply in EB2.

    Looks like People should come to the US as freshers or with 1-2 yrs experience > Apply in EB3 > Gain 5-6 yrs in experience > Port and BOOM, you have your GC.

    How can people claim PD porting at a later date when they were not eligible on that specific date in the first place at that time? I know it's legal just like Labor Substitution.

    06-26 11:24 AM
    Here are some of my own personal thoughts:

    How can one tell a percentage number for something to pass? What kind of data can we base our calculations on?

    Who said EB3 India will not forward next year? Did DOS say that? An individual lawyer is not Dept. Of State. I would like to see a written proof from DOS saying this so that we can plan ahead.

    There were many naysayers for the July 2007 bulletin. But IV was able to get it current again. So stop believing in predictions and believe in yourself.

    Thanks for your time and response!

    I thought that anyone close to the bill processes or people who work on those, should be able to predict; probably know by now if this (HR 5882) is going to happen or not. Pappu, I bet you must be in a better position than me to know (not to decide, ofcourse) about the plight of this bill. I would be surprised if you deny.

    It wasn't Ron's mere prediction but based on his discussion with Charles Oppenheim.

    This is what he understands from the conversation:

    The strong impression that I took away from the converstaion, and this is only my interpretation, not what was said explicity, is the following:

    The good news: the CIS backlog isn't as big as previously feared and their productivity is at an all time high;
    More good news: China EB3 had almost caught up with worldwide EB3 and is likely to do so next year;
    The bad news: when visa numbers become available again, India EB3 is going to be back where it was almost a year ago and it is not likely to move forward much in the next fiscal year.
    More bad news: 40% to 45% of the entire backlog is Indian EB2 and EB3.
    And barring, July 2007, EB3 I has moved only inches in the last 2-3 years and that's how much it would move in the next 2-3 years (and that's assuming a similar efficiency pattern that USCIS exhibited this year).

    I am not trying to open a new can of worms here but reminding of an old one that is already existing - EB3 India. The most priviliged to remain in this god damn queue for as long as they wish and even beyond that.

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