Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • keshtwo
    06-19 05:05 PM
    This year with overflows from ROW category, maybe 40K extra numbers were used for backlog reduction. Adding 10k for each china and India it makes the number 60K. Isnt 90K better than 60k (if we are lucky) under current system?

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  • SOA
    07-23 03:09 PM
    Following is copied from Greg Siskind's Blog, and it makes me wonder if it means that those who who filed I-140 by mail can submit I-485 with the I-140 receipt number only that can be obtained from the cleared check?

    But you need an I-140 receipt to file the adjustment petition and the I-140 receipt can take forever to get. So what to do?

    File the I-140 electronically, of course. You get a receipt right off your own printer. Then submit the I-485 with that receipt. Brilliant and so simple.

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  • dagabaaj
    09-25 11:13 AM
    one I almost got when I heard my labor was rejected and I will have to start again.......:eek:

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  • desi3933
    02-25 02:29 PM
    This press release only shows that it is an administrative/executive fix. Either it is USCIS or DOS or the President, is what I do not know. But clearly, it is something not mandated by legislation, else USCIS/DOS would be breaking several laws by continuing to use the old bulletein.
    You are reading what you want to read.

    No more post from me on this issue. Good Luck.


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  • satyasaich
    07-21 03:16 PM
    What ever you have pointed out is very valid and no doubt, shows the injustice. However, considering the present situation following are my thoughts.

    1. Let's call for an action item for all those IV members whose LCs are still in BECs
    2. Try to present the case to USCIS in a truly meaningful way about the those individuals still waiting for LC approvals
    3. Try to get an exception so that they can file 140+485 even after Aug17th.
    (atleast this is not an impossible thing to USCIS to accept just few thousand when compared to hundreds of thousands)

    I strongly believe in IV from day 1 and quickly take an action item first of all to come up with list of the individuals (as many as possible).
    Then, let's approach USCIS (i don't know how to do it at this time, but open this for some good ideas) to get an exception for those cases still to come out of BECs

    I know so many of us have already filed for 485 or busy to file before Aug17th, but PLEASE LET'S DO SOMETHING.
    Personally even though i applied for 485, i'm all for it and justice MUST BE DONE

    Subject: Injustice :mad: for people with priority dates in '02, '03, '04 etc. who are still waiting for their labor certs to be processed using the traditional process - we want to file a case against DOL's lethargy - Let us join together and file a case against DOL and bring justice to this unjustified system.

    The manner in which the backlog reduction center have been processing the
    labor certs seems to be very unfair for people like me and others who have been affected. I know of cases with priority dates as late as 2005 that have gone through the traditional process and have been approved already. And there are cases like mine and others with much earlier priority dates that haven't been done. This is very unfair and unjustified. It is like we have been standing in the queue for several hours and a person who came much later than me just sneaked into the queue and got his service done while I am still waiting for my turn. Also the fact that now the UCIS has made the filing of I-485 current adds more insult to the injury that I and others in my position have endured.

    The fact that the I-485 was made current and then withdrawn was made a big deal and people wanted to file cases, whereas the plight of people like me who are still waiting for the labor cert to be cleared has been totally
    ignored, inspite of the fact that people who applied for labor much later
    have been approved through the traditional process.

    We want to file a case ASAP with the DOL or other relevant
    authority regarding this issue and the unfair way of the process that we
    have been subjected to. So can all those folks who have been affected by this join and voice your support? We shoud put up this fight because this is in no way justified. Why would it be?

    The next steps should be:

    - Get all of the support we need from all affected folks ASAP
    - Get in touch with a lawyer who can help us to prepare the case
    - File the case in a court against DOL
    - Make sure we get justice

    Please join and show your support. Please help!!!

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  • rklscp
    05-21 08:14 PM
    Really an interesting issue to talk about. I came to this site via google search. I am in the same boat. I am living in country for 14 years (F1 and now H1) with SSN. My wife never worked here; so she has H4. We have a daughter born here with SSN. We could not get this "stimulus rebate" because we filed "married filing jointly". I understand from IRS site that if you filed "married filing separately" you would get the benefit and you can later on amend your filing as "married filing jointly" (04/14/08). This may be beneficial if you "itemize" your deductions. You will still qualify for excemptions. But, if you do not itemize your deductions, your standard deduction will be halved if you file "married filing separately".

    We filed married filing joingly and received our tax returns and no stimulus rebate. Can we re-file our tax return by filing separately this year (i.e. extension/amendment within 3 months?) Has anyone done this? Please let me know.

    I would love to a part of any legal battle to raise our concern. Please keep us posted. I plan to check this site regularly. Also, please keep us updated with getting SSN for H4 visa holders.


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  • amitjoey
    05-20 04:57 PM
    Thank you gc_kaavaali, rajchadha

    The total is $2400

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  • GCBy3000
    12-01 11:19 AM
    What is the use of double masters and MBA from Harvard/Kellogs if you cannot get promoted. With all those degree on hand, you will still end up doing what you were doing at the time you filed for your labor.

    Thinking about these options are good if and only you are sure that you will have your GC when you complete your studies. MBA is worst as it will have negative impact on your career if you continue to do what you were doing even after your MBA completion. Down the line when you get GC, you cannot substantiate your motive for MBA which is really going to HURT your carrer. MS is lot better then MBA.

    If you are really interested in MBA, do prepare for GMAT / TOEFL , take the exams and keep your scores ready. Start doing some volunteer job / community work. Volunteer / non-profit work / community work will add some value to your resume to show your leadership skills.


    I agree. I realized that I was paying too much for my MBA from a top 15 school and I decided to put on hold for that exactly same reason. I received job offers from employers which were willing to pay 100% of the MBA. Of course I had to decline due to my status.

    Also, interest rates in private loan banks are very high. I thought more about it and decided to put the damn MBA studies on hold and wait until I can change jobs and let an employer pay the thing for me.

    My advice is for people to watch out carefully. MBA can get very expensive and you may just actually making your hosts happier, not necessarily you !


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  • nrakkati
    03-21 04:45 PM
    Come on man....there is nothing called transfer. Every H1B is new. Only thing is its not counted against the cap when you change the employer.

    Thanks snathan, for the response.

    I too think every H1B is NEW. Why I am stressing on this point is, since I am in the 'situation' now, I feel little pinch and I was looking for any pointers that closes the door for this doubt. Just like the one desi3933 pointed out.

    I am confident and feel pretty safe now. Thanks to Desi3933

    Like many suggested here, I go with the attorney and have him/her answer the RFE.

    I will update the thread as I find more to help this community with similar situation.

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  • starving_dog
    07-17 03:31 PM
    I wish all EB3 ROW with priority dates between 10/01/02 and 01/11/02 would go home so I could get my green card. Obviously this post in jest.


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  • sreenivaskk
    05-23 11:45 PM
    Thanks for your efforts.

    Donated $50 through paypal

    Transaction ID: 10C287900W561913Y

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  • paskal
    09-21 09:51 PM
    your contributions in the past and for the rally are much appreciated.
    btw the chapter needs to have an urgent con-call about some impending legislative action. watch out for sure to attend!


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  • franklin
    09-28 11:20 AM
    Neah, there were too many approved to be all squeaky wheels. I think I know what they did. On July 1st they ran a simple query and picked up every application that has had no outstanding RFEs and had cleared namecheck, and then assigned them a visa number. If your receipt is from June, you may have cleared namecheck by July 1st, so you got the number. The rest (fingerprint check and approval itself) is just technicality.

    I am on the opposite spectrum of the processing - been pending since early 2006 in EB2 ROW. My namecheck cleared late August - guess what, I am still waiting, perhaps until new numbers become available in October (even though I am current). Even though I have been waiting longer, they really finished working on my petition in June of 2006, so everything on the CIS side, including an RFE was done in 4 months. So, I really do not think your case is an exception. Most current approvable petitions that are not stuck in namecheck are approved in 3-4 months. So, in my opinion, quotas are the main culpit. Namecheck is easier to tackle because it gets a lot of bad publicity from delayed naturalization cases.

    Sorry - My case is the exception, not the norm - it is a tiny percentage that got approved so quickly from Retrogressed categories. I do have a fairly early PD so that probably helped. To say that most current approvable petitions are processed in 3 - 4 months on average would be wrong.

    But rapid fluctations of PD becoming current (as we saw this year) will not help at all (info from Ombudsman report)
    * If the priority date became current today, due to delayed USCIS processing and thus underutilization of visa numbers, some have predicted that within a few months as many as 500,000 to 750,000 individuals now residing in the United States under a temporary worker visa could apply for a green card.
    * Additionally, DOL’s recent backlog elimination efforts, scheduled to be completed by September 30, 2007, are predicted to add 70,000 or more approved labor certifications yielding as many as 170,000 additional green card applications.
    * As USCIS begins to complete these applications and request visa numbers from DOS, the 140,000 statutorily authorized visa numbers will be used. DOS then will be required to retrogress priority dates.
    o Consequently, most applicants in this scenario will find themselves trapped whereas they anticipated timely receipt of a green card, their wait exceeds seven or more years.
    o In addition, all future employment-based green card applicants effectively would be barred from applying for many years.

    You really don't seem to think there is a problem at all, so why are you here?
    The only time that EB2 ROW has retrogressed at all is was for a couple of months late this year (Sept - Oct). EB2 ROW is unaffected by the quotas - so you aren't worried about them. Sounds like you are experiencing processing inefficiency to me. So yes, EB2 ROW should be much much quicker, assuming no processing delays or name check issues.

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  • suriajay12
    04-10 11:17 AM
    Dear Dr. Teli (I am sure you are a Dr. because you dont let facts or reality come in the way of your diagnosis of a situation, argument or person, only a PhD can do that)

    Thank you for doing the homework on my 1 year of postings..Not even my wife pays that much attention to me, makes me feel really valuable :)

    I could have told you that. I have never contributed any money to IV and probably never will. Because i dont think they are doing anything. I have, however, answered a few people's questions about AP or H4 visa (something with which i had to spend a lot of time researching). That is the extent of my "contribution". I just answered a few earnest questions to the best of my ability.

    You can attack me all you want. For example, probably I am not EB2..Hmm, I thought EB2 was an employment category and not a species classification but I may be wrong...

    Anyway, what happens is that whenever a new visa bulletin rolls out, there are all these posts which basically say
    1. Contribute
    2. We must do something
    3. What is IV core doing
    4. Where is VDLRAO
    5. When will the injustice end
    etc etc etc

    I have been seeing this for the last 3 years. First things first, If you want to take action, spend 41 cents every day and send a letter to your congressman or senator everyday for 1 year....For $149 per year (365 * 0.41 not counting leap years and counting on the fact that you will mail a letter even on holidays :))
    At the end of the year, at least you have something to show for what you did. With IV, you can convince people that Patton Boggs is doing all they can for you, Trust them.

    I am not blaming the Core at all, they are doing whateven they can given the limited resources, time and influence they have. But, what I am blaming, is the the "holier than thou" attitude which is adopted when distinguishing between those that are the exalted DONORS and those that aren't :)


    You said "Thank you for doing the homework on my 1 year of postings..Not even my wife pays that much attention to me, makes me feel really valuable :)".
    He is not that partial that he leaves others. If you look at my posts, I noticed exactly the same. He appears to know everything about me :) . And I am very sure others here who raise valid points have noticed the same.
    Please show some pity of this guy.He probably has no job, thinks supporting blindly gets him some points from core or someone.. He does manage a good # of greens though. Its possible he has 15 to 20 accounts in this forum and logs in with each account, gives greens to rest of them. Please excuse him. I usually dont reply to these folks.


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  • ashishgour
    05-18 01:35 PM

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  • vparam
    03-14 04:00 PM
    I dont think many labors were filed between september 2001 and Dec 2002. Due to bad market and frequent layoffs during that time. My guess is EB3 will get to 2003 soon, may be before end of this year.
    Would love to see that happen... waiting with PD of aug 2002 :-(


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  • SOA
    07-26 07:37 PM
    140 Filed 7/17/07
    Reached NSC 7/18/07
    Check Cleared 7/23/07

    I have not received the Receipt Notice yet.
    On the back of the cleared check, I see some numbers but not sure which is the receipt no. Does it start with LIN followed by 10 digit number? Or, is it 12 digit number with no letters?

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  • storm
    07-03 07:06 PM
    here goes another one........

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  • pappu
    04-10 11:48 PM
    Thank you qasleuth. I did not even read the whole thread but this thread needs to be closed and some action needs to be taken against anti-IV elements.

    Folks, IV is a platform to come and work on the common goal. It is not a platform to come and abuse it by blaming it just because you do not have a green card till now. Come join us and help out. Be an active volunteer and work on daily basis with us to solve the problem and make IV better. We need more real workers on the ground than strategy advisers, critics and Management consultants.

    Enough said. Actions will speak louder than words and you need to get involved to tell us your ideas. If you are interested to actively participate send us an email (info at with your valid email address with your name, phone number and what you would like to do to help IV. We will welcome your active participation and assign you leadership roles if you want.

    The thread is closed.

    04-30 12:14 PM

    Receipt ID# 3A461523KL112242M

    06-01 09:26 PM
    A meteorologist who spoke to the Associated Press said tropical thunderstorms in the Atlantic could tower up to 15,240m (50,000ft).

    "At the altitude it was flying, it's possible that the Air France plane flew directly into the most charged part of the storm - the top," said Henry Margusity, senior meteorologist for


    why the heck do they fly over or into the storm??

    Are the airlines risking people lives just to save cheap dollars??

    It is unethical of AF to blame bad weather. You need to differentiate here - turbulence is okay, thunderstorms?? what the heck.. why would a commercial airlines fly into a thunderstorm

    Commercial airlines fly between 25,000 ft and 40,000 ft. Airlines generally take risks for profits. I know it. Some airlines like United are ultra sensitive to turbulence. Some fly right through turbulence. And sometimes I feel some pilots are plain incompetent, they have no control over aircraft during the storm.

    I have personally taken 500+ flights, almost 2 every week. And I can say, I get really nervous when turbulence or strong clouds are present. You are one second away from the big jolt or swing. A lot of times, it has been a roller coaster like ride. Now I would enjoy that once in a while. Sometimes I have seen big aircrafts like Boeing 757-300 series, flex, you see forward portion of aircraft going up and tail portion going down. But its required so that aircraft does not split up mid air. It can be a nasty thing for someone seated in the rear. Always always wear seat belt during turbulence, if it gets severe, you will hit the head on the ceiling. The turbulence during take off and landing is usually more risky as aircraft is closer to ground and can not afford to lose altitude. If it is at a higher altitude, aircraft can lose some altitude, due to "air pockets" and still be ok.

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