Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • zephyrr
    07-23 03:43 PM
    Are you kidding me? You are recommending aka Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP? DO NOT USE THIS LAW FIRM. RUN AWAY FROM IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN. They totally screwed up my case. My PD became current on June. I asked them repeadtly to file my 485. And I asked them for like 1 1/2 month. But they waited till July to file my case. So, I was affected by this visa fiasco. Their lawyer do not answer phone calls, they don't return voic mail and they do not response to email for 3-4 days. It is a totally BS firm. If possible go with small immigration law firm.

    I agree. My case was approved online in early June, I kept asking them if they received papers from BEC, and they would not even take the time to check. As a result, I was unable to file in June even with a current PD. I ended up filing in July.

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  • GCEB2
    07-18 04:28 PM
    Thanks for the Info..

    My Wife got her EAD Last year. But she didn�t file for her SSN and we filed tax on her ITIN. Now she has her SSN how can we claim for Stimulus Rebate .


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  • arkanand
    09-13 03:42 PM
    I am amazed in the solidarity just by seeing the responses. But if i think deeper, this rally is not for some national cause or for some greater benefit.

    Every single person here is doing this for one's own SELFISH reasons. Why then are we talking like we are marching to save the planet or save the poor animals going to slaughter or human trafficking or AIDS prevention or even the war in Iraq.

    Yes, we make things easy for people down the road (however that is not our true intention, our true intention is just about how to get the card faster) but trying to pull in more people to the rally by playing on people's guilt is not the approach. You say it like you see it. We want people to come so I CAN GET MY GREEN CARD SOONER. Thats all. So everyone has the same motive...thats all. Nothing more or nothing less. Everyone is going for A SELFISH INTEREST...nothing based on higher principles of duty, sacrifice or to ensure higher morals of life. Everything is for sensual enjoyment.

    Dont write like we are seeking independence or freedom.

    I head will start to roll...sorry for looking at things differently, I dont mean to find fault but i think this is just one big rally everyone wants to get their green card sooner. Nothing more than my opinion..really not even about folks who may apply in 2010?

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  • obviously
    07-23 10:31 PM
    What an absolutely useless discussion! EB2 and EB3 are based on each employer's attestation of job/work requirements.

    Obviously, there is little correlation between book knowledge and real world results. Highly educated lawyers and Top B School MBA's can be found stuck in dead end jobs or suboptimal careers while barely educated street smart folks can be found enjoying productive careers.

    So, let us stop this nonsensical analysis about something that adds ZERO value towards the core mission and objectives.

    Lets use those 'high skilled' grey cells for something that matters. Stay away from the keyboard if you cannot resist the urge to puke over it with your fingers putting forth filth.

    Seriously. Take a break folks!


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  • gccovet
    06-25 11:39 AM
    I persuaded my manager (US Citizen) and he called as well ( I was present when he called). He voiced his support. Also, had my other colleagues call in as well.

    Planning to call my friends and relatives (US Citizens) and ask them to make the calls.


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  • gdilla
    02-28 01:41 PM
    Since you are a Canadian you can apply for a visitor visa (B1) – by applying the visa we will be in legal status until a decision is taken. B1 visa is generally approved if you give the reason of finishing up matters in US (like selling house/cars/closing bank accounts/credit accounts etc). I guess you are asking just to be informed but if it really happens another option for you is TN1 – if you have not yet applied for 485.

    But they never know when you leave really, at least if you're canadian. By going home, all I do is give the CANADIAN immigration officer the i-94 paper with the h1 stamp when i enter canada if i don't plan on returning to the US again, at least on that visa. Plus, they never ask, so it's really up to you to give it to them. And getting a visitor visa, canadians automatically enter on 6month visitor status as default, no stamping required. If you're flying, all you have to do is tell them you're coming back to canada. If you drive across the border, they don't care to ask. So i guess i can just hop back to vancouver for a weekend and come back as a visitor and be fine then (to clean up affairs, or just hang out for 6 months).


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  • m306m
    12-10 04:11 PM
    I can see sammyb's frustration but there is something to be said for collective intelligence and opnion. If we start restricting access to the site we loose out on the "Wisdom of the Crowds". A good example is free file sharing websites that have very few people contributing (<10%) but the benefit to the community is huge and the membership becomes ever larger because it is free. So as IV becomes more popular (which should be are foremost goal) there will be more people willing to contribute (even though the percentage of people contributing might still be small). I am not making a case for free loaders, instead I am making a case for free access to information.

    I salute Needhelp! for her commitment to this cause.

    Why can't we move from a free service to a membership based and see how many people still continue ... evenif with 25K members it is only a handful who are active and part of the initiative ... so I would suggest to go for a membership ...

    it could be a per month basis or pay a big amount and get membership for life or year ... say $200 for a year or $20 for a month ... we don't need the number/mass unless they are active in all way ... just my thoughts ... hope the IV core team will consider that ... enough of free rides ... now pay for it and get the access to forums ... :mad:

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  • meridiani.planum
    03-14 01:16 AM
    What if one changes employer? Can this be done in that case as well?



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  • austingc
    05-18 10:24 AM
    Last night I emailed to Texas senators and congressman and received response from all of them.

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  • needhelp!
    02-25 05:14 PM
    ~ 3309 LETTERS SO FAR ~


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  • makemygc
    07-05 11:35 AM


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  • Munna Bhai
    09-21 08:54 PM
    Ajobha, thank you for starting this thread.

    I am actually curious about peoples reasoning behind not attending the rally. I don't think anyone should judge people's decisions, but if we can understand why we didn't succeed in tempting you to come, we can learn for next time.

    It sounds like you might be considering going to another county or back home? Ironically, if this is true, it highlights perfectly what one of our key messages was at the rally.

    You are a poster child of reverse brain drain. The US needs to keep talent, whether it is home grown or imported. By making the process so grueling, people are starting to leave in droves.

    I didn't attended because recently I had a new boss and he was monitoring my daily schedule and being in H1b and coming so close to filing I-485, I was just waiting for my EAD or I-485 cheques to get encashed. On 21st Sep, they got encashed. Now I am bold enough to take a day or two as vacation and attend rally if organized in eastern part.

    I did paid 50% travel cost to one of our member from CA.

    Sorry for not attending this time, will do it next time.


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  • svam77
    07-18 11:55 AM
    I called USCIS and the representative said that, the normal turn around time for receipts is 15 days. And if we dont recieve the receipt by then, the employer can call and ask for the receipt #.

    I think with the receipt number, we should be good to go.

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  • akhilmahajan
    09-04 01:09 PM
    Folks its September 18th or Never.
    This rally is going to affect a lot of things in the near future.

    So think over it. Think hard and do the best for urself.

    It for U not for anyone else.
    Its for your spouses and your aging out kids.
    Its for your career and your growth.



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  • h1techSlave
    04-30 10:00 AM
    Contribution from MD is just 100 bucks; that's a shame. Our neighbors (VA) has contributed a decent 400 bucks. Guys in MD, please wake up.

    Thank You to IV members who are contributing:
    gconmymind-51, snathan-50, smanikandan-100, ahasan-100, MunnaBhai-100, vineet-100, rameshk75-50, mariusp-35, gcfordesi-50, belmontboy-100, Houstonguy-200, vikasw-50, kshitijnt-100, pune_guy-100, walking_dude-100, prasha98-100, ivvm-50, manojp4-100, Pineapple-100, sammyb-50, ca_gc-100, santb1975-100, nav_saini-100, gcpadmavyuh-100, pcs-100, akbose-100, eastwest-50, ubetman-100, pmurgai-100, deba-100, 5-Jun-100, wa_Saiprasad-100, chaukas-100, arunmohan-50, jimytomy-100, aspiration-50, prshah102-100, czar_the_king-100, maverick6993-100, eb3_nepa-100, kumar_77-50, Alien-100, nagio-100, vin13-100, manja-100, loti_GC-50, sonaliak-100, mdmd10-100, surabhi-100, m306m-100, malaGCPahije-100, patbose-50, clif-100, goel_ar-50, djit71-100, Jitamitra-100, rajtp-100, espoir-50, rp0lol-100, kicca-50, rajmalhotra-100, anuraj1234-100, yetanotherguyinline-100, MI member 1-100, MI member 2-100, NolaIndian32-50, poreddyp-100, Karthikthiru-100, pshah-100, tapukakababa-100, h1techSlave-100, uffyegc-100, rameshk75-50, Nagireddi-100, srinivas_o-100, nc14-50, aa2aa-100, add78-100, jbr-100, jayleno-100, naidu2543-50, vansvenkat-100


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  • venkygct
    09-04 04:50 PM
    Please check your PM and email. I have sent the details


    I would love to attend the rally. However my financial condition at this time does not permit me. I could have booked a ticket on my credit card but all my cards are max out!
    You want to know why I am in this financial deep hole? Well, I have two sons in college and paying out of state tuition, that is over $17,000 per semester for both of them.
    My wife on H4 could not work until now that she has an EAD. It is retrogression that I should blame and I would love to do all in my power to obtain relief or bring the issue to the attention of the American public.
    In my own way I have contributed to IV both in cash and in kind. I have told me story in countless media interviews. I only wish I could do more for IV financially but alas I am not able to do that at this time.
    I would be in the rally in spirit....only I wish I could attend in person.


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  • mhathi
    05-17 12:10 PM
    Done! Thanks for everyone's efforts!

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  • hpandey
    07-22 02:43 PM
    Well, I've got a few reasons.

    1. I don't like the attitude that comes along with the people that speak it.
    2. I just don't like the language.
    3. I don't live anywhere close to a place where I must know Hindi to survive.
    4. The Indian Constitution recognises English as a subsidiary official language.
    5. If I have survived as long as I have without knowing Hindi, I'm sure I can survive without knowing Hindi for the rest of my life.

    Thaai mannae vanakkam!

    This thread was dead in October last year. This guy MartianSoldier restarted it ( and notice he has only 1 post ) for just one reason - start infighting among indians from different states.

    Anyone falling into his trap and fighting on the thread ?

    Martiansoldier really belongs not on Mars but in a mental asylum. Please don't post on this thread unless it has really got something to do with PIO card or the Indian consulate.

    Remember United we stand and Divided we fall.

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  • EndlessWait
    01-23 11:05 PM
    I�ve been laid off as of Friday last week.

    My employer started laying off people an year ago and there were too many cycles so far. I was immune to all those layoffs until Friday. They eliminated everybody in my team, 15 people in total.

    I am in the final stage of my GC and I have 2 year EAD. My H1 is expiring in March and my (ex) employer already paid my Attorney for the 3 year extension. They have decided to extend my H1 and paid for the expenses. But in the mean time, they were forced by the investors to show profitability and hence the layoffs.

    My (ex) employer is based in Massachusetts and my Labor Certification was done from this location.
    I have received job offers from some of my employer�s clients. However, they are based in other States (CO, OH & WA for instance) and they might not be able to do my H1. One of them is interested in hiring me on a contract basis, since they had frozen new hiring.

    Is taking a job outside of Massachusetts impact my pending I-485? or Will it violate my Labor Certification conditions? I couldn�t find an answer for this anywhere.
    Also, can I take contract jobs for the time being?

    I sent out an email to my Attorney with all these questions. But, he is not available until Tuesday next week.

    Please post your answers, comments and suggestions.


    i work in mass too and i'm facing a similar situation..i'vent sent u a pm . pls look at it

    04-26 11:37 PM
    Here to support IV - $2836 in just 24 hours is amazing support!!

    Lets Go IV!!

    06-11 06:51 PM
    USCIS promptly waited for everyone to submit AP & EAD application to move the dates forward!!!

    But anyways, the movement is good, let's just see how many get their green cards and for the people who miss this boat as well we need to see how much they retrogress in October!

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