Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • Ahimsa
    11-08 08:51 AM
    ...The perceived opposition to CIR was blown out of proportion by the conservatives and their media cronies like Lou Dobbs. That it did not work clearly shows that the american public too mature and sensible to be carried away by such rhetoric.

    I am not sure but one thing we can see a lot of anti immigration conservatives are not doing too good at house.. so what does this mean.. immigration is an issue by the conservative talk shows...Lou Dobbs.. and people like them and not the gen US public ???

    When President Bush delivered his CIR speech, Lou Dobbs criticized CIR as amnesty and he went on suggesting "No bill is better than a bad bill" to Congressman Sensenbrenner et. al.

    Sensenbrenner took this advice verbatim and finally rejected CIR instead of conferencing on modifying it.
    I think Congress got the blame later and was termed "Do-Nothing Congress" mainly for this.

    It is a bitter lesson for politicians not listening to Senate or President but to Lou.

    IMHO, if Congressman Sensenbrenner took CIR to conference (instead of a month-long public hearings) to remove controversial provisions and pass legitimate provisions like the border fence measures, public would have retained the current congress.

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  • conundrum
    03-07 12:06 PM
    Got the letter last week and I am willing to contribute for this cause.

    But if we are paying up I think we should find out who has the earliest notice date / number and use that to ask for the info that way we can avoid at least some of the backlog.

    Even though I have voted for $25 contribution, wouldn't mind paying more if there is a shortage of funds.

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  • lordoftherings
    06-19 10:21 PM
    So assuming this is all correct and comes to pass what will EB GC applicants do from the date this is decreed to take effect (May 15th, June 19th October 1st etc.) until October 2008? Will there just be no applications allowed for over a year and existing applications made past the cut-off date get scrapped?

    Does anybody has answer to this qns please?

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  • copsmart
    01-26 11:11 PM
    What about salary requirements?

    I am planning to move to a State, where the cost of living is low and hence the salary is lower than what is specified in my LC.
    Is that an issue?


    >> Any location restrictions when using AC21?

    AC-21 job should be same/similar and must be full-time position.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin


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  • iq5203
    06-14 10:22 AM

    here is the original event details:

    Every now and then i meet people who think/claim that UK/Aus/Canada/France/Germany are better places to live than US. They point at their labor policies, care for human rights, civil liberties such as gay rights etc. Recently heard that French people work the least # of hours in the world.

    Despite of all the good things (in theory) in those countries, their racist attitude towards colored people make them less desirable than US. I have not been to EU/Aus but been to Canada at least a dozen times, and personally i feel US is a LOT BETTER country to live for colored people.

    I don't understand how you're drawing a conclusion about Canadian racism based on racial profiling by a French airline. I am Canadian, and I can tell you that our policies and general attitudes towards foreigners are better BY FAR than those in the US.

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  • kevinkris
    02-12 05:41 PM
    And users should able to give numbers in that.. not just radio options..
    And i remember most of the people are sending letters only to President not a copy to IV.

    How does sending letters to IV matters?

    Between my side i sent letter to president and requested 10 of my friends to do so..


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  • piperwarrior
    07-17 10:11 PM

    It was so intelligently written, that many "skilled workers" did not get it.

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  • nrakkati
    04-22 05:24 PM
    Haven't got anything from USCIS yet. Online status show 'Received RFE Response'


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  • sam_hoosier
    11-15 04:04 PM
    Doesn't it sound rude... they celebrate, feast and we fast. If we admire this country for giving us so much we should also show our support and adopt the culture and celebrate with them to show we are tax paying Americans who enjoy in American way.

    We can show our protest by sending 1-wish for our own GC ( may be in the form of Christmas tree ornament) to all law makers. Everybody makes a wish and our wish is GC.

    IMO, it is not rude but definitely brings out the irony of our positions.

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  • H1bslave
    08-19 12:10 PM
    First thanks to those who put there first hand experience in this thread, it made me think again. And now I am deciding to cross the border and go north, after 9+ years in US on H1b.

    Could someone please refer a Do-it-yourself kit that they have used and/or immigration consultant?
    I contacted one consultant, they email almost every week and when I called/emailed them saying I am ready to pursue there has been no response from other side yet.

    It will be great help for me if you could refer a kit or a consultant.

    Looking forward to join H1->Canada community :D



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  • needhelp!
    02-10 12:28 AM
    abhijitp & h4_hoping :)

    I am also hoping for some tomorrow at a class.

    Will update the letter counts on Monday. Buzz has it that IV has received ~1700 letters in the P O Box.

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  • 99mutd08
    05-19 02:00 PM
    Thanks for all the efforts in advance.Contributed 100 dollars.Would not be able to make it to DC. Go IV


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  • pappu
    03-05 11:31 AM
    Didn't we request for the same information, other than priority date stuff, that Ombudsman was looking for in 2006, does anybody know whether CIS provided him what he requested for?

    Can't they reuse the same "program", as they call it, to provide us the info that we requested for? I would suggest to atleast include a reference to this Ombudsman's request in our reply letter.

    I am in for contribution too.

    I suggest, some of us send another email asking Ombudsman about this. Let us see what kind of response we get. It will be helpful to find if they got the data they requested in 2004. If they have not got it in about 4-5 years, are we also going to wait for a long time to get the data?

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  • swamy
    09-21 06:03 PM
    How about fasting for a day or two during the holiday season around xmas?-maybe a relay fast running for a month or two with employees from big name firms taking the lead like microsoft fob's skipping meals on mondays to be followed by Deloitte fob's on a tuesday and so on? skipping meals to donate that money to starving people is a fairly common tactic used to raise money for worthy causes and one that would resonate with the average american easily. I can try to persuade a dozen of my coworkers to skip a lunch - ofc ourse this would work only if we get media coverage -the upside is the cnn/foxnews xenophobic anchors would find it hard to spin this one against us! Also, we should relentlessly stay on an agreed message which could even be just stating the obvious - like we have gone thru a process where employers have actually advertised and found no one suitable for the job etc..


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  • narendra_modi
    05-17 02:44 PM
    I see no money involved in the effort..many free loaders will be sending the emails..great job IV..I feel shame as a member that no month donation target ever reached..& this month only 125USD. I think donors will give their donation at DC only ..IV should have the capability of collecting donations on the counters at DC with some kid of receipt..Go IV Go...

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  • anilsal
    11-09 12:40 AM
    Suresh, stop posting this link in every thread. What are you trying to achieve?


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  • kate123
    02-13 06:07 PM
    Please see my comments in RED below

    You are reading my post selectively and not in its entirety. I did not say EAD is waste and useless, I said EAD is waste and useless without the removal of semilar or same job requirement in AC21 as USCIS will sooner or later deny AOS based on semilar\same job requirement. Do you know how many RFE\denial notices have been issued by USCIS to EAD\Ac21 workers? There is an entire thread running into several pages related to that. Scores of people wrote to USCIS ombudsman complaining about USCIS issuing denial notice to people whose I140 was revoked by previous employer even though Ac21 says AOS continues even if I140 is rovoked by previous employer. There are instances where USCIS has issued rfe to prove they are in a same\semilar job. History has shown USCIS uses issues like same\semilar job to kick people out. Based on the IO adjudicating your case, based on the economic climate etc USCIS has made life difficuly (current h1b crackdown is a example).

    What I am saying is bring in protection to AOS by
    -removing the same or semilar job requirement in AC21
    Its not that easy to make this adjustment. If you take out this clause a person can work any where and this is more like a green card. For example a software person can even work in a gas station. I am afraid, this cannot be done as easy as you think.--- Again, I am not saying that it should not be done; all I am saying is let us keep this as a separate item

    -making sure USCIS does not deny AOS when previous employer revokes aproved i140.(even though ac21 says aos cannot be denied, USCIS is sending denail notice).
    There were several request mails already sent to USCIS ombudsman about this issue. Let us not mix up again.

    Yes EAD is absolutely better than H1b but not for long, when people start using EAD instead of H1b, -- This issue will come only if I change my job. If I want to be with same employer I will have flexibility of using EAD (with out the need to extend H1, Visa Stamping)
    USCIS will start denying AOS based on Same\semilar job or other grey areas (not working on EAD because of lay off) then you are back to square one. If you are on EAD and AOS is denied you are out of status like H1b. -- This will come in to picture if I want to use AC21.
    Close the loopholes first before you open the pre filing AOS. Your statement regarding not work at all on EAD is not correct. USCIS can issue rfe\denial notice for lack of job. I hope it was true that it does not matter if you are not working at all on EAD.

    Also please remember that the percent of AC21 denials are compartively less when you compare with total number of people who successfully used AC21... we already have a separate compain for AC21 denials where lots of people have already sent mails CIS ombudsman.

    If I am wrong please correct me.
    Kiran :)

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  • kerstbrd
    09-21 01:55 PM
    I guess the cat is out of the bag. Yes, I got my greencard a few weeks ago. Yes, my PD is early 2004.

    [[insert napoleon dynamite quote]]

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  • shaikhshehzadali
    03-21 03:48 PM
    It is just the way u wrote....put a poll and most of us will agree on that...
    I have been very clear on my statements..

    All I can say is .... :) I didnt ... you called them that by wrongly inferring that from my posts

    05-20 10:54 PM
    Please send this to your friends and family.

    06-20 10:32 AM
    If bill is passed Senate in 2007 it will pass current form for H1b. There is possiblity for failing of the bill is 75% now. Also even if Cantwell amendment is passed that will give relief only to high tech companies not for Hospitals or Health care. There is no other amendment other than Cantwell for H1b or GC relief in Senate
    Only unknown is how House will handle. Now house is confident that Senate will not pass CIR(Infact house members think they can escape from this hot button issue)

    But I am almost certain that Most persons who file I485 within next 6 months will get GC within 1 to 5 years whether CIR is passed or not.

    is UNLIKELY to pass at least in its current form. Public hospitals, underserved area clinics, Universities are not Google and Oracle!!! They'll go under if they have to pay 5000 $ for H1Bs. People probably don't have the faintest idea under what kind of financial strain these are. There will be exemptions for universities and non-profit organizations.

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