Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • gapala
    09-09 10:55 PM
    local business people who have a lot of black money. All of them together are keeping up the prices.

    The current middle class seems to realize that trying to save money in a bank in order to buy something is foolish since the paper money is losing its value over time. So they are either investing; or making purchases with borrowed money as long as they can make the EMI payments. Overall, the current middle class is not backing out of buying what they need for lack of money. (This trend will probably lead India in the same path as the US i.e. huge debt for everyone)[\QUOTE]

    I agree with your points. Just adding few comments.
    Huge debt for everyone? This is going to be the biggest problem because in US, we have a foundation for debt based economy (SSN, credit history, Credit score, credit ratings etc.) If you default the payment, you will have an effect and there will be an impact on future credit applications. There is nothing of this sort in India and the politicians will not allow such things to be setup as well. So essentially back to my point. Banks who lend money are at bigger risk of loosing it. There is nothing that they can do to report on consumer's default or fraud for that matter.

    Now per say consumer dump the property or bank attaches it for non payment of loan amount, Bank will be stuck with properties worth 1/4th for those crores that they loaned to people, maintenance will cost them more to prepare it for sale.

    In any account, there is a big problem ahead there.

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  • pitha
    07-06 05:23 PM
    thats why aila lawsuit is important, if they can bend the rules for consular processing and a lot of other mischief for eating up 60k visas then they can bend there rules for giving us EAD as well when bulletin is revised.

    See what I was saying. They are not supposed to grant CP appointments and approvals in July per the regulations. They have decided to bend the rules to approve the currently pending 485s and CPs. They came up with this lame excuse that since the visas were already shipped out to the consular posts ................yada yada. Point is as I said they can't do 18K CP applicatrions in a day at the consulates the way they seem to have done for the 485s. Even this I am not sure.
    I doubt whether they have sent out all 60K 485 approvals either, they probably will in the course of the next month or thereabouts.
    I'll say it again, they want 485s out but they don't want them in for whatever reason. It is getting clearer.

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  • hibworker
    12-10 07:40 PM
    Even if you had applied then when single, no difference my friend.
    One still needs to retain the H1 so their dependants could have the H4. So, until the dates open up again there is no end in sight for the other benefits such as EAD etc.

    If it is any solace, you actually did not miss the boat!

    I agree. I applied for I-485 and was single at that time. Now I am married and still on H1-B. Nothing has changed for me (as far as immigration is concerned. ;-) )

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  • gumpena
    07-20 03:11 PM
    Kennedy, Clinton voted against this... I dont know what they are thinking..


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  • Jeniya2006feb27INDIA
    11-07 01:33 AM
    This is what i had read one of the blog sites i visit

    The Bridge Amendment that we all had such high hopes for last week has failed to survive conference. This is an enormous setback to our effort.

    All is not lost however, there is still a chance for the amendment to be offered in one of the forthcoming budget bills, including a likely omnibus at years end.

    You Can check out the Site


    SA 3404 to HR 3043 is the one which is failed to survive the Senet

    SA 3404 to HR 3043, seeks to amend the forthcoming Labor Health and Human Services appropriations bill, by recapturing 61,000 unused visas for Schedule A workers and their derivative family members.

    And the Second one is

    SA 3442, is also offered as an amendment to HR 3403. SA 3442 is a much more comprehensive amendment that seeks to recapture visas for not just Schedule A workers and their derivative family members, but also for conventional EB workers.

    Hope i had answered your query

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  • peyton sawyer
    08-02 08:30 AM

    sorry wasn't able to notice we have the same inquiry about ds230..

    anyway, you can check your case status thru automated phone system, check out the phone number in the accompanying letter you got from nvc lately.. just use touch-tone telephone


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  • Blessing&Lifeisbeautiful
    07-24 04:12 PM
    Calling all Schedule A professionals? Anyone concurrently filing this July?

    Hope everyone has seen the USCIS release of yesterday


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  • orangutan
    02-07 02:22 PM
    I myself in the similar situation. My wife wants to send money to her parents every month (BTW her 2 sister and brother live in US since long time). I did a lot for her parents till last year which I stopped. I help them, when they have money they give it to other family members instead of me. Any way the story is, it took lot of time i.e around 2 years to councel my wife to make her understand.

    I told her I can't buy House, no Private Schools, no high end cars. I asked her to make a decision. I clearly expalined her my vision about my career, my view towards the life. She did not completely understand but at this point she is not forcing me (good thing).

    Don't give up, just keep explaining about life. she will get it at some point.


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  • singhsa3
    09-11 04:53 PM
    I just got red dot from someone. My freind why not you reveal yourself . I am just suggesting some ideas, if you don't like it please have courage to discuss in open.

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  • diptam
    09-26 02:34 PM
    I did that earlier ( banging on CM's door) in May 08 after my 140 was pending for 1 year... They said unless this is a emergency , they cant help at that point - however they helped me to get my H extension approval ( which was also pending for 5 months :( that time and I could have been out of status in another 3 months)

    This time i'm waiting for 17 months and the wall street financial crisis arrived. So i wrote to my Local Congressman and state Democrat Senator stating that " I could lose my job and even if there is a job available in the same state - i might have to relocate with my family or sit unemployed... However if 140 would have been approved On time - i could switch to another job quickly because no one is available or qualified to do that"

    I also mentioned them the issue of NSC approving cases from June - Nov 07 and some as late as 2008 in the Eb3 category and only Apr-May 07 cases are somehow shelved off ....

    here4gc- What was you Eb category and when did USCIS received your 140 and which center Nebraska or Texas ??

    Guys..I just recieved my I-140 approval..last week..shocked, surprised..but trust me..this works..hope some people remember about a similar campaign I had initiated a while back..I sent letters to Zoe Lofgren, Ombudsman, USCIS director and Ted Kennedy..apart from contacting my local congressman...

    Goodluck guys!!! I sincerely wish everybody speedy approvals!!!!!!


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  • casinoroyale
    03-18 10:49 AM

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  • Macaca
    09-12 04:06 PM
    RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLD (http://www.nytimes.com/gst/emailus.html)
    NEELA BANERJEE: nbanerjee@nytimes.com *
    JAMES BARRON (http://www.nytimes.com/gst/emailus.html)
    NINA BERNSTEIN: nbernstein@nytimes.com *
    MARJORIE CONNELLY (http://www.nytimes.com/gst/emailus.html)
    SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN sgfreedman@nytimes.com
    Clyde Haberman
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    PAUL KRUGMAN krugman@nytimes.com
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    DAVID STOUT (http://www.nytimes.com/gst/emailus.html)
    MICHAEL WINERIP parenting@nytimes.com


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  • ashutrip
    06-21 11:53 AM
    process, thanks to Cohen & Grisby PERM presentation at the recent AILA conference.

    So, things might slow down for PERMs due to this. Of course it will. See my posts about C & G elsewhere.
    thats more bad news

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  • gc_check
    03-05 09:46 PM
    My PD is March-2003 and I didn't get the labor cleared till Late 2006

    I just can't help wondering how did you get your labor in 2004 with the PD of May-2003? How come snake of BEC didn't bite you? :)

    Prior to BEC, the Labor certs need to clear the state and then regional processing center. Stated like NJ, NY, CA, etc the wait time for Labor was years, while Iowa, MA, etc cleared labor in few months and many lucky folks got the GC from start / labor to 485 approval in 15-18 months... The unlucky ones (me included) are stuck now even with earlier PD in AOS... Hope something good happens in second half of FY09 atleast.... for all


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  • hpandey
    04-01 08:13 AM
    As Ron Gotcher observed, they are still using DOS ( not department of state ! ) programs .

    Well they do process millions of applications - H1's , EAD's , GC's ' I-140 , Labor and so many different kinds of visas and other applications . I must say that they are trying even if they are not succeeding. It is probably due to shortage of manpower and experienced personnel. Another problem is that the money that they get from all the application fees which is a very significant amont ( greater than a billion ) some of it is diverted to other programs rather than hiring more workers for USCIS .

    I guess we can only make efforts via rallies and other actions that IV does to make them realize the delays and streamline their process but the ultimate decision will always lie with USCIS unless a big political figure steps in .

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  • chanduv23
    08-12 11:29 AM
    Almost all companies, in every field (engg, medicine, nursing, research..) hire people through contracting agencies. Most of the companies these days hire only US citizens or GC or EAD and try best not to hire H1b and if you look at their employees, it is rare to find 50% or more h1b holders.

    On the contrary, outsourcing companies may have majority of their workers coming here on L1 or H1b and when such a fgee is imposed, I guess, for the biggies, it is just a small adjustment in their costs of bringing workers which they will adjust in their other expenses.

    Overall, I am not sure, how much revenue such a law will generate. Will it generate enough revenue which is being claimed (600 million?)

    To me, this kinda speech and trashing Indian companies and outsourcing etc... and showing that they acted on it just looks like it is pure politics to save face during the election year.


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  • texcan
    09-12 10:13 PM
    I was hoping to get people to start their monthly contribution, but it seems people are more inclined to make one time contribution. So I have added this to the start of the thread.

    >>For every $100 one time contribution by first time contributors I will match $25.00. <<

    So people with their fingers on the trigger, who don't want to commit long term, here is your chance. Please allow me to help you squeeze the trigger and fire your first shot.

    I already have Struggle and green_world. Just need 2 new first time $100 contributors to make my next $100 contribution.

    Committments in life do make people nervous, but in this case i am surprised
    what else will it take.
    Come on guys, this is best deal of century. Make some contribution.

    Once again, Great going Milind
    Hats off to you friend.

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  • tikka
    07-18 02:04 PM
    As a $20 recurring contributor till now, I am upgrading my monthly contribution to $50 from today onwards.

    Good luck to everyone and my wishes to IV CORE.

    Also IV membership just crossed the 21000 mark.

    Threads: 5,912, Posts: 118,961, Members: 21,000 , Active Members: 14,163

    for your contribution.. :)

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  • vikki76
    07-18 12:06 PM
    Hmm..didn't see any email for this action alert/Funding drive. I thought all IV action alerts were sent out as e-mails.
    Franklin,can you please forward this to our Northern Calif chapter?

    07-18 07:45 PM
    the $20/mnth was pulled a while back- hardly anyone was signing up for monthly contributions and everyone went for the lwoest amount. all in all a shameful situation. my humble suggestion- in a lumpsome, donate the amount equivelant to 20/mnth for the next 4 mnths ie $80, then when the EAD comes you can start recurring contributions.

    Thanks! That is exactly what we discussed after posting the above. Check will be on the way for $80 soon.

    07-18 12:36 PM
    Where are the new members whom I see on other 485 related forums?
    We can only hope they join..and pitch in...

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