Thursday, June 9, 2011

design ideas for girls bedrooms

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  • nareshg
    06-14 12:05 PM
    Maybe one can get a birth certificate from Consulate General of India here in the US ?

    Here is a link to the one in SFO...and it talks of applying for the birth certificate...

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  • needhelp!
    03-05 12:05 PM
    Try this link to see USCIS response: (


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  • svam77
    07-23 10:58 AM
    Talked to them and they think that there is no harm in doing it ...

    Manish (who works with Aman) did the same .......
    He put the whole I 140 application along with the I 485 filing.

    These people are awesome ......... There are many other immigration forms but they dont even lift the calls.
    I am just amazed with the way these people are dedicated.

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  • akred
    03-15 03:18 AM
    As mentioned by some others in the same thread: a lot of employers are also taking advantage of this situation.

    i was one of those who was forced to file EB3 despite qualifying very well for EB2. The pretext is job description, although same job description has personnel applied for in EB2.

    Quite a few of the EB3 crowd has had no choice, but to be herded in the slowest category to benefit the employer.

    How can we highlight this?

    Only way out is to find another employer/manager, file an EB2 labor and recapture the old priority date. Once you have the basic qualifications (MS or BS+5), the decision between EB3/EB2 is subjective and at your manager's/employer's discretion.


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  • ilikekilo
    05-30 12:52 PM

    LONDON: Nationals from India, Pakistan and four other countries would now need a visa to even travel through the UK on their way to a third country, the Home Office announced on Wednesday.

    The new visa regime -- 'Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV)' -- would come into effect from midnight tonight, it said in a news release. The other countries affected by DATV are Bangladesh, Angola, Cameroon and Lebanon.

    Previously, nationals of these countries needed the visas to visit the UK, but could do without one if they were passing through, within 24 hours.

    The Home Office cited six reasons as to why the measure was being introduced saying "there is a significant level of abuse of the UK immigration control committed by Indian nationals".

    Home Office Minister Beverley Hughes said, "We are responding to intelligence that a growing number of nationals from these countries are using the transit route to flout our immigration controls and to enter the UK illegally or to make unfounded asylum applications."

    He said the announcement was part of a package of measures being used to strengthen UK border controls abroad, including new screening technology and better use of intelligence to break up gangs that profit from the trade in illegal immigrants.

    He also said that the UK is committed to a continued increase in the number of visitors and students from India.

    "We can ensure that those who do not qualify under these waivers and who need to apply for a DATV can do so as smoothly as possible and at any of our 11 visa application collection offices across India at a cost of Rs 2,150," he said.

    On why Indian nationals would need DATV, the release attributed it to the significant level of abuse of the UK immigration control by them.

    It said between January to June this year there was evidence to indicate that Indian nationals accounted for 40 per cent of the cases where passengers able to transit the UK without a visa and who then sought to stay here illegally or by making an asylum claim involved Indian nationals.

    Last year, around 2000 Indian nationals applied for asylum in the UK and indications were that the number this year would be even higher.

    Further, during the same period some 400 arrived without any documents and more than 270 using forged documents.

    Indian nationals account for the highest number of asylum applications made on arrival in the UK, it said adding that this was part of a general tightening of controls to prevent abuse of the asylum system.

    Its funny how some so called indian "newspapers" like siliconIndia are very religious to echo the "statements" and "Sentiments" of these people from other countries. Again, this article states "it is said...bla bla", they are talking as though it has become an epidemic and all the billion plus people from India are gonna follow to their greener pastures. Yes, these countries can do what they need and can do, but for God's sake, dont paint a sorry a$$ picture. They jsut continue to show how ignorant and foolish they are :)

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  • pdFeb09
    06-16 04:33 PM
    Is it possible to upgrade from EB3 to EB2, if person is working on EAD after AC21 is invoked and H1 is expired?

    I believe it is possible if your company is willing to do it. Having said that, you would be better off asking this question to a qualified lawyer.


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  • chanduv23
    09-16 12:22 PM
    Look agt what we are trying to achieve - have trust and faith in IV - show your support and solidarity to IV

    Yes support the kids - support the strong women who are coming along with their kids

    support the cause

    Support Aman - who has done all this for you.


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  • pmat
    09-25 10:44 PM
    I don't have any choice other than going with Fragomen because of employer restrictions... they are very slow... I have found that they only respond to the HR emails -- they will never respond to your emails and you will keep on waiting for replies for weeks together...

    My LC was approved in Feb.. they took 4 months to prepare and file my I140 application which is most probably the simplest application.... After the dates became current in June - they took 10 days to send me a list of documents required for I485 despite several emails... That too happened after HR intervention.

    I am fortunate that my GC process was started by other law firm... They filed my application in EB2 otherwise I am pretty sure that Fragomen would have gone for EB3. I have been with another law firm that started my GC process,,, and trust me -- it was much much better than Fragomen in spite of being a large law firm.

    Fragomen should stop taking clients if they cannot handle the load... Phone calls made to their lawyers/paralegals always go to voicemail --

    Don't use them if you have a choice.


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  • kicca
    04-28 02:11 PM
    $50 personal check from MISSOURI in the mail today.

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  • frostrated
    06-11 02:35 PM

    This is one of my friends case: Please guide him....

    "My wife's employer filed for her GC during 2007 August rush for all of us. Her case is in EB3 with Feb 2005 PD. My labor is approved and filed for I-140 about a year ago and still hasn't been approved. Now, my PD is current based on yesterday's Visa Bulletin. Can I file another I-485 for me with a pending I-485 thru my wife's employer?"

    Thanks in advance....

    yes, you can file a 485 based on your PD. But it will be processed only after your 140 is approved or while it is being processed.
    OR, you can wait, and once your 140 is approved and provided your PD is still current, you can transfer your wife's 485 to yours making you the primary and the wife the dependent.


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  • bidhanc
    06-04 09:24 PM
    Can someone please share what documents they sent when e-filing AP?


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  • deepakd
    07-01 11:06 PM
    I dont agree with you..Larrabee is a top firm who handled our case very well..its ur company to blame if they have not filed perm for you.

    Sorry, I don't agree with you and also my mistake that I am linking my perm labor filing with Larrabee. I agree my perm labor is delayed because of my company.

    But I have seen Larrabee handling my h1B transfer case where they screw up by missing some document. Atleast by my experience I wound not suggest my company and Larrabee as well for any immigration stuff


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  • needhelp!
    02-28 06:04 PM
    Very nice going..

    total letters collected 366.

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  • pd_recapturing
    06-21 12:18 AM
    I have applied AP two times so far. I have always got my AP started date is same as expired date of previous one so in a nut shell, I dint loose a single day. I have always sent a cover letter explaining the different dates so that might have been the key.


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-30 04:49 PM
    Looks like $8036 so far.

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  • logiclife
    12-11 02:32 PM
    I have said what I have felt. I am not going to be politically correct, never have been. This is not a forum for pracitising genteel speeches, pampering and politically correct messages.

    If you RSVP that "I will come" and the host prepares entire day for meeting, makes her daughter skip the extra carricular activities, ends up using better part of weekend for an event she is thinking will be attended by you, but you dont show up even and dont even bother to call they you are cancelling, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself. If you do something like that in your workplace, then you will get fired. If you signup for a volunteer training/conference on behalf of your company, get company to book your travel, make them spend time/money and then on day of travel, you dont even show up at the airport and attend conference/training that you volunteered to attend, then you will get fired. You wont get fired from Immigration Voice and there are no personal consequence to your bad, lousy manners therefore its afforable to do so, and so you can do it.

    If you think EAD is the end of the road and you are free now with AC21 options BUT on the contrary you feel more and more need to visit forums here, on Khanna portal, on Murthy's forums/chats then probably you are wrong, you are not free. You are still bound by strings that restrain your mobility and freedom.

    LURKERS : And finally, if the only reason (and this is the most common reason) for not volunteering or participating in activities or contributions is that you are afraid of USCIS or some agency retaliating against your pending 485, and the problem is cowardice. The most common reason why we have 3 times more "visitors" then logged in members is that "visitors" are afraid of the government in the most democratic and free country in the world. I need you to login so that I can get email and information about you so that I can seek your help. And I dont need your help for my own personal gain. I am not going to sell you used cars to send you spams and advertisements about something I am selling. I am one of you. Struggling and fighting against an unfair system. I need your email - not to sell you fortune cookies - but to ask for funds, ask you to attend local events, ask you to meet lawmakers. None of these things bring a single penny to my bank account. None of these things make my PD current. This is for you, if you think you are up for it. But if you are a coward then no one can help you. And if you are offended by being called a "coward" by me, then you are too coward to even recognize that you are a coward.


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  • gandhig
    02-07 01:55 PM
    Sent two letters (my husband and me) yesterday to President and to IV. Will try to get a few more from friends.

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  • walking_dude
    10-05 10:04 AM
    Story so far ( will get updated as story progresses)


    nogc_noproblem (added)
    bestin (updated)
    new_horizon (added - confirmed through PM)
    lakewalker (added)
    GCcomesoon (added)

    Waiting confirmation


    Others, please come forward and join us

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  • santb1975
    04-27 02:02 PM
    Thanks for your contribution

    Thanks for your very clear directions... Just made a one time contribution of US$50.00 through PayPal and the receipt number is as follows.....

    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #3UM47167F79761703)

    Thanks !!!

    07-10 05:14 PM
    I appreciate this update logiclife. This is all I (and I am sure many others) wanted, an update.

    If you see any bad word in my post, you can delete it and you have power to delete it.

    I felt thay many members asked for update (and I know there is no crtitical update) once in a while from IV core team.

    Any post from a IV core member makes this forum alive again and boost member's moral, as It shows that IV is still working.

    I posted a -ve post as I knew that you will post something in response to it, and hence proved.

    But using words like "barking dogs", God, I was not expecting that.

    Ghost, something must be missing in your character but I don't blame you, its bad parenting.


    ForeverGC, this is not the right way to ask for an update. You are like a spoilt child demanding attention by throwing a tantrum.

    I don't understand the point of people constantly asking for updates. Guys, we are a small group of people - 5000 members, only 1000 contributing - a small piece of the battle currently being waged over undocumented workers and border security. What can we, the IV core team, tell you? Every update is pretty much the same - we are trying to talk to Congressmen and put some provisions in the SKILL bill or other bill. What do they tell us? Keep educating Congressmen about your provisions, the same as you did for the Senate, and wait for the opportune moment or legislation.

    What is the point of hounding the core team for updates? And your post, ForeverGC, just made me want to resign from the core group as you just picked a fight with several people, one that we now have to step in to moderate. This is just a waste of energy for the people who have to moderate.

    03-05 12:47 AM
    If you guys read the letter a bit carefully, it says they do not have information about the country of chargeability and they cannot share it with us. For $5K all we can get is a breakdown of how many apps are there in each category and then it will be a guessing game of how many are pending for applicants from India/China/ROW etc. Just something to keep in mind.

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