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  • vikki76
    03-05 12:28 AM
    Let's see if giving them 5K brings more transparency..seems like a good idea about pooling in money

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  • factoryman
    02-09 07:04 PM
    et tu.

    So many posts, so many links have been done on this. One of the main reasons, eb3 is so backlogged is this legal and greedy snatching of unused HB3 visas from 200 to 2005.

    I see point and counter-point, but no action yet.

    Where did the 50K visas come from? Where will the 90K visas come from?

    Are they from the total pool of 144K/year or is this an additional amount (144K + 90K) allocated for health care?

    Who is included in health care? Thanks.

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  • lord_labaku
    03-14 12:30 PM
    People with EB3-India may not expect any kind of fast movement in near future, unless law changes. It will be in snail phase. It is waste discussion to analyze howmany people filled EB3 LC from India in 2002,2003 etc. Generally EB3 is very high demand catagory from all accross the world. EB3 contains skilled worker catagory including cooks, nurses, and so many many non-professional occupations. All the discusion are focussed on demand by Indian IT folks, by ignoring other spectrum of the demand by other group of peoples. Therfore no matter what; EB3-India will get only 3000 EB3 GC per year (Approxmatly 1500 primary).

    1500 LC per year EB3 India is a tiny fraction of the demand by EB3 India. Therefore best advise in EB3 India folks to convert into EB2 to get use of early PD like 2002 or 2003.

    Only when EB3 ROW becomes C can EB3 China, India & mexico see a leap in priority dates. March bulletin 08 pushed EB3 ROW by 2 years. Apr bulletin pushed it by another 6 months to Jul05. If demand for EB3 ROW is still low, then final quarter of this fiscal year (Jul to Sep), priority dates for India EB3 can possibly see a jump forward by 1-2 yrs.

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  • mybid2003
    09-12 10:38 AM


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  • rambo45
    07-02 10:46 AM
    For a change - at least it feels like someone is listening and that I am doing something for a change in my situation.

    I have asked people (my friends and office colleagues (Americans and non-Americans included)) to call the Congressman's office and express support. I am sure at least 10% of the people whom I spoke to will be calling the Congressman's office.

    Go IV!!!

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  • rsrikant
    07-20 09:38 AM
    hi guys,

    have you seen this link??

    search for text "Reminder". the point no. 15.
    i think that paragraph is a bit relieving...

    what do you infer from it??


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  • gandhig
    05-01 10:42 AM
    Receipt ID: 5HW16907AP031790K
    Contributed: $100

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  • santb1975
    04-28 12:12 AM
    you get us to 3786.

    Contributed $100.00
    Receipt ID: 8Y827090SS825123P


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  • pappu
    04-28 11:19 PM
    Contributed through paypal and Receipt ID: 5WU062607T926773U

    Total amount: $100.00 USD


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  • leoindiano
    02-24 05:26 PM
    I am on EAD, I marched to capitol building in DC for the relief i got, I support this admin fix effort...Count me in for anything you plan to do...


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  • malibuguy007
    04-26 01:18 AM
    I just emailed 8 friends asking for contributions and sent them the link to this thread. Let us try and get 2 extra people along with each one of us.

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  • silibili
    06-01 10:33 AM
    $50 via Paypal,
    Receipt ID: 1511-6903-0099-6962


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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    07-18 09:04 AM
    I also have the same issue. Can we get some help on resolving this. I think USCIS should accept with some proof that I-140 is already filed.

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  • indianabacklog
    12-10 08:50 AM
    This sort of response is not surprising at all to me. I sent individual emails to at least twenty members from my state to try and galvanize some action and did not receive one single reply.

    There are four of us who seem to be keen to try to get something moving but that seems to be a bit lame when we can only muster four people from an entire state.


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  • pappu
    05-26 03:32 PM
    Those who are not coming should at least consider contributing. We need to reach our target soon to better plan the advocacy days.

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  • wellwishergc
    03-17 08:11 PM
    I think I-485 filing clause is needed. Please note that the USCIS is not staffed enough. So there is a high possibility that the priority date retrogression will continue even if all the current provisions included in the Frist bill is passed. They will retain the retrogression in order to control the number of applications. In such a scenario, it is important for us to try and introduce the I-485 clause, so that people could get their EAD while they wait for USCIS to clear the mess. My 2 cents.

    if this presesnt clauses r there..i think its enuf for us to et the dates current...recapturing unused visas and increasing visa numbers


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  • Regal22
    07-21 07:54 AM
    Subject: Injustice :mad: for people with priority dates in '02, '03, '04 etc. who are still waiting for their labor certs to be processed using the traditional process - we want to file a case against DOL's lethargy - Let us join together and file a case against DOL and bring justice to this unjustified system.

    The manner in which the backlog reduction center have been processing the
    labor certs seems to be very unfair for people like me and others who have been affected. I know of cases with priority dates as late as 2005 that have gone through the traditional process and have been approved already. And there are cases like mine and others with much earlier priority dates that haven't been done. This is very unfair and unjustified. It is like we have been standing in the queue for several hours and a person who came much later than me just sneaked into the queue and got his service done while I am still waiting for my turn. Also the fact that now the UCIS has made the filing of I-485 current adds more insult to the injury that I and others in my position have endured.

    The fact that the I-485 was made current and then withdrawn was made a big deal and people wanted to file cases, whereas the plight of people like me who are still waiting for the labor cert to be cleared has been totally
    ignored, inspite of the fact that people who applied for labor much later
    have been approved through the traditional process.

    We want to file a case ASAP with the DOL or other relevant
    authority regarding this issue and the unfair way of the process that we
    have been subjected to. So can all those folks who have been affected by this join and voice your support? We shoud put up this fight because this is in no way justified. Why would it be?

    The next steps should be:

    - Get all of the support we need from all affected folks ASAP
    - Get in touch with a lawyer who can help us to prepare the case
    - File the case in a court against DOL
    - Make sure we get justice

    Please join and show your support. Please help!!!


    I am very glad that you brought this point. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than suing the DOL. We may not sue DOL on their inability to clear the backlogs, but we can definitely sue them in their utter and deliberate disregard to FIFO procedures (mind that some people with priority dates in 2004, 2005 have already got their labor certifications, but some with priority dates in 2001, 2002 are still stuck). When I read on the DOL web site that they have tried to maintain FIFO, it makes me feel like puking.

    Some folks have pointed that the lawsuit is not worth, as it has little chance of winning. To me personally, more than winning or loosing, it is a matter of bringing injustice to the light, as Gandhi has said something in this line: First step against injustice is to make it visible. This law suit will bring public scrutiny to the misdeeds of the DOL.

    Even if all the backlogs get cleared by September 2007, severe damage has been already dealt to our lives. Though I am close to getting my labor clearance (I filed RRI few weeks back), I am strongly in favor of continuing with the law suit even after getting the labor clearance.

    Let�s get IV�s attention and support in this area. Let�s talk to AILA. Let�s write letters to senators and house representatives (congresswoman Lofgren may be good person to start with). Let�s write to media personnel. Let�s do whatever needs to be done to expose this insult and injury to the immigrants who waited in the line for years and followed rules of the game.

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  • ilikekilo
    06-27 10:25 AM
    oh well..I jsut called Congressman's office...she took the place where I am from...she said she wasnt sure what his stand is when I asked her about those bills...

    She saod she will pass on the mess age...and she knew I Was calling about the bills when I asked her to tx to someone who handles immi. bills and she said she could help me with that...she was polite..

    Way to GO, IV

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  • Prasad_FL
    05-18 08:20 PM
    I just did it. It is very simple and I have informed my friends. Good job Pappu.

    06-09 05:06 AM
    You definitely raise an interesting case. What I would say to that is that they just have to reevaluate the points allocation system. the details of the point allocation system may be bad but the overall intent still stands to benefit the highly educated while including the EB system as well will make sure less skilled but in demand people are also taken care off. handling family based GC is a whole diff ball game though.

    Overall intent of the bill was to legalize/give amnesty to 12 million people at any cost for dems. The intent of republicans was to gut the whole immigration system whether legal or illegal.

    You say that they just have to reevaluate point system. How many amendments were filed to do that . If the intention of "masters of the universe" was to reform the system they would have approached the whole thing much carefully. The total bill was written by special interest groups on both sides of the political aisle.

    I agree that a strong economy like america needs both skilled and unskilled people. Shouldn't it be left to the employer to find out who is the best person that can do the job.

    The bill as it was written before the cloture vote was a piece of CXXX.

    Once the bill is passed I dont think anyone wants to talk about immigration for another 20 years , I dont think I want to wait for another 20 years for law makers to make changes to the point system.

    I am happy that this ill conceived bill is on life support system now. Hope they are not able to revive it ...

    Foreign nurses wont help revive this baby because they dont get any points in the new BS system called MBS ....:D :D :D :D :D

    06-26 12:00 PM are absolutely right...i paid 765$ as per old fees for I485,EAD,AP. the new fees for I485 is 1010$ and EAD,AP can be concurrently filed with no fees.also, since I485 is filed with new fees there will be no fees for, basically 1010$ one time fee with the new fees structure and 765$+645$(EAD+AP) with every renewal every year.(if it becomes 2 years then for every 2 years).i wish i had paid thru new fees.this is completely unfair and big BS......
    my 10 cents to this discussion.

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