Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • Caliber
    05-20 02:34 PM
    Dear friends,

    Please start contributing. Imagine many more years Renewing H1, EAD and AP and the stress that we will have to go through if we do not act NOW. We need a bigger push.

    Inform all the friends. Any contribution will be great.

    Help yourself.

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  • lkapildev
    04-18 04:05 PM
    Pls excuse my ignorance, but what does BUNNYBOY & fdbl mean?

    Bunnyboy is a member of IV's forum and he had a magic sequence number to call USCIS, that will hit the USCIS IO not the CS dept.

    Fdbl another name of fragomen. I wanted to say that fragomen lawers are well respected within USCIS. The IO was very polite after hearing my case was filed though fragomen.

    Till now i or my wife does not have any RFE throughout our L1/L2 to GC. Now GC is in hand.

    I know they are little slow, but you have to followup to make it fast. One thing is they donot take shortcut in process. Thats the reason many are frustrated. Desi lawers and companies can go to any extent and we should not compare that with a professional law firm.

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  • go_guy123
    08-21 02:50 PM
    India would be a good option for an Indian. For others I still think Canada and Australia are are the best options after US, in terms of standard of living, quality of life etc. It will take India decades more to achieve the same standards.

    Actually its the quality of life why people are here on H1B.
    Barring that I dont see other reason.

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  • sundevil
    06-19 04:50 PM
    Wow!! Do all these Hi Tech companies(including the giant one I work for) not have any teeth in the system. Sanders gets an amendment, but nothing to change the stupid MBS provisions in favor of these companies. Pending further analysis or details not known yet, seems like we can safely join our friends at numbersusa and oppose this bill.


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  • Jaime
    09-10 11:24 AM
    Come on guys, we can change many minds! How many minds have you changed? How many are we changing today? Together we CAN!!!

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  • mariner5555
    03-14 02:12 PM
    Nobody is talking because that suffering period and criteria and reasons all over. Nowonwards you will see the effects of what happened in 2002-2004.EB3-I the slowest in the group is at Oct 2001. So Forget Apr 2001.
    o.k..I read some of your old posts (but not thorougly) and I was confused (I guess you have done lot of research) - so can you explain again ?
    in yr opinion - does it mean EB3(I) won't go back to april 2001 ?
    I guess by "what happened in 2002 - 2004" - you mean lawyers filed most cases in EB3 I right ?
    would appreciate yr reply ..Thanks !!


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  • JunRN
    09-12 04:17 AM
    The President can approve/veto any proposed Bill....his opinion matters much to Congress!

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  • rajmehrotra
    09-12 01:06 PM
    Cute responses to serious issues from presidential candidates when they are trying to get elected should be evaluated with a few grains of salt. These are mere sound bites for general media consumption.


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  • Libra
    11-15 12:11 PM
    Guys, instead of fasting, protesting or marching, join state chapters and form big groups and then meet lawmakers. Request them for recapturing wasted visa numbers and removal of per country quota. this will solve most of our problems.

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  • pmmo
    10-26 06:01 PM
    All fair arguments. I went through similar emotions, but I tend to agree with Alias. It is best to correct if there was any error.

    In my case, all I got was the Welcome letter and then a temporary I-551 stamp. The officer at InfoPass told me that it was approved and he was going to order the plastic card ,and there is no sign of it yet. Of course, it is their mistake that I am not able to renew my EAD since my status on their system is permanent resident. I wanted to renew EAD when it was about to expire a few months ago, but there is no place in the form to write in a PR status (and, of course, that would have been strange as well). So, I expect them to make amends for their mistake. Ideally, they should pay for my $2,500 attorney fees as well, but I guess, that is too much to hope for! I honestly had completely stopped tracking the visa bulletin and this was an unwanted reminder of how sorry the state of legal immigration is.

    I still don't know what had happened and that is what I am trying to find out. May be, mine was correctly approved!


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  • mk26
    05-19 05:13 PM
    Below is the response I receieved from senetor, not sure if my email was read becuase I don't see any word about legal immigratnts in the response,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your views regarding immigration. I would like to take the opportunity to respond to this important issue.

    There are currently over 38 million foreign-born individuals living in the United States, which accounts for nearly 13 percent of the total U.S. population. Nearly one-third of this foreign-born population is estimated to consist of undocumented or illegal residents; a clear indication that our immigration system is broken. While a number of bills have been introduced concerning various elements of immigration reform, the issue has yet to come before the full Senate. I am currently evaluating a number of policy options, and will remain mindful of your thoughts on this subject as we proceed in the 111th Congress.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with me regarding this issue. It is an honor and privilege to serve the people of the great State of Florida in the United States Senate. I take great pride in being a native Floridian, and I look forward to the tremendous opportunity to better the lives of all Floridians. I assure you I will work hard to represent our state to the best of my ability in the U.S. Senate. If I can be of any further help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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  • Rb_newsletter
    08-05 03:11 PM
    If you are employed in IT field, as far as I know federal skilled workers and AINP H1b stream are almost blocked except for managers. Canada immigration program has a list of occupation category; if you work in one of the listed classification then you can apply for PR. About an year back federal skilled worker deleted all computer related classification but managers. In May 2009, AINP did the same and now only IT managers are eligible.

    If you are employed in non-IT category, you may still be eligible.

    But AINP looks "little" better when compared to other immigration programs.


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  • santb1975
    04-30 07:04 PM
    We need $$ to be able to lobby and make things happen. Please do not hesitate now

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  • rsdang
    06-23 05:26 PM
    Just got off the phone. The Lady said she is getting hundreds of these calls. She also said the Rep smith had not made his position public. She asked if I was part of the same group that has been calling. I said yes but I am calling on behalf of all the legal immigrants who would like to see a better streamlined process so that thousands of tax payers in US can breath a sigh.

    lets keep the calls coming.


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  • eastwest
    04-26 01:45 PM
    Keep up the good work, signed up for $50 a month.

    Unique Transaction ID #171210094T036761N

    I am recently out of project and looking for job but that would not discourage me from contributing.

    BTW I have EAD.

    I would like all the members to atleast contribute $50 even if one time.

    Togather we can win.


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  • gk_2000
    03-28 03:27 PM
    You should be EB10 and not EB2! Some folks in this forum are really crazy!

    There is no relationship between approval/duration of EAD and movement of PDs.

    By the way, since India won all the previous encounters with Pak in world cups, India will win on Wednesday!

    Most EB2's who are talking on this forum are idiotic, egostic and too much of themselves to think straight. Case in point Smugbee, SNathan and TonyHK. Since they don't have ead they want ead and thats all they care about. As long as they get to file 485 and get ead they dont care.

    When an eb3 complains about waiting for GC he/she is a whiner and has to recognize the superiority of an EB2 getting GC before EB3 even if teh EB2 is 1 year in thsi country and EB3 has been waiting for 12 years.

    When an eb2 complains about not having ead his concerns are valid and nothing else is more important on IV thean that

    Absolutely right! Now line up the reds.. Oh, maybe you finished your quotas today, so let's wait till tomorrow


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  • alterego
    12-01 10:17 PM
    The intent of this thread is good. There are however practical considerations.

    Many of us are from India. In the era pre opening up its economy, we had many well educated folks unable to get jobs there. The socialist strangle was such that highly educated people had no suitable jobs and private enterprise was actively discouraged. Many sought economic and professional refuge in more capitalist economies and to some extent we are still seeing the spillover from the policies of that era, with an excess supply of human skilled capital there and opportunities still not able to spread to the whole economy/population.
    The reason I am saying all this is, investing in skills like masters etc is generally a good thing, but not always. In fact there are many studies to prove this point, some demonstrate that too much education is a negative predictor of economic success.

    In our situation, capital is important, whereever we end up. Since in a capitalist model money works for you, and obviously if you have enough of it then you can spend your time doing other things, charity work or whatever warms your heart. Doing an MBA or any other higher education is very expensive in america. It is an investment. If you end up here, it will perhaps turn out to be a good investment, otherwise it will be of limited use to us especially in India, especially if a global recession hits.
    Pessimistic you say, lets reserve judgement on that and consider all of the geo political issues going on right now.
    If that is so the capital preserved by not doing an MBA in a top ten school which I estimate to be about 60-70K if I am not mistaken might be put to another use.

    What do you guys think about this line of argument.

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  • hydboy77
    02-13 05:55 PM
    You are reading my post selectively and not in its entirety. I did not say EAD is waste and useless, I said EAD is waste and useless without the removal of semilar or same job requirement in AC21 as USCIS will sooner or later deny AOS based on semilar\same job requirement. Do you know how many RFE\denial notices have been issued by USCIS to EAD\Ac21 workers? There is an entire thread running into several pages related to that. Scores of people wrote to USCIS ombudsman complaining about USCIS issuing denial notice to people whose I140 was revoked by previous employer even though Ac21 says AOS continues even if I140 is rovoked by previous employer. There are instances where USCIS has issued rfe to prove they are in a same\semilar job. History has shown USCIS uses issues like same\semilar job to kick people out. Based on the IO adjudicating your case, based on the economic climate etc USCIS has made life difficuly (current h1b crackdown is a example).

    What I am saying is bring in protection to AOS by
    -removing the same or semilar job requirement in AC21
    -making sure USCIS does not deny AOS when previous employer revokes aproved i140.(even though ac21 says aos cannot be denied, USCIS is sending denail notice).

    Yes EAD is absolutely better than H1b but not for long, when people start using EAD instead of H1b, USCIS will start denying AOS based on Same\semilar job or other grey areas (not working on EAD because of lay off) then you are back to square one. If you are on EAD and AOS is denied you are out of status like H1b. Close the loopholes first before you open the pre filing AOS. Your statement regarding not work at all on EAD is not correct. USCIS can issue rfe\denial notice for lack of job. I hope it was true that it does not matter if you are not working at all on EAD.

    I read through your reply, however, I found it extremely hard for me to accept your points. You've been probably on EAD too long to remember what a dire condition you came from as an H1B worker. Let's look at it:

    As an AOS, you can:
    - Work for any employer
    - Not work at all
    - Travel out of the country without worrying visa delay
    - When you got laid off, no need to worry about being out of status or restarting GC

    As an H1B worker:
    - If you are laid off, everything, years of wait, thousands of dollars, down the drain, and the whole family becomes out of status immediately. And in this dire economy, this is a sword hanging on the head of every H1B worker.
    - Worry about re-entry visa each time you travel

    With such a huge different, I can hardly convience myself that EAD is 'useless' or 'waste'. True, you'll need to work for same or similar job, but compared to the benefit, it is not nearly as big a problem faced by H1B workers day by day.

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  • eastindia
    05-21 12:48 PM
    Sent one today.

    02-15 02:19 PM
    Just heard that my friend has collected 20 petition letters for me, thanks Tarina! Very excited to be at 194 this morning :)

    Wow... you rock! I really need to get cracking now!
    This is an exciting contest... and the best part is we all win in the end:)

    11-18 09:07 PM
    Join the Nebraska State chapter

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